How to turn FB bans into routine, and why they don’t interfere with pouring at all?


Hello everyone! GamblingPro here!

Today we’ll talk about FB bans and how to fight them. And to put it more succinctly, “How to turn FB Bans into routine and why they don’t interfere with pouring.”

The sample will be quite large. We work with accounts that we’ve built from scratch ourselves in our farm department, or with accounts that we’ve rented from real users for money.

Accounts from different countries, mostly from the CIS region. We use both mobile proxies and static ones.

Below we’ll discuss 99% of the problems that come our way from FB, and figure out what to do with them. Let’s get to the point, without long introductions 🙂

Advertising Activity Ban (AAB).

100% of accounts receive this.

100% manage to revive.

Recovery time: 1-4 days, if not resolved, send again.

Advertising Activity Ban

AAB and what it looks like

AAB happens in 100% of cases on our cabinets at launch. Even if we don’t get hit by an AAB, we deliberately push accounts into this category of bans so that it no longer bothers us.

This “barrier” is passed very easily. You just need to send an ID or any other document proving the identity of the account owners!

You can get through several AABs with just one document, but we change them and adjust them to the user’s profile to not overload the metadata and not overheat the system.

Uploading ID

Send the document here

Example of document

Here everything is as usual – documents are drawn, photos are inserted from the profile 🙂 Don’t forget, Photoshop skills are important in all this, without them nowhere) Very basic knowledge of Photoshop that can be acquired in literally 30 minutes is enough.

P.s. It takes about 2 minutes to draw one document.

Checkpoint (Check) or unblocking.

20-30% of accounts receive this.

60-70% manage to revive.

Recovery time: 2-5 days, if not resolved, send again.

Checkpoint (Check) and what it looks like

Same situation as with AAB. Requires sending ANY documents proving identity.

With Checkpoint, there might also be a request not for documents, but for a selfie, accordingly there you need to make a cool photo, which will look like Your profile)

Overall, it’s harder here, but I think if you figure it out, it will work. Nothing supernatural!)

Policy (violation of Facebook’s group policies).

100% of accounts receive this.

10-15% manage to revive.

Recovery time: from a couple of days to infinity, may not resolve at all, but in such case, support usually responds. Also, constantly resend.

Ban in its usual understanding. One way or another, 100% of accounts will end up there, on average you can pour $100 from an account and there will be a Policy, usually, it means a ban and the end of the account’s life.

Policy is the most severe type of ban, it’s really hard to get out of it, but if the account is recovered, you can work closely with it. Advertising campaigns are launched faster and there are much fewer rejections!

Policy and what it looks like

To get through this ban, you need to write a letter to the FB moderator, after which he reviews your appeal.

The main problem is that you can write anything and all of it somehow might work! We try to write polite letters with the subtext “I apologize for bothering you, but I did not violate Facebook policy, let’s unblock the account?”.

As a result, you can get access to the cabinet again, but it can take a very long time.


The most important thing when working with bans: Everything must be unique and clear.Detach cards before submitting documents for AAB or sending a letter to the moderator: when working with Policy, you cannot control the outcome, and the traffic may go to waste.

Let’s sum up. Today we discussed the main types of FB bans and how to fight them. It’s not always possible to unlock all accounts be prepared for that, but it’s a feature of our work)

Also, I want to emphasize that everything really passes, releases, revives. You need to test a bit more and work with accounts, pull each account, push to the end. Constantly!) This is the secret of working with FB even in election times!

Thank you all for your attention! High ROI and successful pours!)Follow the GamblingPro blog for more interesting articles and manuals inside!


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