Ways to achieve 210% ROI with TikTok on Instagram. Case from a partner Gambling.pro.


Hello, friends! I decided to participate in the competition and write my own case. It seems to me that it is different from other cases. 

Note from Gambling.pro: the author is referring to a competition with merch. The case gives the opportunity to participate in the drawing https://t.me/Gemblingpro/1403 

I’ll tell you right away what we did. But first, the statistics:

  • 39,303 clicks; 
  • 2,740 people went to Instagram; 
  • 760 subscribers;

In the affiliate program:

  • 48 registrations;
  • Earned – 29 deposits/ $1015;
  • 1 subscriber cost 43 cents;
  • 1 dialogue: was 50 cents / became 49 cents;
  • 1 lead cost $ 11.3 = $327.7 expense;
  • We received $35 for a lead;

ROI: 210%

We used the old advertising approach, but added a “happy mom who makes money online” to it. Now she and her whole family live carefree! 


Step 1:

Create such a page – https://www.instagram.com/urusova_.mari  or https://www.instagram.com/alxndr.tolpinskaya. You can use a photo of any other travel blogger or mom blogger. 

The main thing is to have a lot of subscribers (3000-10000). You can buy a ready-made account with subscribers (for example, here https://accsmarket.com/ru/catalog/instagram). You need to wind up 80-150 likes and 10-20 comments on the photo through special services.

It is advisable to create a page for 5-7 days, upload photos on different days. You need to make a copy of a page of a real person so that people who visit it have no doubts that this page is a real person.

Step 2

When the page is ready, you need to keep it active. You need to publish 1 photo per day and 10-15 stories. You need to alternate lifestyle and reviews.

Step 3

Create a landing page to which we will send traffic. This can be done in the service https://taplink.cc/, or in any other website builder. The page should look something like this https://taplink.cc/maria_urusova

Step 4

The landing page has a button “Write to me on Instagram”. Insert a link to the created instagram using the dlr.tools deep link service. If this is not done, people will open Instagram directly in the tick tock browser with the web version. If everything is done according to the instructions, the Instagram application will open. Tiktok doesn’t like links to Instagram, so you need to cloach.

The way is better to change and refine. For example, our Instagram profile was banned due to a large number of direct messages. We started sending traffic to telegrams with a landing page, and left Instagram with the second button on the landing page to view reviews, increase trust.

You can generate traffic from tiktok or Facebook ads. It is best to insert a pixel and optimize per action (the “write to instagram” button).

Advertisements target different audiences. You can target moms 25+, you can target female travelers. You can change the approach and target men.

Next, when users start to write to you, they need to be promoted down the sales funnel. We will not show our funnel, there is nothing complicated in it. 

In short: registration, ask for a% of the winnings, then send the method. Examples: 

 New report!

Slot name: “Book of Ra Deluxe”.

The amount available for withdrawal: 6 773 964 ruble.


Before starting the game in this way, go to any game and spend 1-2 rubles. This way you will break the algorithm and be able to win!

Algorithm of actions for getting a successful combination:

Winnings per user: 58990 rubles.

  1. We top up the balance by 3005 rubles.
  2. Find the game  “Book of Ra Deluxe”
  3. Further:

Lines 3 – Bet 200 – Total Bet 600 – 2 times

Lines 7 – Bet 10 – Total Bet 70 – 2 times

Lines 5 – Bet 20 – Total Bet 100 – 7 times

Lines 9 – Bet 20 – Total Bet 180 – 2 times

The algorithm will run for about a day. 

Important warning:

Do not withdraw more than 85,000 rubles a day! 

Examples of advertisements (we used both videos and pictures):


We go to Tiktok, looking for a video with dancing girls, maybe with a child. Next, download this video without a watermark, for example, through the service https://qload.info/ru/ 

Next, open Instagram, Story Editor, publish this video, add text and save it to your phone. Profit 🙂

Here’s a case. Next, we switched to more profitable ways, because a lot of such ads began to appear.


Comment from Gambling.pro:

Guys, the case is really interesting. We have bots, you can test this format on them. We have not done it yet, because we are not in time. We can give you the infrastructure to test this approach! Let me remind you that our chat bots are fully automated and have functionality that we provide ourselves:

✅ Optimization for registration and deposit!

✅ Auto-mailing letters to users!

✅ Auto-Mailings on time and availability of registration and first deposit!

✅ Ability to integrate your funnels for your traffic!

✅ Individual work with each user!

Write to the manager “I want to test the chatbot” and agree on the deal!

If you have your wishes for bots, write, send your request. We will create a bot especially for you!


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