All top teams are already cooperating with! Why is it profitable for them to work with us?


Hi 🙂 I’m Nikita, Affiliate Manager. This article is for teams not yet working with us. In it we will explain why you need to start working with us right now. 

Topics that we will talk about with specific examples:

  • Technical details;
  • Working with advertisers;
  • Regularity of payments;
  • Influence on the media.

Let’s go in order. At the moment, our affiliate program has a sufficient number of large teams that cooperate with us.

Technical details. 

All large teams use different traffic sources and they have their own solutions. If the team works with applications, then they usually have their own development department. It develops dynamically and shows results.

We had cooperation with a large team, which, unfortunately, I cannot name. Since we, as an affiliate network, have a larger circle of contacts with different affiliate networks and teams, we can more quickly and respond to changes in the rules for working with Facebook and Google. 

In one of such periods, this team contacted us. For a month they experienced problems with their applications, so it was not profitable for them to develop every day. They came to us to send traffic to our long-lived apps. Thus, in a difficult period, they managed not to spend a lot of money on development and send traffic to us.

At the moment, the situation has stabilized. To diversify their risks, they continue to send approximately 30% of their traffic to our apps (not in a lease format). A competent approach means minimizing risks and costs.

There is another case. An even larger team than the previous example is actively testing completely new traffic sources, and it is difficult for them to cope alone.

Therefore, they, knowing our approach and ability to deal with especially difficult situations, turn to us. We help them test and run whatever they want. 

On the one hand, it looks like a staging post for them. They tested everything on our products, with our technical expertise. As soon as they received the first 100 deposits, they started working directly.

In this case, our team works in the “win-win” format. We understand that they are testing new sources every month. Our team is on good terms with them and does not work with all the traffic that they have, but we somehow accept some part of them.

Working with advertisers.

Perhaps this is the most important and attractive aspect for teams. We have a dedicated team of experts. They go through extensive training and training before starting work. We teach them to do EVERYTHING so that the teams are comfortable and profitable to work through our partner program. Let’s look at the most interesting and memorable example, when we did the almost impossible for partners.

Famous team worked with a very famous brand (I can’t name either one or the other). There were about 7,000 deposits a month. The advertiser considered these deposits to be low-quality traffic. He refused to pay for this traffic, in which he planned to pay us $ 2,000 out of $ 200,000 +. This, of course, did not suit either us or our partners. 

We had to arrange whole battles to agree on the payment in full. We have attracted our top sales managers and even the CEO of the company. The negotiations lasted for a month. At first it was about 5%, then about 20%, then about 50%. This did not suit us.

It was important for us to maintain long-term relationships with partners, while we did not want to stop working with this advertiser. Therefore, it was necessary to act decisively, but carefully. 

Bottom line: after long online negotiations, and even meetings, we came to the conclusion that the advertiser will pay us the full amount for all deposits. Condition: providing the same traffic for the next month. We were all interested in this, and we did just that. The payment was made, the work continued. Due to our authority and ability to negotiate, we were able to achieve a mutually beneficial result.

Regularity of payments.

Many, even the largest teams, do not undertake to work with products where the hold is 30 or more days. It is difficult: for two months it is not clear whether everything is in order with the quality of traffic. Therefore, absolutely everyone is interested in the smallest possible holds and fast payouts. 

Such an incident happened quite recently.

One of the advertisers was unable to agree on a bid and hold with the team. It was a Brazilian offer. The hold and rate were the same for everyone: $ 30 and $ 40, respectively. 

The team has its own department for working with advertisers, which actively tried to resolve this issue through long negotiations and approvals (even with screenshots of statistics). But to no avail.

This team came to us and asked to agree on the conditions they wanted. Bottom line: we agreed on 7 days of hold and a $ 50 bet.

We did it not as easy as it might seem. Initially, we coordinated the product for these guys, but when we realized that the market was interested in it, and no one had the conditions that we wanted, we threw our efforts there. In 7 calls over two weeks, we did what we wanted.

Influence on the media.

Many people underestimate this factor when working in large teams. They see ROI, income and that’s enough for many, but this is not entirely true. Let’s take as an example all our interviews that appear on the YouTube channel in the playlist –streams and interviews. There are many interesting and very famous guests who have worked and work with us to this day. 

I propose to hold a mini-competition to raise interest. I will not name the guest, which will be discussed below. If you guess it and write to me in private messages, you can ask me for private applications, and I cannot refuse you. 🙂

One of our partners initially worked with us on relatively small volumes (10 FD Daily). But he was very determined. When the amount of traffic began to increase, we invited him to do a joint interview to tell people that very success story.

Our partner consistently refused (at least twice), since he did not see much sense in this and did not understand why it was necessary at all. We explained that communication at conferences and meetings is very important. The video gives even greater reach (at least 1,000 people). Among them there can be both developers and beginners, but very promising farmers or buyers, in which all teams are interested. 

After several attempts and convincing arguments, our guest agreed. He told a lot of people about himself. The video itself turned out to be as interesting as possible. One of the spectators even wanted to be on his team.

At the moment, this person continues to work in this team, but in a higher position. He was able to bring a lot of new things to the team. Since the release of the video, this team has almost doubled in size.

Summarizing all of the above. If you are a large team and do not understand how an affiliate program can be useful for you, write to us. Tell us about your difficulties. We can always help you – you just have to write!

If you have any questions, write!


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