Case Gambling with IG Stories and a 75% ROI


Hello, everyone!

Today, as the title suggests, we’re going to look at a new case study, so let’s dive in! What’s the secret to the success of casino offers? Probably because they give people a chance. Yes, you might lose, but there was a chance to win, right? And on the internet, you can find plenty of reviews from people who had genuinely positive experiences. There are many streamers. I’m not just talking about the heaps of fake reviews (though they also help affiliates to profit). I’m talking about real reviews from real people who regularly play and win. Not millions, of course, but $100-200 is definitely achievable. And this belief works in our favor.

The work plan was simple:

– Super winning schemes

– Advertising in Stories of people popular in certain circles

I chose the Valor offer with a wide GEO. The payout for my offer for the first deposit was $30, for traffic from YouTube, Telegram, and Instagram. I thought that with such a low rate, my traffic would hardly be profitable, as placements in bloggers’ Stories are quite expensive, but I was wrong. By the way, after pouring 20 test conversions, they promised to raise the rate to $55.

I decided to prioritize buying traffic from Brazil. I determined this thanks to cases from other affiliates, plus the manager said that in these countries, the conversion from registrations to deposits is the best, and traffic from these GEOs shows good profitability for the advertiser. I tried to select bloggers whose target audience mainly consists of the GEOs I needed.

I won’t repeat and describe the approach I used, but I can tell you about some nuances and difficulties I encountered during the process.

  1. Bloggers: It was quite difficult to negotiate with bloggers because, firstly, only 20 out of 100 bloggers responded. Secondly, they could respond within a week of receiving my message, and some even longer.
  2. Casino Advertising: At first, I was very shy about offering bloggers to advertise casinos. To my surprise, many bloggers easily agreed to advertise casinos and reported that they had previously been involved in such advertising. 🙂 I thought it would be especially difficult to negotiate with bloggers from Brazil, but in practice, it turned out to be a simple task. So guys, don’t be shy, write boldly and offer to put your Valor in Stories.
  3. Creating Instagram Accounts: Throughout the entire work, I created 7 accounts on Instagram. 6 of them with schemes and one for reviews. I’ll say right away, after creating 1 account with schemes, I started getting a bit annoyed. Without assistants, registering several accounts at once is quite a difficult task. I involved two friends in this, and the process went faster. 🙂 We made 3 accounts on the first day.
  4. Instagram Account Ban: Throughout the entire work, we made only 7 accounts. The first 3, which I wrote about above, were almost immediately banned. Now I’ll tell you why. We just created accounts, filled out descriptions, filled them with schemes and reviews, and left them to rest for a couple of days. And what did we see after 2 days when we logged into the account? Instagram banned them with no possibility of recovery. :))) There were no links in the account yet, we thought about what could be related to the ban and realized: most likely, it was the hashtags. We indicated the maximum number of hashtags for each post from the series #casinowin #jackpot #bigwin and others on the theme of winning in a casino. We hadn’t yet poured traffic to the accounts, but real Instagram users could find our posts by hashtags and… complain about them. Conclusion: it’s better not to indicate hashtags. We tested this hypothesis. We made 3 more accounts exactly like the previous ones with schemes and 1 new account with reviews. On the accounts with schemes, we did everything as last time, only now without hashtags. These accounts are alive to this day. Even after we put links in their descriptions.
  5. Working with Direct Messages: After starting work, users who immediately criticized in direct messages began to appear. These were not always those who had already tested my schemes. Sometimes they just wrote messages like “why are you deceiving people”, “these schemes do not work, I have already tried” and so on. To avoid reports from them, I had to promptly address this negativity. Fortunately, with that Valor account, I could easily convince even these initially disloyal people of the effectiveness of my schemes.

So far, I have only managed to negotiate with 5 bloggers from Brazil. The total audience size was 840 thousand users. In total, I bought 6 Stories. The average cost of Stories for me was about $300, and in total, I spent $1850 on purchasing 6 Stories. 

The conversion to registration was quite high. There were almost no reports on the accounts. Probably the loyalty of the bloggers’ audience bears its fruit. The advertiser also liked such traffic. According to the manager, the LTV of my users was better than that of users from other webmasters who pour traffic from Instagram not through bloggers, but in other ways. Given that the quality of my traffic was higher than usual when working with Instagram, a week after the start of the pour, they raised my rate to almost the level of contextual traffic — $55 per deposit. In total, I poured 59 deposits on the Valor offer, at a rate of $55. The total revenue amounted to $3245. ROI 75% — not bad for a start. Moreover, now I understand where to move next and how to optimize this approach to increase ROI by 2-3 times.

In conclusion, I want to say that the approach turned out to be very interesting, today I tried to visually show you what features there are when working with the Instagram platform and the possible difficulties you may encounter, such as account bans. :)) But in general, there are no difficulties in our business) and based on the results obtained, I at least thought about testing other GEOs and their bloggers. We at have suitable offers. And then, maybe I’ll test the approach in Tier-1. Let my experience be useful to you, and may it motivate some of you to start testing different hypotheses and earn money in arbitration! Also, register in the affiliate network, and pour with me!



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