What’s happening with apps in 2021?


Hello everyone! I’m Ivan Pashkov – @IvanGamblingPro! Today we will discuss one of the most popular and well-known methods of generating traffic from Facebook. We’ll be using facebook and apps.

We will find out how the market situation changed in 2021 and what we have today. It will be interesting for everyone, both experienced advertisers and beginners. Read the article to the end! Go!

Our days

Someone will say that this method no longer works, and someone will say that it works. But these are just words. There are special people. They don’t say anything, they do. They make money while others argue.

So, is it realistic now to send traffic from Facebook to apps? Definitely yes, and our team helps everyone to achieve results and reach a new level.

Let’s talk about the options that are currently available. Today, you can send traffic to applications for at least 6 days without fear of being banned. There are even apps that have been around for 12 days or more. Six months ago, this was the norm. It seemed unrealistic last month. Average lifespan of a gambling app: 8 days.  

Let’s compare the statistics at the beginning of the year and now. Consider the volume and lifespan in 2021. Based on this data, we can conclude whether this method works today. 

All data was taken from the Adhart spy service. I analyzed the top 10 apps from the first page for each month to understand the volumes more accurately.

The metrics we’re interested in are:

  • The average app lifespan (information from my personal analysis for 2021);
  • The number of top 10 app creatives (this gives us an understanding of volume. It shows that there are people who get good ROI).

The beginning of 2021 was very successful. Good volume and lifespan indicators show that people who used this method received decent results.

  • The average lifespan of apps in January was 11 days;
  • The number of creatives – 14,545.

February showed very good results.Facebook and Google were not too strict, although of course there were problems.Many were able to get good results. This month we remember This is the Radical Bonus application, it lasted 37 days. 

  • The average lifespan of applications in February was 14 days; 
  • The number of creatives was 17,112.

March was remembered for its stability. Many applications worked for 15 days, but many were banned before they even started. We test and set up applications for days so that our partners feel comfortable and they can earn. Then we did not yet know what was ahead of us.

  • The average lifespan of apps in March is 15-18 days;
  • The number of creatives is 14,016.

Excellent indicators, however, volume drawdowns, albeit small, are already visible.

Since April, the FB has begun to gradually tighten the rules. It has become more difficult to launch ads. The volume dipped by almost 20% compared to the volume in March.

  • The average lifespan of apps in April is 13-15 days;
  • The number of creatives is 11,412.

In May, Google began to tighten its rules. The lifespan of apps has shrunk.  The situation with Facebook was similar to the situation in April.

  • The average lifespan of applications in May is 10 days;
  • The number of creatives is 11,033.

Summer has and the fun has begun. 

Global problems with Facebook began in June. Apps were tagged in 3-5 days. Google banned 5-10 apps per day. It was very difficult for us and our partners to work. 

  • The average lifespan of apps in June is 4 days;
  • The number of creatives is 4,619.

The volume dropped by about 58% compared to the volume in May.

July brought us new problems. Facebook has introduced limits on account sharing. We have created a lot of applications so that partners can work comfortably. But that was not enough. However, the volume was good and returned to the level it was in April. The situation became noticeably better, but applications were quickly banned, and it was difficult to launch ads on Facebook. 

  • The average lifespan of applications in July is 5 days;
  • The number of creatives is 11 940.

August is not over yet, the volume will be even larger, and the indicators are already impressive:

  • The average lifespan of applications in August is 8 days;
  • The number of creatives for the selected period is 12,062.

Based on the statistics, we see that it is possible to send traffic from Facebook to applications, and many do it quite successfully. With the right approach, this method works well. especially now, when you can charge a high price for installation at auction. This is possible because many have not yet realized that the situation is now the same as six months ago. 

Applications have a good lifespan, there are many of them, the problem with limits has been resolved, everything is ready for launches 🙂

The chart below clearly shows all the trends since the beginning of the year. You can see that autumn is likely to have good results. 

Volume graph, 2021.

I think many will agree with me that now it is quite possible to get good results. It’s time to get good ROI as long as Google and Facebook allow it.

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