Schematic Traffic: What Do the Tops Think?


In this article, I asked several questions to top webmasters in the field of schematic traffic about the problems I identified based on my personal observations of this source. I was curious to learn what the leaders in this area could tell about these problems and how to combat them.

It’s worth starting with the fact that currently, schematic traffic is gaining momentum, despite the difficulty of working with it and the misunderstanding by many webmasters of how it all functions, where to start, and how to work with this source. The interest in it is growing day by day.

  1. **Starting with the first problem, namely, how much do the caps given by the advertiser for the test spill affect their traffic?**

Vladimir Volkov: “The cap greatly affects our traffic; we are not ready to work with such small volumes at the start, and then wait 1-2 weeks while the advertiser checks our traffic. The manager sits on a salary, processes traffic; where to put it for two weeks? And without working with traffic, there will be no metrics in two weeks. Moreover, personally, my subjective opinion is that even a cap of 100 deposits doesn’t always reflect reality. Schematic traffic is not traffic where a player should bring money every day. He will bring today, tomorrow, and the next time only in a couple of weeks or a month. Therefore, when they say that 5% of active players remain on the 3rd day, I think that’s normal, not a reason for remark. The person went to collect money. You can’t equalize the LTV (Life Time Value) of these players to the LTV of players from applications, for example. Someone even introduces a Vager (Wager – the number of mandatory bets on a certain amount), like Betwinner, for example. And supposedly they do not count players because of inactivity. Although how can this be if the players all act according to the scheme?”

Leopard: “I’m not scared of small test caps; I’m ready to give good traffic for a test to show the advertiser my capabilities. It’s very important to give excellent traffic for a test, so I don’t transfer traffic from one of my channels, but create a new one and conduct very dense work with users there.”

PortLead: “It’s somewhat difficult to get a large cap right away; you have to gradually accelerate the offer and show quality at the highest level, pour on several offers at once or pour one offer through different partners. For large volumes, it is necessary to have a large number of landing pages, telegram channels, Instagram accounts, etc. (Recently, they have been actively marking SCAM and banning accounts, so it is necessary to separate the flows. It is no longer possible to load all the traffic into one vat, accordingly, to maintain all these accounts, fast and quality support, you need to have a considerable team of trained people. There’s a lot of routine work in pouring content and responding to messages.)”

Vlad Da Real One: “In order to not have a cap – you need to pour quality traffic. Quality traffic in schemes is, first of all, a properly built system of managers who upsell (Upselling – working with players to increase the number of deposits) players for more and more refills, as a result of which the average check and repeat rate (repeat deposits) increases.

  1. **Offer conditions, rates, and baseline, which conditions are most interesting for you?**

Vladimir Volkov: “I don’t care about the base, honestly. Of course, due to the low baseline, there used to be a lot of flyovers. Players that I didn’t even find in my chats, but they were counted because they deposited $5. On the one hand, it pleases, on the other, it spoils the overall picture of the quality of my traffic. Therefore, I am for fair relations and fair play. A high baseline does not scare me, as my players usually make the first deposit of 80-95% of the CPA payment and about 70% of players immediately make a repeat deposit for another 15-20% of the CPA payment. Of course, I always want the rate to be higher. But it is a normal practice for me to ask to lower the rate if I see that it is not possible to get a high first deposit amount from people in certain geos. And I would rather make 10 players with a first deposit of $25, receiving a payout of $30, than bring 3 players with a deposit of $35 and get a payout of $40.”

Leopard: “For me, it all depends on which GEO I am currently spilling on, if it is a poor country, then I would like to pour for a mindep, or for a baseline based on the solvency of people in that country. High baselines do not attract me; we pour high-quality traffic through well-worked-out schemes.”

PortLead: “Because of the fairly long spill funnels, it’s hard to calculate the mathematics of a new bundle. Flyovers can be very unexpected, for good or bad.”

Vlad Da Real One: “The best conditions are to work for a mindep. But again, you need to be careful here. Some webmasters pour very cheap traffic, are happy with a 1k2 convert, and then they are cut off. The main thing here is to maintain a balance between quality and your own greed 🙂 The baseline will always be worse than the mindep, but if the base is not too high — then it’s not scary. Regarding the rate — as high as possible.”

  1. **Products and GEO (Which GEOs do you think are the most in-demand right now and why)**

Vladimir Volkov: “Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot share this information; we are testing a lot of GEOs, developing new schemes, approaches, everything is in progress. But I can give one piece of advice — don’t focus on one GEO.”

Leopard: “I work with all GEOs; I can give advice and a hint to beginners, start with Europe, namely Germany, France, and Poland, there is a good audience there, with which you can work, these GEOs show themselves well when working in English, not in the local language.”

PortLead: “If we talk about GEOs, then you want to take products on which everything is good with payments, which are the main ones for these GEOs.”

Vlad Da Real One: “Regarding GEOs, it all depends on the approach. I think that the CIS has been hit quite hard by gray schemes, the figures are not the same as they were 2-3 years ago. Personally, I see the future in the countries of the African continent and cheap Europe (Romania, Slovenia, etc.)”

  1. **Payment Systems (How do you get around this problem on the product)**

Vladimir Volkov: “If the question concerns products that do not have local payments set up, only Visa and Mastercard — I do not work with such. In non-European countries, 90% of payments are made through local payments. In Europe, you can work only with Visa and Mastercard. And even then, many products constantly have problems with Visa. So there is no way around it. It is worth looking for more quality and prepared products for specific GEOs.”

Leopard: “Sometimes there is no choice, and you have to work with what you are given, of course, it is much more pleasant if popular payments on products work, then the spill goes much easier.”

PortLead: “Either the offer has a stable payment system but does not accept schemes. Here to pour or not to pour is entirely your decision.”

Vlad Da Real One: “I have never encountered problems with payment systems. The only thing is the sagging of the convert in RU. These problems we are not able to fix, we are not the product.”

  1. **Inability of some advertisers to properly analyze this source of traffic (What to do in such a case if the product goes well, and suddenly the advertiser starts giving negative feedback)**

Vladimir Volkov: “I don’t understand how an advertiser can’t analyze traffic. In fact, we, as webmasters, can analyze such data: the amount of deposits, the amount of withdrawals, the amount of CPA payments. The difference between this data constitutes the advertiser’s earnings. Therefore, when they talk about the low quality of traffic, and they do not provide actual statistical data on players, despite the fact that I know perfectly well what amounts are deposited by players for FTD and repeat deposits — it just looks like cheating on the part of the advertiser. And when the advertiser does not pay people winnings, constantly drawing incomprehensible values, that huge amounts are withdrawn by players every day, I don’t understand why they do that at all. On the other hand, it really happens that players win quite round sums. My task is to keep the player inside the product and make him lose money. But sometimes it happens that I can’t do this. I then suggest advertisers themselves name the slots in which the percentage of wins is less or the amounts of jackpots. But so far, not one of the advertisers has given a specific answer to this question.

In general, each of these questions can be answered much wider. After all, there are really a lot of subtleties and nuances here. On the one hand, what’s the point for the advertiser to terminate the relationship if the traffic is positive and brings in earnings?

On the other hand, you constantly come across some remarks, claims that the players become inactive on the 3rd or 5th day after the first deposit. What are we talking about? That the player should bring profit in the long run. That’s my job. And when they achieve that: whether it’s a week or a month later, it becomes less crucial for the advertiser. Therefore, evaluating a partner’s performance can only be done after at least a couple of months of collaboration.”

Leopard: “I had a similar case; once, working with a certain ad, I poured 30 deposits into product X. The quality was extremely high, with an average check of over $100, many repeat deposits, and proof for each contribution. However, after analyzing the traffic, the advertiser assessed it at $15 per deposit. In such cases, it’s rarely possible to prove your point. Conclusion: just don’t work with such advertisers.”

Vlad Da Real One: “Here, the hope lies with the manager, who should prove and show the advertiser the web metrics, provide case studies of working with other ads. Schematic traffic has long been on the market, but not everyone fully understands how to work with it. For example, you can generate traffic, and they may like it, but they might decide to disable you because you’re damaging the product’s reputation with your promotion method. There are also advertisers who have no idea what it is at all. In such cases, you just need to communicate and prove everything with numbers. In case the advertiser still insists – it’s better to change the product than sit on this delayed-action bomb. Pour in – get rejected – and you’ll be sad.”

To sum up! Today, we uncovered the problems and pressing issues related to schematic traffic. I want to say a big thank you to our partners who agreed to share their opinions. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our managers on Telegram! Stay tuned with GamblingPro to stay informed about all the latest news from the gambling world!


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