Chatbots: launch in a few clicks!


Hello! I’m Albert from! Today we will learn what chatbots in telegram are and how they work in the gambling industry.) 

It is becoming more and more difficult to launch ads on Facebook applications in the gambling industry. But new ways are emerging. One of them is chatbots. Advertising on them can be launched in a few clicks.

A chatbot is the same telegram channel, but with automated communication with a client. After pressing the “start” button, the person automatically subscribes to the bot, in which the dialogue and automatic mailing algorithm has already been configured.

Currently, one product is advertised in each of the bots. It is possible to develop and deliver bots to one hand using your content.

After the first contact through the “start” button, the client instantly receives a notification in the form of a post with a description of the product, bonuses and a link to it. The link is presented as a button for more nativeness.

If after the first post the client is not active, then our system provides for automatic mailing. Notifications will be sent every 4 hours. This significantly improves conversion and retention, as the customer may miss the first post.

So let’s get to the basics — traffic generation. All you need is our stream link and cesspool for link.

Step 1: Stream link

Get to the offer page and create a stream link.

Next, click “Get link” and copy it.

Step 2: Uploading the link

The resulting stream link must be uploaded. To do this, go to our @GamblingPro_Cloaking_bot bot and click the “Upload link” button.

Next, we write to the bot “Ukraine”.

Next, select any of the proposed domains, they are all great for chatbots. After that, the bot gives us a link to which we can send traffic.

Step 3: Launching an advertising campaign on Facebook

You need to go toAds Manager Facebook. Next, you need to go to the tab “Create”and select the goal “Conversions”.

Next, go to the “New ad group” section and set up targeted advertising.

For optimization, you can use:

1) Setting interests;

2) Setting limit rates;

3) Other optimization methods that you used when working with Facebook.

According to our data, the best results can be achieved with placements Fb feed and Instagram feed. Audience Network performed poorly on benchmarks (low installs). First of all, we recommend testing them.

After the placements, click “Next”.

And now we come to the finale.

We just need to add the ad and site URL.

Add an ad and paste the downloaded link into the field site URL.

Click “Publish” and get a profit!

As a result, we get a new platform for processing traffic from any source, which successfully works on UA ​​and IN. It is filled with our copyright content with information about current bonuses and events. At regular intervals, it sends information to the players and reminds them of the benefits of the product.


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