Why iOS is on top and what to do for beginners


Hello everyone, this is GamblingPro! Today, let’s talk about iOS traffic for mobile applications. What will we cover? 

  1. Why iOS traffic is better than Android.
  2. Pitfalls to watch out for.
  3. Should newcomers consider switching to iOS apps?

Let’s start with some statistics. Currently, there are over 3.5 billion active smartphone users worldwide, with Android and iOS smartphones dominating 99% of the global market.

Android holds a 70% market share, while iOS devices account for only 29%. However, this doesn’t mean you should completely ignore iOS, and I’ll explain why:

Advantages of targeting iOS traffic:

  1. Higher purchasing power of iOS users:

   In traffic arbitrage, the quality of leads you bring to a product is crucial. Recent data shows that the average purchase value and retention rate on iOS are 20-30% higher than on Android devices, and some webmasters achieve even higher results. This is due to the pricing of iOS devices and their prevalence among the more financially capable segments of society.

  1. Installation cost from TikTok and Facebook:

   Currently, iOS traffic is not as saturated as Android, leading to lower competition on the auction. This is because of the bans on WebView applications on iOS, which have a constant presence on Android. Consequently, you can expect lead costs to be similar to Android but with higher bidding rates due to the quality of traffic, resulting in a higher ROI.

  1. App Store vs. Google Play:

   Due to Apple’s closed ecosystem, users have more trust in the App Store compared to Google Play. People are aware that on Android, you can download applications from the internet, potentially exposing their devices to viruses. Apple has eliminated this possibility, allowing users to purchase applications only from the licensed marketplace, which increases trust in any app, including gambling apps.

  1. Targeting Tier-1 countries:

   Although iOS holds only 29% of the global smartphone market, it reaches 40-50% or even higher market share in more developed countries. This enables you to target Tier-1 countries without worrying too much about conversion rates, as they are likely to be high. Your task is to engage them with the right creative approach.

Now, let’s discuss the risks:

  1. Costs vary but can be high:

   You might not be able to target Tier-3 and most Tier-1 countries because iOS smartphones have a smaller share of the population there. However, testing cheaper countries is an option worth considering. There have been some interesting cases with Tier-1 countries that were unexpected successes.

  1. Testing budgets:

   Since you’ll be targeting expensive countries, the cost per install will be higher, typically between $1.5 and $3 per install. Plan your budget accordingly.

  1. Creatives:

   The Apple device user base is more selective and dislikes poor visuals. Take a meticulous approach to creating high-quality creatives.

For beginners:

So, should solo arbitrageurs switch from Android to iOS? Yes, definitely. If you have high-quality creatives and a ready-to-go campaign setup, running campaigns on iOS will not be fundamentally different from Android. You can start in less expensive countries first, and your Gambling.pro account manager can guide you on which countries to target.

In conclusion, iOS traffic is currently less saturated, leading to lower competition on the auction, making it worthwhile to test and run campaigns. iOS apps enjoy greater user trust due to installation rules. Pay attention to the risks I’ve mentioned to minimize losses and increase your chances of being profitable.

Stay tuned to the GamblingPro blog for updates and insights into the world of traffic arbitrage!



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