Who is He: Online Gambler?


Everyone who wants to launch an online casino has at least once wondered – who will actually play? To understand this, it is crucial to identify the target audience. The more we know about them, the higher the probability of successfully attracting them.

Broadly speaking, the audience can be divided into a few simple groups:

  • Regular players (addicted, eager to make money, or simply enthusiasts of interesting strategies)
  • Casual players (those who got interested in playing, have nothing else to do, or want to experience the thrill)

Regardless of which group a player falls into, they choose specific game themes based on their personal preferences. It is important to consider the preferences of both women and men. Women typically enjoy bright designs with familiar characters from movies or shops filled with items. As for men, many are attracted to the classic form of gambling. He allows them to experience the golden age of regular casinos in our country. Some appreciate pleasant background music during the game. Others are drawn to games resembling unforgettable adventures or impressive graphics and game algorithms. According to statistics, players are in the age range of 21 to 75 years. It is quite a wide range, but that is where the advantage lies. Such data confidently indicates that online games are appealing to everyone, regardless of their generation.

There is a fundamental question that separates several groups of gamblers, and that is the level of their wealth.

  1. Moderately affluent (They are able to afford to play for fun. The game really entertains them and provides an opportunity to test their luck. Therefore, a sure way to attract such an audience is through the use of promotional offers that allow them to evaluate their luck.)
  2. Poor (They want to make money. They always pay attention to bonuses and gifts – this is the key to their interest.)

If we speak very generally, then the portrait of the target gambler can be presented as follows: this is a man or woman aged 25 to 60 who dedicates their entire life to work. They live in cities, travel by public transport or in a cheap car. On weekends, they sincerely try to relax and escape from reality. Such players love to watch movies, sit on the Internet, chat online. They are really interested in playing, at least because it allows them to dramatically change their usual way of life.

So what drives all these people?

Of course, it is the thrill. It is natural for a person to experience this feeling. One way or another, we all love the excitement. Online gambling can be compared to racing at high speed: drive, emotions, and the desire to win! The desire to simply win is not always what drives people – most players continue their “race” even after a win, ending up in the red. Later, the desire to take revenge makes them come back again and again. For those who create this business and want to profit from it, it is important to simply understand that, essentially, every person will start playing at least once in their life. You just need to be in the right place at the right time.

As we have learned from the article, a huge number of people fall under the portrait of a typical player.
Which means it is easy to “catch” them, tune advertising to them, and then attract them to your product and earn a profit from it.


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