Practical Manual for Working with the Gambling Vertical


Selecting the Target Audience for Gambling Offers (Who to Look For, Target Audience Avatar)

If you think that the gambling audience is poor people looking for earnings, you are very wrong! And this is proven by almost 2 years of my work in this area.

The gambling audience is about entertainment: Adult sites, online cinemas, gaming portals, and also, very carefully, you can target the earning theme.

If you work directly with websites or through a teaser network, keep in mind that the best conversion comes from cinema platforms, Adult sites, and entertainment-themed sites. They also show good results in terms of quality.

For target audiences, I have 2 main vectors: balanced, self-sufficient people who play in casinos and other games for pleasure, and the second group, on the contrary, impulsive, emotional, and gambling players.

Accordingly, the approaches to these two target audiences are different: for the first, information about licensed scripts is important, for example. The second will be interested in a simple deposit bonus.

People who play in casinos often play other online games where they donate money and in which they do not receive any REAL values in return. They put money in for pleasure.

These are people who have nothing to do and are looking for a way to SPEND TIME PLEASANTLY, LEISURE. They are not concerned with the problem of “what to live on”, they have money. Not that very much, but enough for life and to afford some entertainment: the same trips to the cinema, online games, or casinos.

People with a severe lack of money are not the target audience for casinos. Think about it – will a person spend their last money on some dubious ways to earn money, if they have nothing to put on the table? No. Either – this is a very foolish person whose instinct for self-preservation has atrophied. I am sure such people exist and there are quite a few of them, but the quality of this traffic is unlikely to satisfy the advertiser, because after spending their last money, this poor player is unlikely to ever return to the advertiser’s site.

Portrait of the average player

Active age men (from 24 to 45 years old), working. This age audience has more discretionary funds at their disposal, and the younger the audience, the lower the solvency.

The typical player likes to relax after work with a bottle of beer in front of the monitor with their favorite slot machines. The casino is always at hand, the chance to win and withdraw money in a convenient way too. Support operators or personal VIP managers, who can also be a psychologist or a person to whom you can express any thoughts (colleagues, wife, etc., won’t know about it), will also help to brighten up the evening. A casino player may be fond of computer games.

Main motives for playing:

  • ludomania (gambling addiction);
  • the only (or predominant) way to earn money;
  • having their own game system, strategy, wanting to test it;

wanting to earn some money and spend it on other entertainment and girls;

If you work on a broad target and analyze the age of active players, you can see the following picture: men aged 18 to 25 years – 10%, from 25 to 40 years – 70%, and 40 to 75 years – 20%

If you pour into all categories of interests, the following work best: cinema, adult and dating, social networks, entertainment. Worse, but you can also try to squeeze something out: games, work, finance, cars.

If you separate all the lands of all possible advertisers, then definitely the best working are adaptive pages that load quickly and where the player receives some significant bonus.

If you split all possible approaches for pre-landings, the best results are shown by pages where all information is provided to the user as natively as possible! Use various tricks: engage in polemics and drop links in the comments, give people the opportunity to deceive you or make them look for and find the information you need, guide them on the right path, forward! To conversion! But do it in a way that they think they got on this path themselves, without anyone’s help.

And I want to say a couple of words about female traffic.

There is no statistics on conversion, as gender is not specified when registering a user, but according to information from advertisers I have worked with, among high rollers and VIP players, there are many women and they are more prone to ludomania.

  • That is, it is possible to work with female traffic, but carefully )) I think that a separate approach should be thought out for it.

Creative (the most important)

I would not say that in Gambling you need to bother too much with creatives, in terms of teasers/banners/posts and other promos (pre-landers are not discussed here, there you really should bother with persuasion and think out a strategy to collect as much data about the traffic as possible: emails, retargetings). But in the ads themselves, you just need to observe a number of restrictions and not do what will attract 100% of the target audience we don’t need.

Don’t promise quick money, don’t use the word free (deposit, for example), exclude as much as possible earning money on the Internet and others, with similar messages – all this attracts the wrong target audience.

Don’t use deposit amounts on creatives and don’t write motivating phrases – all this can lead to your traffic being rejected.

Otherwise, you can create anything you want, in the name of great CTR and blissful EPC.

Landing Pages

What really works well on pre-landers?

Right away I want to say a few words. I will list below many approaches that I use. But (!) I never or almost never use them in their pure form. I mix these approaches with each other. I might use 2 pre-landers, for example. Bring traffic from the news to the blog, collect emails there, convert them there to a referral link in Telegram, and process the rest of the traffic in Telegram with schemes…)))

So, what works on pre-landers? I’m moving on to describing approaches.

1.News stories – about how a certain person won in a casino. But all this needs to be veiled in another story, indirectly related or provoked by the win. So that the win itself is not the main topic, but is mentioned as if in passing.

Or a story about how a mass of people was agitated by a certain event, for example – “… secret information about a way to earn money in a casino leaked to the internet… Crowds of people started going crazy and quitting their jobs. Casino owners are in panic – how to save their business from the influx of ‘lucky’ players is not clear yet… People continue to win day after day and hastily withdraw funds to their online wallets…” – well, you get the idea)))

And, by the way, other variations of this news approach – also work great)) Use your imagination!

Example of one news story: In Berlin, in broad daylight, near the exit of the subway (in the very heart of the capital) an armored car passing between bank branches was robbed.

The police arrived at the scene 7 minutes after the crime was committed, but the criminals had already managed to escape from the scene in an unknown direction. Law enforcement distributed an orientation around the city and 25 minutes later, near the scene of the crime, a man carrying a sports bag filled with money in the amount of 10,000 euros was detained.

The man did not resist during the arrest, but at the station he stated that he had nothing to do with what happened, and the money – he was just taking it to that very bank – these were his savings from his winnings in an online casino, over the last 4 months.

“And good thing I didn’t make it!” – the man lamented at the station….

I think it’s already clear how events developed in this story. You can come up with a lot of such incidents, as money gives a certain freedom even here – to come up with stories indirectly related to money, you can much more, the main thing is to think)

Blogs of successful players – something from the series of product pre-landers, but about a casino. A page where a person shares his real experience and success, talking about different methods of earning money on the Internet. Stories can be very different, but you should not forget about the main thing – nativeness. Everything should be designed as natively as possible and cause a minimum of contradictions. All target settings that you set in the text and in the design of the page should not be obtrusive. Everything should happen in the background, as if in passing, read between the lines, I don’t know how else to explain it better.

What else works and will always work?

Hypotheses work, giving players the opportunity to believe that luck will smile on them today. At the same time, the player must be in control of the situation – for example, he must understand that he is playing according to a strategy, scheme, using various techniques for playing in a casino, changing games, etc.

The best casino player is the one who thinks everything is under his control.

What else is desirable to do?

It is desirable to collect contacts of the audience and retargeting groups, so that in the future you can contact active users again. This can significantly affect the quality of your traffic. For example, you periodically do a mailing to your base with advertisers’ promotions, thereby stimulating old traffic to make repeat deposits.

Conversion from retargeting campaigns is also quite high and can reach 30% from clicks to deposits. Such campaigns bring less traffic, but they are much easier to launch, as you are already familiar with the audience and know how to convert it.

Statistical Indicators (CR, EPC, Timing)

The average conversion rate for casinos, looking overall across all sources, is 1 to 10 from registration to deposit. Conversion from clicks to registration depends on many factors: creatives – landings, pre-landings, teasers, advertising format, traffic type… So without testing, it’s hard to say something specific…

However, something can be said with certainty. The strongest offers in terms of conversion from click to registration in the European market are IceCasino, Verde, Bizzo, Dolly. 

For these offers, a lot of registrations come in, the conversion from click to registration from Facebook is within 1 to 10, and that’s not even the best option, overall you can achieve a conversion of 1 to 2-3, for example for IceCasino or Verde offers. And from context for targeted keywords, 1 to 2-4 is a pretty normal average result))

Other offers also work not bad, you will see this with your own eyes.

The majority of webmasters are currently working with FB and Instagram.

Regarding time statistics, everything remains unchanged:

Conversion varies greatly depending on the time of year.

In the autumn-winter period, the most active days are Friday and weekends.

In the spring-summer period, on the contrary, activity is lower on weekends, and evenly distributed on weekdays (with a peak on Friday).

Spring-Summer Period:

Friday from 16 to 22 GMT+2 is the most favorable time for conversion. Starting from Saturday to Sunday activity is weak (many are resting, active events, trips, etc.). From Monday to Friday, there is a gradual increase and peak on Friday.

Autumn-Winter Period:

Similarly, activity in the evening, but the peak falls on Friday and weekends, activity is lower on weekdays, especially on Monday.


Conversion from registrations to deposits, as well as the number of high rollers, and accordingly the quality of your traffic, depend heavily on the country. All the figures I mentioned above, as well as the average conversion rate of 1 to 4, are more applicable to DE GEO.

In Europe, conversion from registrations to deposits can vary.

Looking at all countries in detail, the following picture emerges: Slovakia- 1 to 3, Italy – 1 to 6, Greece – 1 to 2, Spain – 1 to 5, Germany – 1 to 4-6.

Where is it better to funnel traffic to Gambling?

Of course, when we work on gambling we most want to find a balance between the cost of traffic for us and the quality of traffic for the advertiser. As mentioned above, high rollers – gambling players who often make large deposits in the casino, can significantly affect the overall picture of your traffic, as well as your rate. So where to look for them and where are they most?

Of course, it’s SEO traffic by money keywords, contextual traffic from PPC, and organic traffic from iOS mobile applications.

Usually, there is 1 high roller for every 300-700 FTDs – this depends very much on the source of traffic. With SEO and contextual, organic sources this figure will be closer to 300, but with click-under traffic, for example, it will rise towards 700.

Currently, most people are pouring traffic from Facebook and Instagram – these sources also show excellent results in terms of conversion and quality.

Any sources where you can find an audience, based on the target audience portrait described above, are suitable for gambling.


Most often casinos pour from FB + applications.

FB and context – here you will need to bother with cloaking, but it’s worth it.

Organic applications in AppStore and GooglePlay – there is very little of such traffic and it is highly valued

SEO traffic from thematic resources – there is also little of it, and it is also highly valued.

Traffic Quality. What affects it?

Again, a reminder…)

(!) Everyone who works with gambling offers should understand that the quality of the traffic you pour is very important for advertisers. They are extremely meticulous in checking and evaluating traffic.

So, what affects quality?

Traffic type + offer

As I explained above, not all advertisers can process mobile traffic. Because of this, on some offers it may seem that the quality of your traffic is very poor. This is of course more a problem of the advertiser than of the webmaster, but usually, the latter gets the full brunt when complaints start coming in about the quality of the poured traffic.

  1. The advertiser’s sales funnel – this is exactly what was written above + emails stimulating traffic to make repeat deposits and affecting the passage of KPIs.
  2. The age of the target audience
  3. Interests of the target audience
  4. GEO

What you definitely should not do

  1. Do not bring minors
  2. Do not deceive – you will be exposed anyway.
  3. Do not scale to other sources (or do so from other accounts, so you are not completely disconnected if the advertiser is not satisfied with the traffic from the new source)

Well, I guess that’s all… About gambling)) More or less I listed the main points and pitfalls that await you when working with these offers and as a bonus, I attach a “gambler’s dictionary”)

KPIs of most Gambling offers. Forbidden types of traffic

There was an article about this, almost a cry from the soul. There I described what EXACTLY NOT TO DO when working with this vertical.

What advertisers do, how they analyze our traffic:

  • All traffic, registrations, and deposits are analyzed (even where payment is only for deposits);
  • For registrations, they look (on the first day and on the 3-5th day):
  • CR from click to registration, from registration to FD, from FD to RD;
  • Activity, frequency of returns;
  • Behavior on the site;
  • The prevailing type of action;
  • Uniformity of some elements of conversion;
  • % of email confirmations;
  • % of spam mailings opened;
  • Number of first deposits;
  • Number of retention deposits;
  • Amounts of FD and RD;
  • (after 3-5 days and then again, after 14 and 30 days)
  • percentage of player returns;
  • % of returns of players from spam mailings;
  • Number of first deposits and retention deposits from old registrations;
  • Amounts of FD and RD;
  • (after 14 and 30 days)
  • Forecast of traffic payback time (when the advertiser’s campaign reaches +ROI%);
  • As traffic sources, it is forbidden to use: Task websites (PTC), motivated sources, any kind of manipulations – well, I think you would have guessed it yourself)

The offers I talked about in the article and the best conditions for them, you can find at 🙂

Summing up

Today, having looked in more detail at the approaches and methods of creating creatives, and determining how the offers show themselves by geo, you can start trying to conduct tests on the first traffic spills on the offers. As I said above, all the offers that are in this article you can find at the guys from Gambling.Pro they will help you choose the most suitable one for your source. You already know how the advertiser will evaluate your traffic and what to pay attention to during tests, so go ahead to success!

I hope this material will help you start working with gambling!



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