Arbitration team: together we are strong!


It’s no secret that our CPA network,, boasts its own media buying team. These are excellent, professional arbitrators who work with offers, test different approaches and geos, farm accounts, and upload applications to stores, just like you do.

Our team has been operating for more than a year now, and their work is incredibly coordinated. Imagine for a second if there was no team and each of us worked solo – could we achieve the results we have now? Definitely not. That’s why today we’ve decided to dedicate our article to the undeniable benefits of teamwork and to discuss them in detail. Perhaps this article will change your views on work and maybe even improve your life.

Firstly, we all understand that arbitration in any niche is not a story of easy money in 5 minutes. We always tell this to anyone who wants to start. “Explain to me in 30 minutes what to do here” – this is not about arbitration. It’s an absolute fact! Whether you’re just starting, have been working for quite some time, or are a real TOP, you understand that arbitration sometimes literally means sleepless nights. Here you have SMM, content creation, basics of programming, and mastery of a myriad of services, functions, and applications we use daily. Creating creatives is a separate article in itself.

Of course, it’s very, very cool if you can do everything at once, not delegating your work to anyone. That’s really great. But now imagine a situation where you’re a top in setting up advertising campaigns, farming accounts, and something else, but you’re not so great with creatives, or vice versa. This is where the first undeniable plus comes in.

Working in a team is an excellent opportunity to distribute your efforts. If you are in a company of people, each a professional in their field, or if you have assembled such a team – that’s the pinnacle of luck! Someone will be stamping ad accounts in batches, someone else will manage Instagram pages, negotiate advertisements, handle everything related to social networks, and a third person will edit videos, photos, and create the best visual content.

This brings us to the second point. Distribution of efforts is the best way to save time. Working together with several professionals, you don’t waste time on the entire spectrum of work. Essentially, you streamline a particular task you’re working on. This way, your speed increases, and you can scale your work volumes in geometric progression.

  1. The quality of task execution improves. Think about it, everyone does what they do best. There’s not much more to say here.
  2. The opportunity for consultation and sharing thoughts. Working with someone always provides the chance to generate fresh ideas. Today, you come up with something new, tomorrow your inspiration might take a nap, but you don’t have to worry that the work will stall, because there are several like-minded people nearby who will also come up with cool ideas. Brainstorming sessions are also great – it’s an opportunity not just to come up with an approach but to spin it together to great heights.
  3. Common goals and desires. Of course, this refers to successful team examples. Nothing motivates work like a clearly set goal that must be pursued no matter what. If you are surrounded by equally motivated people, you will definitely reach your goal, and most likely, faster than working alone.

Of course, there are downsides. The main one is that assembling such an ideal team is difficult. The people you have to work with must fully match your ambitions, goals, desires, and work ethic. And perhaps, before you find your people, you’ll have to sweat a bit.

Trust is a very important aspect of teamwork. Trust is not just confidence that your partner won’t steal your bundle, it’s trust in life. If you doubt the adequacy of your colleague’s actions, nothing good will come of it. Suspicion will first arise, followed by criticism of work quality, and so on.

At the head of the team, there always has to be a leader, the ‘neck for the head’, turning everyone in the right direction. Without this, it’s not feasible. If there’s no leader, and you all decided to be equals, at some point, someone will decide to rest, and others will follow suit. A leader is not someone who steps on others and yells at everyone. First and foremost, it’s a person who can find the right motivational words and gather everyone when they decide to scatter, and also skillfully build a work algorithm where the key criterion is productivity. At some point, when it becomes clear that true like-minded people are working shoulder to shoulder, control over each of them will relax, and the atmosphere in the team will become extremely pleasant.

Work in a team should be strictly regulated. The fact that you don’t have a direct boss, that you gathered together on a voluntary basis – this does not exempt you from the fact that your workday should start at a specific agreed time and end likewise, so no one thinks that this kind of freelance can free them from anything. Otherwise, you’ll never earn anything and just let each other down.

And one more thing to mention is financial risks. You yourselves agree on who and to what extent invests in the project, but in case of losses, you also need to discuss such an outcome in advance.

If you consider all possible downsides and skillfully navigate around them, the result won’t take long. You shouldn’t be afraid of not working out, you need to try. Don’t be afraid to leave the team if you understand it’s not for you – because that will bring even more problems. Know that the team is a second family, with its joys and sorrows, jokes, and problems. A team is people who won’t abandon you to fate if your ad account gets banned, they will support, laugh, help. In short, a team is your friends, with whom you look in the same direction and go towards a common goal.

Building a team is a crucial aspect, and we’ve managed to excel in this task. It’s precisely because of this that we’ve established mechanisms for internal collaboration, enabling us to deliver results. Having achieved this, we can ensure our webmasters receive only high-quality offers, professional support, comfortable conditions, and various perks. Reach out to our managers and enjoy the benefits of collaboration!


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