I Want to Be a Streamer, or How to Earn from My Passion for Gambling!


Today, we decided to tell you about another traffic source that became popular a long time ago and is still maintaining its momentum – streaming on YouTube.

What’s the gist? A passionate person with a channel can sit and spin slots or play poker, showcasing it all on camera to their subscribers. The content might seem strange, but it finds a significant number of fans. Why? Some try to track a pattern, some are too scared to gamble themselves and thus reassure themselves that it’s not scary and people do win, while others are just thrill-seekers looking for like-minded individuals.

When a streamer builds a target audience, naturally, they start thinking about how to monetize their channel, as they are essentially advertising the casino.

Here are a few options:

  1. If the streamer is very popular, they might even sign a contract with the casino they play at. Then, they would get paid directly by the advertiser for promotions.
  2. If the streamer doesn’t want to tie themselves directly to a casino and stick to one brand, then it’s better to turn their attention to monetizing through affiliate programs like Gambling.pro. We offer a variety of different offers that can convert well from streams, but more on that later.
  3. Streamers can also earn from donations, but there needs to be some motivation for people. Most often, they offer a percentage of the winnings, or the opportunity to choose a slot. But, of course, donations are mainly given to the most ardent gamblers.

How to place casino ads on your channel:

1) The first option. Difficult. You can advertise gambling if you have a license and Adwords specialists have given permission.

2) The second option. Risky. Posting casino links during the stream. Nowadays, hardly anyone does this because it’s indeed too risky!

3) And the third option. Sensible. Typically, streamers attach links to external platforms in the description, from where they drive traffic through their referral link. They lure with bonuses available at any casino. Usually, this is Twitter, but it could also be Telegram or a Facebook public page.

The peculiarities of such traffic:

  1. First, streamers never promise a 100% chance of winning. Instead, they write that casinos do not guarantee winnings, and gambling is not a way to earn money. They also warn their subscribers against excessive spending and too much time spent.
  2. The main goal of streamers is generally not to earn money, but the thrill and the game itself. Advertising casinos is a secondary activity for them. Unlike many other sources, a stream might not bring a big “plus.” For them, the game is the pleasure.
  3. Where possible, try to manage all media on other social networks like Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, and others.

The quality of traffic from streams to casinos often differs from the quality of traffic from the same streams but to betting. If casino traffic can show quite good player activity indicators and easily meet the KPI of the advertiser for profit, betting traffic from streams almost always shows low profitability. This is due to the specifics of the work of both types of bloggers – casino players play for the thrill and simply deposit their money, while bettors deposit money to withdraw even more and literally “break the bank.”

If you still want to become a famous gambler, we offer the following set of offers with which you can try streaming

  1.  Cryptoboss – $40


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2. Slots Empire Casino US/CA/AU – $200


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3. Copagolbet BR – $34



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With these offers, you can try streaming.

To sum up, today we discussed what streaming is and what options are available for working with this source. If you plan to become a streamer, approach it responsibly, and then you will attract a quality target audience who will spend time with you playing your favorite slots. We’re not saying it’s a super way to make money, and it’s definitely not for everyone.

But! It exists, it thrives, and it brings money to those who work this way. If you love games and want to create your channel – go for it, and you’ll succeed

Stay tuned with GamblingPro and follow our blog to stay up-to-date with all the latest news from the world of traffic arbitrage in gambling!


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