We integrate Binom tracker in 5 minutes with Gambling.pro!


Hello! 🙂 In this tutorial, we will integrate Binom with our Keitaro tracker using the example of the created campaign. We will figure out what needs to be done to generate traffic with optimization and get statistics into the tracker. We have 5 minutes, let’s go! ⚡️

For statistics to be sent to your tracker, you need to insert your tracker link inside the naming. It must be “Correct”. Now we will tell you how to do this.

  1. Create a Binom Campaign.
  2. Give the campaign a name and add Traffic Source with the settings as in the screenshot below:

Adding and configuring traffic source tokens.

3. Save and use the added Traffic Source in your campaign. It can be used in other campaigns when integrated with our Keitaro tracker. It is not necessary to create a new one every time. 

4. Create a direct and an offer on the right side of the “Campaign settings” interface. Without this, it will not be possible to save the settings. 🙂 

Stream settings in the “Binom” campaign.

5) In the offer URL, we insert the stream link that we received in your affiliate program profile. You need to add to it 


6) It remains to put a postback in the main campaign settings on the left side of the interface. It will look like this: 


S2S Postback

The main settings are done. You need to save the “Binom” campaign. The Campaign URL will appear, which should be sent to your personal manager and asked to be added to the selected application. 🙂

Value of tags:

  • key – the key of the Binom campaign;
  • sub_id_1 – will be equal to the sub, the “tail” of the naming;
  • sub_id_2 – will be equal to the FB adset id;
  • sub_id_3 – will be equal to the FB advertisement id;
  • cnv_id – technical, for optimization.

So you’ve sent the link to your manager. He will give you a naming with which you can launch. It remains to put a postback in the affiliate program. This will track conversions in the tracker. 🙂

We put postback in the affiliate program!

This is necessary for your registrations and deposits to appear on your Binom tracker.

We go to the “Settings” tab in the upper right corner of the interface and take the link pointed to by the red arrow. 🙂

Your Binom postback link.

In the resulting link, remove everything up to and including the question mark and add:? Cnv_id = {pid} & payout = {income} & cnv_status = {action}

Now you need to put this postback in your profile. There are 2 options for postbacks in our affiliate program: global and streaming. The difference is that the global one applies to all streams in the affiliate program, and the one that you put in the stream only applies to this one. At the same time, streaming postback has priority. If you have both global and streaming at the same time, then the latter will be triggered.

For example, I’ll add a global postback. We go to the affiliate program Gambling.pro. Select the “Profile” section and go to the “Global Postback” tab. Next, insert the final postback link from the text editor into the Global Postback window with the “Get” method.

Global Postback.

Ready. Now registrations and deposits from the affiliate program will be sent to Binom. Important! The screenshot is an example of my link. You will have the same only the end of the link after the question mark.

Check all links after setup. Iit is better to copy the text, and not the link itself.

Now you have everything set up and you can start. Thank you for your attention. Good results! 🙂


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