How to start with free TikTok traffic right now


Hello everyone! Today, let’s refresh our memories about the semi-free traffic on TikTok and take a look at what’s happening in this traffic market right now.

Many of you might have heard about this source and might know how it works, but still haven’t tried it or are planning to. I hope my article will prompt you to take action, and you’ll be able to set up your process using my basic workflow scheme to skyrocket your metrics 🚀

Let’s first consider a very simplified system of TikTok’s semi-free traffic, to initially grasp the whole picture:

It’s important to understand that these are just theses that don’t 100% reflect the essence of the work, but we’ll discuss them in detail in order.

1 – TikTok Account:

Actually, it’s very simple. Register or buy an account where you can post videos.

It’s generally better to start from a phone, as many suggest, but trying from a PC is possible too, though gray accounts from PCs are less often approved, so it’s worth trying.

Don’t forget about antidetect, proxies, and other expenses necessary for scaling.

2 – Videos in the Profile:

Here everything is really simple, and there are only a few strategies (at least the ones I know of):

  1. A creative focused on one product.
  2. A creative focused on a particular game/slot (like Aviator).
  3. Neutral creatives without mentioning a product.

Let’s take a look:

All this is done to narrow down or expand the focus based on what people like the most, or vice versa. Usually, this is done at the start to test geos, products, slots, etc.

To ultimately narrow down the focus. Anyway, everyone has their own mechanics of work, if even without narrowing it down you get 200-300 ROI, then why narrow, which is quite logical)

Usually, the narrowing is to improve quality, as this is TikTok and the quality from recommendations is not always very top-notch, and you need to come up with something over distance, otherwise, you’ll have to keep pouring only caps on different products for a long time.

3 – Getting into Recommendations:

There are two ways. The first: just post and climb to the top through hashtags, descriptions. The second, more sophisticated — drive traffic directly to your videos via TT ADS, I’ve heard very few cases of working in this format, but, as a fact, it’s also possible.

Many guys just post 3-4 videos a day and wait for one to hit the recommendations. Those that didn’t work can either be deleted or re-uploaded on another day, here it’s up to everyone’s skill. There are even channels that leave 1 video, the best one that got into the recommendations, and periodically add more until it hits, so that the channel statistics look maximally attractive and trustworthy for the user.

Here is an example of a channel where all videos that didn’t “fly” are deleted, and eventually, one is left:

But anyway, the main goal remains the same – to drive as many views to the video as possible. How you do it is entirely in your hands.

4 – Push to Click the Link in BIO:

Everything here is quite simple and understandable, all examples of pushes are highlighted below:

5 – Inserting a Referral Link in BIO:

Links can be inserted in any convenient format, these can be:

A direct referral link to a specific product/geo;

A direct link to Telegram if it’s, conditionally, schemes;

Keitaro integration link, where traffic distribution occurs so that users from each geo go where they need;

A link in the format of your domain (just wrapping the above points, so as not to scare anyone with a scary incomprehensible link), for example – (two n’s).

The last option, in my humble opinion, is the most ideal. Because you can take a bunch of products for different geos and lead players where they will bring you more money. Since there are very few CPA products where the rate correlates from the start depending on the geo.

I will tell you about my ideal option for setting up a link from Keitaro, which maximally helps to collect all users.

6 – Setting up a Link in BIO:

In pouring semi-free traffic, many have one big wall that doesn’t allow scaling, despite the fact that this is free traffic and you lose nothing even if there is no payout, BUT to work long and with a large number of accounts in TikTok, you need to find a certain vector of work. And it is, as it were, in the fact that quality is sagging. People follow the link, possibly even make a deposit, and leave in most cases, there are very few high rollers.

What can fix this picture? My answer is to lead to applications. Where there is simply a reverse entry point for users in the form of an application icon on the desktop. Don’t forget

, the application is also additionally pushed, so here not only the quality increases, but also the conversion, more people will make a deposit.

I advise you to proceed according to the following scheme of flows in Keitaro:

  • IOS webview;
  • Android webview/PWA;
  • Desktop/link.

If you have a question about how you can lead users to the application, then the answer, again, is simple – onelink, which we give out for both Android and IOS. Also, many test PWA on Android, because if you make a channel for a specific product, it also greatly increases conversion.

Imagine you had a person come to the channel, saw a channel in the style of GG BET, then saw a video in the design of GG BET, after that, they went to install the application – and there they also saw GG BET, and finally, opening the application, they also saw what they were offered. Trust in this case flies into Space 🚀

Thus, with the right approach and testing a wide variety of bundles – you can earn almost without spending anything)

Important: before starting, I advise you to check your settings several times and conduct test registrations to check the work.

Summing up everything said above, I want to focus on the fact that profit from this source does not come immediately, does not come immediately with good quality, you need to come to this after some number of tests.

If you have any questions about the article – write to our managers, we are always in touch!


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