Catching the Hype in Traffic Arbitration: A Case with 1win, ROI 95%


Hello everyone!

This is GamblingPro, and I’m going to share how these trends work in practice.

On July 19, 2022, we informed everyone and directly presented a ready-made bundle for spillage, consisting of:

– Geo

– Offer

– Branded application

The success was rooted in the branded application for the game Lucky Jet. Our whole team bet on the game’s features and were convinced that the bundle would succeed and yield a good ROI because:

– 👌 Players know the game and are eager to play it

– 👌 You get a branding application for spillage

– 👌 You get a bump in the rate for the 1win offer in GP

– 👌 Creatives achieve high CTR and conversion to deposit

We didn’t have to wait long – one of our partners showed a successful spillage on the bundle and is ready to share their feedback in action! We’ll find out right now from our partner firsthand about the ROIs and whether it’s better to generate traffic with this approach!

Here’s everything in order:

Product: 1 win

Geo: Uzbekistan

Rate: $20

Source: Facebook

Install Cost: $0.6

Spent: $1,000

Earned: $1,920

ROI: 95%

The spillage was on a branded application for a popular game on the product.

This is noteworthy because the advertiser achieved very interesting indicators in quality, repeat deposits, and overall gaming activity. There were 102% repeat deposits in the early stage of the spillage.

What does this mean for a webmaster? Thanks to this ready-made bundle, the webmaster could show great indicators at the start, and as a result, can expect:

– Higher rates

– Increased cap on spillage

– Working with this partner on a much longer distance, specifically with this bundle and application.

Next, I propose to build the format of the case: question-answer.

I asked our partner certain questions, and they tried to answer them as fully as possible. Let’s go 🙂

  1. Tell us about yourself

At the moment, there are 5 people in the team, in arbitration since March 2022.

Name: Maika Partners.

We are not recruiting new people right now as we don’t yet consider ourselves professionals in this field, but of course, we plan to expand in the future.

We have many goals and ambitions, we are relatively new to arbitration and understand that there is no ceiling for development, we work hard every day, study, try to find new approaches, in general, there is still room to grow and in the future, we will definitely capture this market)

  1. Why did you choose this particular offer from the case?

We spilt the 1win offer for Uzbekistan, liked that the application was made in the design of the offer’s popular game.

  1. What approaches were used in the creatives?

  1. What was the account bundle?

We launched with accounts from our own farm, with a month+ tracking, fully warmed-up accounts, photos, posts, descriptions, groups, etc.

We launched without BM, separately from each account.

  1. Have you tried spilling on regular applications and what were the results? (also screenshots, ROI, number of deposits)

We haven’t tried yet, as there is ROI here, why switch) It’s very unlikely that the result with all native will be worse than with all standard and non-designer)

Here consider the creatives and the application thematic, trust is in space 🙂

  1. How did you scale? Manually or auto-spillage?

We scaled manually, tried to identify the target audience for this bundle and launched new campaigns for it, of course, not all companies showed themselves well in scaling, which is why ROI dropped.

  1. What are your further plans for spillage?

Next, try offers, geos, different approaches and of course continue to learn to scale, as there are problems with it)

But in this case, it seems to have turned out very well.

In conclusion, there are many ways to spill, and all of them need to be tried, and the best methods are those where YOU are the first.

This is a small case, but very indicative, reminding us that arbitration is also about the most agile. We give the opportunity to be first.

Follow our news and announcements to catch arbitration trends and top gambling solutions because this is the only way to make money!



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