AdHeart Service! How to Find Any Creative in Minutes? Structure, Features, and More


Creatives are one of the key components of a successful traffic arbitrage. Why? Because it’s through them that you interact with your Target Audience. They see your creative and decide whether to click on it or just skip and forget it forever.

Why is the SPY-service AdHeart needed? is a Spy service for advertising in Facebook Ads. It allows you to find creatives of other arbitrageurs and use them to search/develop your own approaches for traffic arbitrage.

How does it work?

The service monitors all the ads that have ever been launched through Facebook, and a large number of filters make it easy to narrow down the search and find exactly the gambling creatives. Essentially, AdHeart is an absolute “must-have” in the arsenal of every arbitrager.

Main Tools for Work

Now let’s look at the basics of working with AdHeart. The functionality of the service itself is quite simple, but there are features that will save you a lot of time in searching for creatives.

Let’s go through the main points you need to know when working with AdHeart:

1/ Geo of the campaign. Set it first. I recommend setting not several countries, but only one and conducting the search in turn.

2/ Countries up to. A very important point that many miss. If we do not set the number “1” in this column, we will get worldwide creatives in the search results, and it will be difficult to find gambling ones.

3/ In the links. This filter is mandatory if we are looking for creatives. Without it, it will be extremely difficult to find gambling creatives, as AdHeart collects not just gambling creatives but also white approaches that we do not need.

4/ In the domain zone. This item is not used as often, as it is suitable for parsing creatives that are spilled through a cloaker.

Above, I have described the filters that I use every day when analyzing approaches by geo, but I will also note a number of others that may be useful to you:

1/ App platform. Here we can filter creatives based on the type of devices (Android or IOS). As practice shows, sometimes it is possible to find higher quality creatives for IOS traffic, into the creation of which more time and $$$ were invested.

2/ Placement platform. Filter creatives by placement platform (Facebook / Instagram / Audience / Messengers). Sometimes it is used to search for creatives for different platforms. In practice, most creatives can be found on Facebook and Instagram, and in Insta, you can also find vertical videos suitable for Tik-Tok spills.

3/ Type of media content. It’s simple here — if we want to find a video, we choose a video, and we do the same with photos.

4/ Format. In this section, we can choose the format of the creative that was used during the spill.

How to find creatives on AdHeart?

In fact, even here, you need to know certain tricks that significantly speed up the search process.

Let’s start in order:

1/ Go to the link, enter your login and password, and find yourself on the main page. Then just click on the “Creatives” tab.


2/ Now we need to set the filters that will allow us to find creatives for our tasks:

— Specify the geo of the rollout

— Set the limit to 1 country, so as not to see creatives that rotate around the world

— In the “In links” filter, we specify this URL: It will allow us to find among others exactly the gambling creatives that are spilled through apps.

— Also, if you did not find that creative when searching by apps, you can set the “By Domain Zone” filter. Here we specify the most popular domain zones for gambling, for example:

— xyz

— space

— website

— fun

— site

— online

3/ After such simple manipulations, we get the following picture:

Here we will see creatives used in all verticals, but among them will be those that are spilled on gambling offers.

4/ Now you just need to download the creatives you liked the most and make new ones based on them. That’s where you can end your work with AdHeart)

We do not recommend using creatives directly from spy services, as they are most likely already worked out. Always try to make unique creatives, test different approaches, and find optimal combinations for spilling.

Mini-trick that might also come in handy)

In addition to searching for creatives, AdHeart allows you to analyze the FanPage from which the launch was made. This will help to understand whether this fan page was farmed, what approach was used during the launch, etc.

How to do it?

1/ Find any of the creatives following the instructions above

2/ Go to the name of the FanPage (it is indicated just above the creative itself)

3/ We find ourselves on the FanPage from which the launch of this creative was made.

What other useful features are in AdHeart?

In addition to the standard search in the “Creatives” section, this service allows you to search for creatives directly by gambling apps.

How to do it? — Easily)

Go to the “Applications” section.

Now you need to work with filtering. First, set the filter:

“Over the period” => “Over a month”.

Then we go to the “First appearance” filter and also set it to “Over a month”.

After introducing such a filtering system, we immediately get gambling applications!

What does this give us?

1/ The opportunity to search for gambling creatives from the list of applications immediately!

2/ The possibility of analyzing volumes by geo. We look at where the traffic is going and understand that the geo is likely to convert and should be looked at!

Competitor Analysis

Finally, let’s run through the competitors in the market:

1/ AdSpy — a service that has an excellent design and similar functionality.

— A $50 discount on the first month’s payment and a free trial are offered upon registration.

— GEO: 198 countries

— Tariff: $149 per month

2/ — a service for monitoring advertising in Push networks and ad networks.

— GEO: 183 countries

— Tariff: $199 per month

3/ — one of the services for monitoring advertising on the internet. Shows competitors’ ads on Instagram, FB, VK, and TikTok. 100 million creatives, including those removed from advertising platforms: Google Adwords, Yandex Market, and MyTarget.

— Geo: Mainly CIS countries + other countries

— Tariff: from 3000 rubles per month

The Best SPY-service for Facebook — AdHeart

As mentioned earlier, AdHeart is currently irreplaceable due to its price and quality of service. Very fast appearance of creatives in the spy, maximum relevance of information — all these words can be said about AdHeart.

— Tariff: 3800₽/month, but you can get it cheaper with our promo code)

— Database of more than 180,000,000 creatives

— GEO: all countries of the world

Analyze competitors correctly, pour in profit and earn more!

That’s all) Today we have reviewed all the current ways of working with AdHeart!

This was GamblingPro. Stay with us to be up to date with the latest news and new tools in traffic arbitrage!



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