The most popular traffic sources in gambling! What’s working right now?


Hello everyone! This is GamblingPro, and today we’ll discuss the main sources of traffic in the Gambling vertical. Throughout’s existence, we’ve encountered a wide range of traffic types, from banners with QR codes in cafes to the all-too-familiar FB.

So, what’s converting right now and bringing in good income?

  1. Social networks like Facebook and Tik-Tok
  2. Contextual advertising
  4. IN-APP – advertising inside mobile apps
  5. Teasers, Pushes, and Banners


First and foremost, it’s important to understand that social networks represent a large number of your potential clients and potential traffic. Currently, social networks unite 4.2 billion users, and this market is constantly growing.


Facebook is the undisputed leader in traffic volume in the Gambling vertical. The number of people regularly using Facebook has increased by eight percent over the past year, reaching 2.5 billion — about a third of the world’s population. The most relevant strategy now is driving traffic from FB to apps, which we provide absolutely free of charge.

Facebook Ad Cabinet Benefits:

  1. Easy entry for beginners. After brief training from our managers, you can invest a few hundred dollars and see your first profit.
  2. Detailed ad settings – targeting by gender, age, geo, and user interests.
  3. In-depth statistics on your campaigns.


  1. Periodic purges by Facebook can create difficulties with launches as accounts get banned even when using whitehat creatives.
  2. Payment risk – your payment methods may suddenly stop being accepted, so always have a Plan B to switch cards quickly without losing traffic volume.


The youngest social network that has gained immense popularity recently. Currently, this network has about 681 million active users. Tik-Tok experienced a boom in the gambling industry this summer and became very popular among traffic arbitrators

.It is worth considering that at the moment there are difficulties with advertising in the ads manager, but if you find a way around it, you will be able to provide good volumes combined with a strong ROI, since auctions are not at all busy right now)

Advertising account Tik-Tok Ads Manager

But now the approach of attracting organic traffic from TikTok channels by pushing publications to the top is gaining momentum. Users create thematic accounts with creative slots and victories in them and place links to the product in the profile description, or lead to a gasket to reduce the risk of account ban. The partnership is just gaining momentum, but is already showing good results here and now.

Typical Tik-Tok channel

Tik-Tok Ads Manager Benefits:

  1. Cheap traffic. Low cost per lead.
  2. Opportunity to find new approaches to attract traffic.
  3. Large coverage of your creative when it hits the top.
  4. Low competition.


  1. Strict moderation in Tik-Tok Ads Manager.
  2. Time-consuming to test new approaches and combinations. Streaming takes a lot of time and does not always guarantee results.
  3. Banning of accounts with gambling creatives.


This type of traffic is always a priority for advertisers and is given at uplifted rates. Contextual advertising attracts the most interested users and is high-quality but also relatively expensive. Therefore, it’s important to approach the use of contextual advertising responsibly and study this niche thoroughly.
Google Ads Manager is the clear favorite here. According to 2023 statistics, nearly 91% of users use Google’s search engine.


  1. Uniquely wide coverage.
  2. Transparent monitoring of effectiveness.
  3. Advanced contextual targeting algorithm.
  4. Increased rates on the offer.


  1. High cost of lead acquisition.
  2. Difficulty in selecting effective keywords. This is the main challenge you will face when using contextual advertising, as developing a working combination is not easy and requires significant investment in testing.
  3. Advertisers rarely approve campaigns using brand keywords, so be prepared to develop thematic keywords before starting.


What is UAC, and how does it work?

UAC (Universal App Campaign) is a campaign type for mobile apps that lacks audience targeting. Optimization is completely machine-driven, promising higher efficiency compared to other promotion methods. The source is fully automated and selects the audience on its own.


  1. Large volumes of traffic.
  2. Google accounts are banned less often compared to FB.
  3. Placement on alternative platforms, different from FB.


  1. Automated advertising does not allow for targeting adjustments, limiting our options.
  2. Poor conversion with large traffic volumes.
  3. A large number of manual settings.

IN-APP (Advertising Inside Mobile Apps)

Simply put, In-App is advertising within mobile apps, often presented as banners. This advertising is published inside free or trial versions of paid apps – the very same that bombards you when you’ve just downloaded an app but haven’t signed up for a paid subscription yet. Here’s an example of such advertising:

Example of an in-app banner

Unity Ads is the giant and market leader in in-app traffic. Besides a significant audience, it offers multilingual support and a multilingual interface. This type of traffic is suitable exclusively for experienced arbitrators. Beginners will most likely waste their money. Successful work requires setting clear KPIs, analyzing all traffic sources, eliminating unnecessary ones, etc. Moreover, the entry into this type of advertising is quite high. Large teams spend up to $10k daily on in-app traffic.


  1. CPC and CPM payment systems.
  2. Large audience reach due to the large number of app users.
  3. Coverage of all GEOs.


  1. High entry threshold. Suitable only for experienced teams.
  2. Difficulty in passing moderation in the Gambling vertical.
  3. A large number of manual settings.



Teasers are clickbait ads located as banners on a website page. Typically, they can be found on movie streaming websites or sites with entertainment content. A typical teaser headline sounds something like this: “Every day on this site, people earn over 100,000 rubles without any investment! HURRY HERE!” or something similar.

Example of teaser advertising


  1. Low entry threshold. One of the cheapest sources of traffic.
  2. No stringent requirements for design.
  3. Ease of campaign setup.


  1. Low CTR rates. But we compensate with volume, not quality, so don’t despair.
  2. Low conversion in gambling. Teasers perform best in cheaper GEOs, so I recommend testing there.


Push traffic is based on push notifications sent to mobile devices and PCs. Here’s what it looks like from the user’s perspective:

Notification for collecting a base of push subscribers

Then, prepared creatives are sent to the generated user bases, prompting the user to visit the final product. And here’s what it looks like on a mobile device:

Calendar pushes, which are integrated into the user’s mobile device calendar, are also gaining popularity. I personally encountered these pushes after deciding to watch a couple of movies for free. Here’s what popped up on my device every day:

Example of Push notifications on a mobile device


  1. Low entry threshold. Suitable for small budgets.
  2. Wide user reach.
  3. The opportunity to test various approaches and combinations due to low campaign costs.


  1. Low CTR rates. Similar to teaser advertising, we focus on volume, not quality.
  2. Low gambling conversion. Best tested in cheaper GEOs like Latin America or Asia.


Banner advertising is a creative on websites that opens over the main landing page of the site. The banner can be either animated or static and invites the user to visit the site.

Example of banner advertising on a website


  1. Low entry threshold. You can get your first leads on a small budget.
  2. There’s a pay-per-click system.
  3. You can finely tune targeting to your audience.


  1. Low CTR rates.
  2. Low conversion for Gambling offers.


Undoubtedly, Facebook is currently the clear favorite in terms of volume in the Gambling vertical. We drive traffic from it to apps and Telegram channels. It’s the most understandable and accessible mechanism that allows traffic arbitrators worldwide to attract traffic. But this doesn’t mean you should only focus on it. If you’re an expert in Contextual, you can generate strong volumes without FB and avoid the eternal bans of applications and accounts. If you don’t have the budget for FB or Contextual, try your hand at pushes and banner advertising. Well versed in UAC? Drive traffic from it to gambling and don’t worry about other traffic sources.

What am I getting at? There are numerous ways to attract traffic in the Gambling vertical, and you’re sure to find your niche and become a professional in it. The most important thing is to approach work seriously, constantly analyze your campaigns, and find the best combinations!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to the GamblingPro blog to stay up to date with the latest news from the world of traffic arbitrage!



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