How much money do you need for start in Gambling?


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Today we’re diving into a topic that interests all beginners: How much money do you actually need to set aside for purchasing materials and testing to get started in gambling? Let’s break it down!

Investing $10 and earning $10,000? Unfortunately, that only happens in fairy tales. To achieve good profits, often a significant amount of money is required. But what about starting with just $10?

The first and most important expense is your own time. You can’t just jump into the gambling pool thinking you won’t need any special knowledge.

To start understanding the niche, you’ll need to spend at least a few weeks studying the material. We do our best, filling our social networks with important content.

As for the material costs, a lot depends on the chosen source of traffic. Once, free methods worked well, but now, even for stable work with scheme traffic, expenses are required (it has become almost impossible to pull high ROI on scheme traffic alone, hence affiliates resort to hiring employees for assistance).

What will you need to spend on at the beginning? Let’s consider the most popular method nowadays – pouring through apps.


You can learn to make them yourself or “steal” from various spy services. Most services for creating or downloading are paid. Prices start from $50 for monthly use. For example, the Adheart spy service costs $53, and its free use does not offer unlimited perks for searching creatives. Creatives can also be custom ordered, starting from $5-6 each.

Facebook accounts are also a very important expense. In gambling, they tend to frequently get banned. Initially, you can try to farm them yourself, but to save time, we advise buying them. The average price of an account is $4-5, but the formula for buying more or less ideal accounts can only be found through trial and error.

The apps.

You can order them from developers (starting from $20 and higher on freelance exchanges), rent them (starting from $20), or take them directly from an affiliate program.

Services. No one can do without services, we already talked about spy services, but besides them, there are many other important and interesting things:

  1. Anti-detect browser, through which you will access your accounts (access to Dolphy costs $89 for the basic tariff, free version allows up to 10 accounts each additional one +$10 and a bit cheaper).
  2. A tracker with cloaking capabilities will allow you to track all flows, optimize campaigns (one of the leading trackers, Keitaro, offers tariff plans from $50 per month).
  3. If you have your own app, you will need services for boosting comments and likes, adding another $20-25 on top.

Small consumables. Proxies (an average of up to $3 each), SIM cards (about $3-4 each or use special services for SMS reception – up to $20 per number), payment cards.

Testing. This is one of the most important aspects, as it allows you to understand what works and what won’t bring you income. It’s better to spend part of the money on testing than to lose everything in one go. Here, you need to achieve the lowest cost per install. It’s impossible to name a specific amount, but you will definitely need several hundreds.

After testing, you will roughly understand how much funds you need to invest to be profitable and adjust the process based on your capabilities.

What is the minimum amount you need to start with?

Adding up all the points, we get around $1000-1500 for the CPL model (per registration). This price can significantly increase, depending on your skills and the number of test campaigns. Thus, for pouring through CPA for deposits, you will have to spend several times more due to long and expensive tests.

Let’s summarize briefly. A successful start in gambling requires not only financial but also time investments, as well as a deep understanding of the market. Let’s highlight the main theses:

  1. Training: It is important to spend time studying the niche before starting.
  2. Financial investments: Investments are required in creatives, Facebook accounts, applications, services, and small expenses, such as proxies and SIM cards.
  3. Testing: Necessary to determine effective combinations.
  4. Initial capital: Approximately $1000-3000, with the possibility of increasing depending on skills and tests.

Stay tuned to our blog to keep up with the latest in gambling arbitrage. More interesting stuff is coming!



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