How to cooperate with CPA networks as efficiently as possible?


How to cooperate with CPA networks as efficiently as possible?

Hello everyone! Many CPA networks, including, provide their partners with various kinds of assistance, bonuses, and “perks” that can greatly simplify your work and increase profit. We try hard to announce all these things, but somehow it turns out that many arbitrage traders are still not aware that this was possible…

So, in this article, I want to talk about how a webmaster can most effectively interact with a CPA network, put in minimal effort in their work, and still achieve maximum profit!

Yes, exactly like that. I, for instance, am extremely lazy, so I always try to find the least resource-intensive and most effective way to accomplish something. I believe this is actually the only truly correct approach, because for me the principle works: “Why do more, when you can do less, and get the same or more?”

I also love the option why do something, when you can not do it at all?”… ))))

Communicating with the CPA network manager

So, let’s start with the simplest. You enter a CPA network and you need to choose an offer. Suppose you don’t have your own market analytics for casino offers, and you also don’t have any tips from bros. In general, you have no idea what to pour into.

Then here’s my first tip – trust this task to the manager of the partner program, because in this case, the manager is your best friend.

Firstly, the manager really knows which offers are currently well-draining in his network with your traffic source or the GEO you are interested in.

Secondly, the manager is interested in suggesting an offer on which you can make maximum profit, because for the growth of your volume and profit, the manager gets a good bonus, and therefore he is ready to make maximum efforts to make everything work out cool for you and so that you work with his network for a long time and happily, until disconnection do you part… xD

How to formulate your request to the manager in one message to get maximum info?

  1. Write with what traffic source you plan to work.
  2. Write what type of traffic you will be pouring (desktop / mobile).
  3. If you want to work with our mobile applications – write about it too, then the manager will select offers that have fast mobile versions.
  4. Write with which GEOs you prefer to work or, if you don’t know, ask the manager to specify the top GEOs for each proposed offer.
  5. Write how much budget you plan to spend on the advertising campaign or what approximate volume you plan to drain during the day / week / month – this is necessary for the manager to select advertisers with optimal conditions for hold and payments, and also to warn you about offers that have a lower limit on the number of poured conversions.
  6. If you work with desktop traffic, immediately request the top landings and landing pages for the proposed offers, as well as all necessary instructions to start work.
  7. Immediately request statistics on conversion to registrations and deposits from your source – you will rely on these data in tests.
  8. Immediately request examples of creatives and ask all your questions.

An example of such a message might look like this:

“Hello! I would like to test several casino brands, could you help me choose an offer? I work with Facebook, I want to pour through your mobile applications, GEO is not fundamental, translations are available, so I also wait for information from you on the top countries, preferably with figures for conversion (ratio in registrations and deposits) on specific products and instructions necessary to start work. I plan to pour about $300 for the test, if it optimizes in plus I can pour up to $500 daily. If there are examples of creatives that gave a cheap install from Facebook – please, send them too, so that I make similar ones and quickly pour the advertising campaign for tests.”

Basically, this is enough to let the manager understand that you are maximally serious about getting profit 🙂

Just one paragraph, but after such a message, the manager is simply obliged to immediately pour tons of constructive information on you, and not clarifying questions…xD

Clarifying offer terms

I decided to highlight this point separately, because it is extremely important.

If something is unclear to you, you have any doubts or questions – do not hesitate to clarify all this with your personal manager, because misunderstanding the rules can lead to all sorts of unforeseen consequences. Better to know in advance where you can slip and be careful, so do not be lazy to pry out all the information. It’s in your own interest, actually! >…<

Using mobile applications for traffic drainage

Mobile applications greatly simplify the life of webmasters, especially beginners, as with them you immediately get several tangible bonuses:

  1. Increased conversion – on average, when working with applications, conversion increases by 30%, relative to the same traffic drain on the mobile version of the advertiser’s landing.
  2. Increased retention and repeat rate – it’s easier for people to interact with a mobile application than with a website. It’s easy to enter, it has a simple and understandable interface access to it is available at any time and in any place, you just need to have your device and the Internet with you. And in the applications of we also save the data entered by the user during registration, so that in the future he will enter the casino automatically – this further simplifies the process of working with the mobile application. Thanks to all these factors, people enter the game more often, play more, lose more, and make more new deposits. Working with mobile casino applications can significantly increase your income from revshare.
  3. Facebook automoderation – since the application has already passed moderation in the official Google Play or AppStore game store, it is not subject to re-moderation on Facebook.
  4. No need to unique creatives – working with mobile applications on Facebook, you do not need to unique your creatives. In principle, you can pour the same creative with the same video and text even 100 times. But I do not recommend doing this, because most likely you will only raise the price of the click… But the fact is – so you can. You can also just take someone else’s creatives from the same publisher and pour them without any changes from your accounts, without fearing bans due to non-unique creatives..
  5. Cloaking – if you work with our applications, then you do not need to bother setting up cloaking and filtering moderators. Firstly, in case of anything, all the cheese-bor will happen on the side of the mobile application store, secondly, it does not concern you in any way, our team will deal with this in any case.
  6. Push notifications – all applications from support the technology of sending push notifications to users who have installed them. Our team independently, several times a week, will send push notifications to your players, motivating them to enter the game and make new deposits. On average, such a mailing brings up to 20% of repeat deposits, on top of what was.
  7. You pour traffic from Facebook with conversion optimization – we integrate the Facebook pixel into all our applications. Depending on the type of application, you can pour traffic with optimization for install or first deposit.
  8. Our team can share with you access to the pixel with a huge big data of conversions to gambling, so that if you wish, you can immediately set up look’a’like.

You can get our mobile applications for work if:

  • You want to pour traffic from Facebook – we will share a mobile application with your advertising account, and you can immediately start working;
  • You work with a traffic source other than Facebook – we can give you an archive with a prelanding, with your mobile application. You will need to pour it onto your hosting, and then the link to it can be added to any traffic source.
  • You have your own sites that bring traffic from SEO – we can give you APKs of mobile applications for each offer, which you place on your site and show them along with the “install application” button only to those users who enter your site from mobile devices. Changing links leading to mobile versions of casinos to mobile applications optimizes your work with mobile traffic.

Facebook advertising accounts

Probably, everyone who works with Facebook has at least once faced a situation where all advertising accounts were banned, and only the most sacred thing was left – your personal account and the advertising account associated with it… But you understand that if it is banned now – then everything, finish… For some time everything will stand, you will have to urgently farm new accounts, etc., etc. … But now it’s all in the past! Because now we can provide any necessary number of advertising accounts for working with Facebook.

Creatives, promo materials, technical assistance

Sometimes it happens that inspiration does not come immediately, or there is an idea, but there are not enough resources to implement it. In this case, you can resort to the help of the CPA network and, for example, managers of, you can ask:

  1. Archive with examples of Gambling creatives for Facebook – these are old, already worked out, successful creatives that cannot be used in pure form, but before they brought cheap installs and deposits. Therefore, they can be used as an example, and if you can, make similar creatives, then there is a great chance to repeat their former success.
  2. Archive with examples of prelandings – works on the same principle as the archive with examples of creatives for facebook. It contains warming, transit pages for working with traffic from different sources, such as teaser networks, clickunder networks, adult traffic exchanges. Some prelandings were previously used for draining traffic from google on near-thematic queries. All of them can also be used as examples in order to make your own unique landing pages.
  3. Promo codes for bonuses – if you need promo codes with bonuses for better traffic conversion, you can find out through your personal manager whether the advertiser for your offer can provide them for you. You can also just find out on which offers advertisers give webmasters working promo codes with bonuses. 
  4. New landing pages and pre-landing pages – if you come across a landing page of an offer or a transit page that you really like, you can make a request through your personal manager, and we will add new promotional materials to our network within 3 working days.
  5. Casino accounts with fake balances – if you need casino accounts with fake balances to create video creatives, where you can spin slots and win more often than usual, you can also request them through your personal manager. If the advertiser for your offer has the ability to create such an account for you, the manager will provide you with the details within a few hours after making the request.
  6. Assistance in obtaining referral links, setting up PostBack, help in conducting tests, analysis, and optimization – you can handle all this yourself, or, if these aspects pose any difficulties for you, you can ask your personal manager at, and they will gladly assist you! After all, it’s their favorite job :))

Increased rates, early payouts, reduced hold

Oh, how nice these words read, sound aloud, and are heard!…)))

So what do you need to do to arrange all these luxuries for yourself? First of all, deliver quality traffic that will consistently meet the advertiser’s KPIs.

Without meeting the first condition, alas, all the rest lose their power. However, if your traffic is fine over a sufficiently long period of time (from 30 days), then you are quite entitled to ask us to reduce your hold to 7 days (the final figure depends on the advertiser’s capabilities for each specific offer).

If you work with steadily and want to scale successful advertising campaigns, then you can request early payouts and funding for turnover through your personal manager.

If your traffic consistently meets the advertiser’s KPIs over a long period of time, and our manager asks you to increase the volume – through them, you can request a rate increase from the advertiser, they often readily agree to this.

Of course, you usually don’t have to ask us for such things, because if your personal manager sees that your traffic is converting well into players, flawlessly meets KPIs, and the advertiser is satisfied with it, then they will themselves offer you to increase the volume, in return for a reduced hold, increased rate, and early payouts 😛

Deliver quality traffic and you will be happy 🙂

I hope this article will be useful to you and help you more effectively organize your work with CPA networks. Remember, you can always delegate the lion’s share of routine tasks to your partners, to free up time for other, more important matters.

For making money, for example)))

And we, the team at, wish you luck and the highest profits!


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