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In our Instagram case study, one of the steps involves finding bloggers who should post stories mentioning our account with schemes. We’ve already talked about using this service to find the right bloggers:


But let’s go into more detail on how to find a blogger so that their advertising is truly effective.

Nowadays, due to many innovations, Instagram strictly monitors and bans all illegal promotion methods (mass following, mass liking, and fake engagements – all these are outdated and prohibited methods of promotion).

Why do we need bloggers, and what do they give us?

First and foremost – audience attraction. By placing a link to your account in their profile, the blogger recommends and gives people the chance to subscribe to you.

Bloggers prepare the audience for your account. A blogger is someone who earns from their audience, gathering it slowly and painstakingly. If a blogger is really good, they can influence their audience. Thus, well-crafted advertising will bring to you those who are already receptive to your information.

Increasing conversions – in our case, this is the ultimate goal of advertising.

We can only achieve these results by cooperating with genuinely effective pages and their owners.

How to find a blogger besides using services:

1.Use hashtags – first, think about what queries would potentially interest your target audience, enter them in the search, and see what options you have. The TOP section shows photos that have received many likes, usually belonging to popular bloggers.

2.Services – as we have already said, this is a fairly simple and effective option. You enter all the search parameters you deem necessary for your future advertising. The service shows you all possible options. Then, you need to write to all the owners to find out the price of placement, analyze, and agree on the advertising.

3.Look for bloggers by GEO tagging. You need to understand what audience you will be working with. It’s unlikely that an Asian will follow a Russian person and vice versa. If the work is targeted at a foreign audience – be prepared to communicate in a foreign language.

Important! Note that in most cases, bloggers have a separate page where you can write in direct messages about PR inquiries. If you write just to the main page’s inbox, the likelihood of a response is extremely low. Bloggers are simply overwhelmed there, while their assistants handle all queries on an additional page. Look for this page either in descriptions or in permanent stories. Possibly, another contact will be provided.

After gathering a pool of bloggers, we need to analyze their accounts more thoroughly. What to look at:

Inflated numbers and activity in the profile. If a page owner has 500k followers and 100 likes – this is not our option. Let it be 10k – but also with more than 1000 likes and various comments.

Another life hack – check if the people who like and especially comment on posts are subscribed to the account itself. If most of them are not subscribed to the blog they like – these are likely fake activities.

Content – diverse. Now you can run personal blogs on Instagram. Look at the posts: are they interesting to you? Just a picture with a bunch of hashtags no longer attracts anyone. Posts should be well-written, and topics should be interesting.

Who is this blogger? It’s unlikely that a stay-at-home mom writing about diapers will attract players to you. Conversely, someone driving a Porsche and writing about their earnings is unlikely to be able to promote baby formula properly. Be mindful of this.

Checking the blogger:

Telegram channels can help. @badlistblogger – this channel lists dishonest bloggers. Enter the nickname in the search – if yours is not there, that’s good. @fromBerek – Olga Berek’s channel. Currently, you can find over 700 reviews of different bloggers. Reviews are both positive and negative. The channel owner provides detailed comments on a large number of popular bloggers. The downside of this verification option is that all reviews are exclusively about Russian pages.

Advertising purchase chats – chats where reviews about advertising with various bloggers are posted daily, and bloggers themselves post upcoming post schedules and recruit advertisers.

Calculate ER (engagement rate). The basic formula is as follows: likes + comments / subscribers * 100%. For a more or less credible calculation, do it for the last 15-20 posts.

Check the account for fake engagements. Use or – these services do a good job. The first even shows detailed audience statistics.

Ask the blogger to send you a screenshot of their account statistics. (Here we rely on the person’s integrity). Let them send us story view statistics – these cannot be faked. If someone has a promoted profile, not a fake one, this request usually doesn’t cause any hesitation.

What not to do ever:

Do not take public accounts with birds, cats, and dogs. Such pages are purely for entertainment. They provoke nothing but adoration.

Do not take public accounts

 where there is nothing but beautiful photos. The main strength of a blogger is their ability to influence the audience. No interaction with subscribers – no trust or interest. We don’t need that.

Do not chase the top bloggers. Their price usually shocks.

Now the most important thing – WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR SPECIFICALLY?

For gambling – look for accounts about entertainment, accounts about making money are also fine, video games. Assess the portrait of your target audience.

For betting – look for sports enthusiasts, extreme recreation enthusiasts.

And a variant that works in both cases – a beautiful life with a hint of “how to become as cool as me”.

In general, this is the most basic set of steps that you definitely cannot avoid if you are looking for bloggers yourself. Pay attention not only to followers but also to activity on the page and in the posts. Use verification resources and read reviews of selected bloggers, so you reduce your financial risks.

Don’t forget, when looking for a blogger, you should always put yourself in the place of your target audience! If you do everything right, success won’t be long in coming!

Stay tuned and follow the GamblingPro blog! To stay informed of all the latest news and insights from the world of gambling!



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