Case: Funneling Traffic to a Casino from Telegram


Hello everyone! This is the team, and today we’re going to break down one of the simplest and most effective approaches to converting traffic to Gambling in the Telegram messenger.

The essence of the approach is to create a Telegram channel from the perspective of a person who cheats Casinos and shares their schemes with people, through which they too can win large sums of money.

We’ll bring traffic to the channel using free (spam) and paid (buying posts) methods.

Now let’s delve into this approach in more detail.

Creating the Channel

First, we need to create a channel and name it. We don’t always write names related to the casino and its brand name, as this can scare off part of our potential target audience at the introduction stage. Many are categorically against this type of earnings, but only until they get inside and see the schemes and reviews of other people.

The channel’s name should work like the headline of a teaser, instantly setting the right mindset for the user.

“Making Money in Telegram”

“Schemes for Earning Online”

The channel description is like the text of a teaser. Not everyone will read it; some will subscribe immediately, but for those who want to know more before subscribing, the description should contain concise information about the theme and motivate the user to proceed further and subscribe.

“Current algorithms and schemes for quick earnings on bugs and vulnerabilities online. For all questions, write to @blablabot” (about bots a bit later)

Or another cool approach:

“We are a team of developers, and now we’re hacking casino codes, finding vulnerabilities, and making money on it. Want to join us? Enter the channel! Questions? Write to @blablabot”

We make the channel private to prevent other arbitrageurs from exposing us and to get a special invite link. When a user clicks on the invite to a private channel, they must first subscribe before seeing the content.

Now, let’s move on to the content.

Right from the first post on the channel, you can immediately post a scheme and, after some time, post 3-4 reviews from users who managed to win using these schemes.

You can also post a short story from the channel creator about their past, skills, where they get these schemes, and why they share them so willingly. In principle, this is not necessary, as after 3-4 days of the channel’s existence, this post will go far up, and new users are unlikely to scroll your channel to the very beginning, as they will be interested in new current schemes, which will already be at the end.

Connect @controllerbot and @livegrambot to the channel right away. The first allows us to edit old messages we posted on the channel (at any time, without restrictions – after a day, week, or month) and make delayed posts (so we don’t have to manually post everything every day), and the second bot will allow us to receive messages from real users who land on the channel and want to write to us, and respond to them manually or automatically.

  1. Connecting Bots
  2. ControllerBot is connected very simply:
  3. Create a new bot for your channel via @botfather
  4. Copy the API key sent by the father of bots 🙂
  5. Add the bot you created as an administrator of your channel
  6. Find the @controllerbot in Telegram
  7. Then press /start
  8. And follow the instructions inside

In the controller bot, you’ll need to add your channel, and then all posts should only be published through it.

To do this is also very simple:

Enter the controller bot

Press the /newpost command

Choose the channel where you want to publish your message

Then you’ll be taken to the interface of the bot you previously added to the controller, just send it the message you want, and follow further instructions

Also, through the controller bot, you can attach beautiful button-links to messages, format messages using markdown markup, and attach reactions, add comments (but we do not recommend using comments and reactions, as you will either have to constantly boost “likes”, or you won’t have any, or, even worse, real users who land on the channel will give you a lot of negative feedback).

To make the markup work, you need to use double symbols ** ** and __ __

To publish a message, you need to press the “Next” button located at the very bottom, and then the “Publish” button, or to make auto-posting for several days ahead, after you press “Next”, you need to press “Delay” and follow further instructions from the bot.

Choose the day and time. You can manually enter any other time to the bot in the format HH:MM

Livegrambot is connected similarly to the controller:

Create a bot in @Botfather

Add the bot to @Livegrambot using the API key

Change the original text of the first message, which the user will see after clicking on the bot link, entering the chat with it, and pressing the /start button. The message will be sent to them automatically.

If someone writes to you, you will see this message in your dialogue with the bot. To reply to a specific user who writes to you, you will need to do this via /reply

When we post schemes, at the end of each message with them, we’ll post a link to our bot with the words “if you have questions – don’t hesitate, write here @blablabot”

This creates an analog of personal messages in VK or direct in Instagram.

Instead of the livegram bot, you can use a separately created fake human account. There’s almost no difference. Livegram will collect all messages from users in one dialogue window, and the fake account will create different dialogues with each user who writes to you.

Casino Winning Schemes

The actual casino-winning scheme can vary. It can consist of text only, contain text and a picture with a slot image, text and a picture with a payout, text, and a video tutorial. But you can attach only one picture or only one video (video + picture, two pictures, two videos – not possible).

Examples of schemes:

It’s not necessary to come up with all these schemes yourself; you can simply take them from other similar channels, which are very numerous in Telegram. However, of course, if your approach is original, the output will be much better.

It’s better to place tracking links in schemes not through shorteners but to redirect from your domain, as trust in them and, consequently, conversion will be much higher.

Reviews should be posted some time after the scheme is posted, so users could have time to use it.

With reviews, you can do the same as with schemes – just take them from other channels, scroll them far up to old posts that everyone has long forgotten, and take them from there.

In the text of the review, you should place a link to the message with the scheme the user won with.

Variations of reviews:

It’s also advisable, but not necessary, to boost a small number of subscribers to your channel (at least 100+). This can be done using any boosting service, for example –

After the landing page (channel) content is complete and the first subscribers are boosted, you can start bringing traffic there.

Traffic to the Channel

This can be done in two ways:

Free method – spam thematic chats with messages linking to your channel.

Paid method – buy posts in thematic channels and large chats.

We use both methods; one does not interfere with the other.

For finding thematic channels, we mostly used the directory at

We searched for chats using:

and also just manually searched for the themes we needed.

In terms of themes, we chose:

  • Travel
  • Games
  • Adult
  • Movies
  • Business
  • Crypto

When selecting chats and channels, we focused on a live audience and a large number of views.


To spam chats, we create new people’s accounts. You can do this using physical SIM cards, but it’s better to use an online SMS activation service, as spam accounts will eventually be banned, and you won’t be able to send messages from them anymore.

For SMS activation, we use:

It’s very simple:

Register on the service and top up your balance

Buy a number for the required service

Register it on Telegram

Receive the SMS code on the site

Enter it in Telegram

Fill out the fake profile – full name + photo = ready

Then join all the chats you’ve pre-selected with the account, wait a bit, catch the moment when the chat admins are less active, and drop your message there.

That’s all for spam.

Buying Posts

Now, about the posts in public channels.

To increase conversion to clicks, we use a teaser or slightly misleading approach in the posts; you can also spice up the post with some interesting trigger.

We often publish creatives similar to this one:

Under the URL button is an invite link to your channel. When users click on it, they first subscribe and then can see the content, so you also accumulate subscribers.


Create a channel with schemes and reviews to warm up the target audience;

Bring traffic there with spam and posts;

Every 1-2 days, replenish the channel with new current schemes and reviews;

Those people who don’t convert immediately and write to our bot with questions – we finish them off in DMs;

Dissatisfied users, whose schemes didn’t work and who also write to us in DMs – we tell them the old scheme was closed and push them with a new scheme not yet posted on the channel;

You can work like this with different target audiences.

The field for scaling is huge; there are already many channels and chats in Telegram, and new ones are created every day;

Results of working with this approach:

Let’s conclude. Today we’ve dissected another variant of working with gambling through Telegram channels. Previously, we described a similar case with betting. It’s notable that this and the previous case are applicable to various GEOs and can be adapted only thanks to your imagination and competent translation. Test different approaches, try, and then you will surely find your combination!

Stay tuned to the GamblingPro blog there are still many interesting cases ahead!


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