Getting Cheap SEO Traffic for Casinos. A Case Study Using PlayAmo for International Markets: ROI 210%



I’m about to share my current results with you because I’ve found a method that I don’t quite understand how to scale. I think my idea will help many earn quite well.

For the offer, I chose one of my favorite casino brands, PlayAmo, and for a split test, I took another similar casino, Bob Casino.

PlayAmo’s offer has a wide geographic reach, accepting traffic from all over the world, and their offer has a pretty high conversion rate because the product is high-quality and has a vast untapped target audience globally.

Most importantly, PlayAmo only works with licensed software and has already earned the trust of many gamblers in Europe, making it even more rewarding to drive traffic there.

Regarding the BobCasino offer, I had some groundwork too. I’m not familiar with their owners, but I have some experience in testing this offer. I can say for sure:

  • The conditions are very similar to PlayAmo – the same wide possibilities for GEO and rates.
  • For teaser traffic, conversions came relatively easily (based on my past tests).

Regarding GEOs: Initially, I planned to test four popular locations where, in my opinion, casinos convert better than anywhere else: Poland, Germany, Canada, Netherlands. But then something went wrong, more on that later.

For both offers, I got the same conditions: they immediately gave me 70 euros for a min deposit of 10 dollars for GEO – Poland, and 100 euros for the same min deposit for all other countries. These rates were for the test period, under the agreed source – context and SEO.

After the test, they promised to raise the rates, but for the test, I needed to generate 15-20 deposits for each offer.

How I Worked

To launch this offer, I used my old content site, which I made about a year ago, and through which I had previously driven traffic to other offers, using this site as a pre-lander.

What’s on the site?

  1. A casino catalog with reviews, descriptions, and feedback (10 projects)
  2. A casino rating (from these same 10 projects)
  3. A small fake forum, with topics created for each of the projects and a lot of fake comments and reviews from people playing in these casinos.

The forum hosts many “people.” One “person” could leave several comments, for example, about how they prepared for the game and won, how they received a payout, or started a conversation with another player. They might reappear on the forum a month later, making friends… Such dissociative marketing turns out to be an excellent option for introverted arbitrators!

On the same forum, among the comments of “people,” there should also be responses to their comments from an alleged official representative of the casino. These profiles should have an avatar with the project’s logo, publish official announcements for the fake residents of the forum, about a tournament starting in the casino, or that everyone has been paid, or there will be a bonus for topping up tomorrow, etc.

Additionally, these representatives should simply answer the fake people’s questions, help them learn to win, provide moral support, and do all this without excessive formality.

Among all this fake phantasmagoria, there should be native inserts, motivating future players to register and play on your offer. Such things can be done both from the perspective of people and the official representative. The most important thing is to be reasonable, motivate the traffic correctly, don’t write “deposit 5$ and withdraw 500”, but rather something like:

Person – “I haven’t played seriously for a long time, last time was some contest, won a bit over 200$. They recently made a VIP policy, so I thought I should climb in status. Climbed a couple of steps. Decided to play a bit today, deposited 20, withdrew 58 without any problem. Though now waiting for documents, already at 130, but it’s just disrespect to old players.

Admin – “Unfortunately, this is a standard validation procedure that all players undergo, and currently, due to a large influx of new users, we do indeed have some delays. I’m sure you’ll pass validation soon and withdraw your winnings )))

Person – “Everything’s already confirmed and resolved, just hadn’t updated you, sorry!)

I hope the essence of the messages above is clear and how they will affect conversions amid other messages.

Although, the scheme described on such a forum, a discussion that went beyond rational limits and turned into an emotional argument, sometimes with personal insults and arguments with the admin, yields good results.

For traffic, the possibility to comment on the forum is there, but their comments are published only after my moderation.

It’s better to simulate activity on the forum all the time while you are driving traffic to it. You can leave 1-5 messages a day, and the forum will look quite lively.

An important component of such a forum is a well-assembled semantic core.

And, of course, the site itself must be SEO-optimized.

So, the secret is partly revealed. But not entirely. I won’t show you my site or give away the list of keywords, you’ll have to figure out the rest on your own.

This forum is actually the main method.

Now, back to the case. There was one problem. Initially, my site was fully optimized for Russia, with texts in Russian and about other casinos… In short, I decided to duplicate and almost completely change it. Only the skeleton and the engine remained. I had to delete and redo most of the content based on my plans to drive traffic to BobCasino and PlayAmo. I also had to do a complete redesign and SEO re-optimization, but that was the easiest part for me.

A designer helped me with the redesign, and a familiar SEO specialist did the re-optimization for a small fee in half a day)

I immediately realized that it would be too difficult for me to translate all the content into 3 languages for the 4 GEOs I chose, so I decided to focus only on Poland.

After the site was ready and hosted on a Polish host, I realized it wouldn’t appear in search right away. Yes, I completely forgot. I’m not an SEO specialist. You have to wait. But there’s a way out)) Google context, distribute traffic to different pages of the site to generate activity, and send 85% to forum pages – to convert them into deposits. That’s how I decided to proceed.

Then I discovered that I could promote my ads without cloaking. This is probably because online casinos are legalized in Poland, and perhaps PlayAmo and BobCasino have Google certificates for this country.

I can’t go into details about the advertising campaign settings, but I’ll say that I have very few key queries, mainly casino search queries, one of which brings 90% of the conversion and the rest, but sometimes something lands on them. I think I can increase the number of keys, and the result will immediately improve.

The cost per click for my queries turned out to be quite loyal – on average, 47 rubles per click.

GoogleAds stat
Total statistics

My site has only recently started appearing in Google search for some queries that often appear in forum messages. Some are even at the top, unfortunately, not top queries, but there is already an SEO result, but more work is needed.

At the moment, it seems like 4 deposits came from the search, if I’m not mistaken, but in any case – it’s quite a bit)) But there were only about 100 clicks on the site that didn’t come through advertising – it definitely has room to grow!

The potential of the topic is huge, although I still don’t understand how much it can be scaled… Because Google doesn’t really increase the number of clicks and the number of queries is limited, and making such sites endlessly is quite labor-intensive 🙁

I really hope that thanks to the fake forum, this site will eventually start gathering more live traffic from search, and in the future, the fake forum might even turn into a real one… I’ve already received a few real comments, to which I and my 40 alternative gambling-egos happily replied. Well, in general, we need to observe… What happens next is not yet clear))

Overall, that’s all for today, I’ve tried to convey the main essence of the approach. If you try to replicate my approach, you’ll already have a base to focus on) As I said, the potential of the approach is significant, as evidenced by the ROI. As a next step, you can consider deeper work on SEO optimization of the site, as well as developing communication on the forum not just with yourself but with live visitors, which will give an impetus to promoting the resource.

You can get the best conditions for the PlayAmo offer in the CPA network 🙂



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