Step-by-step guide on how to start in traffic arbitrage + how thousands of first-time deposits are poured in Russia. Cases of $1 million in 2 months


Step-by-step guide on how to start in traffic arbitrage + how thousands of first-time deposits are poured in Russia. Cases of $1 million in 2 months

How to choose an offer?

– Short registration form (3 fields)

If there’s no short form, look for landing pages where users are sequentially asked to enter their data.

It’s significantly better when there’s registration via social networks.

– A mobile-friendly version where you can play games on your phone

– Bonuses! 200% on the balance, or an immediate no-deposit bonus to start playing

– Personally, visit under the needed GEO and try to go through all the points up to the balance top-up (often something stops working, and without feedback from the side, it’s not promptly fixed).

– Be sure to look for a casino that is translated into the most common language of the GEO you plan to target.

Traffic sources in the exchange that convert:

1) Mass following/mass liking in social networks like Instagram, Facebook, as well as searching for less popular social networks (niche), social network for gays, lesbians, and other minorities.

Use Google search for targeted queries, (be ready to search in the top 5000-10000 by country), SimilarWeb, social networks. – SimilarWeb link shows the ranking of social network sites

Create pages either of the casino itself or of a girl who won the jackpot.

We have found a good platform for ourselves, which has been giving us an income of $5000 per day due to mass following and mass liking by the male audience from our girls’ pages, telling about insane wins in some casino. With this combination, we earned over $150,000 in a month. The picture looks something like this:

Conversion from traffic to registration 1:30, from registration to deposit 1:10, payment $180 

2) PUSH networks Propeller Ads /Megapush

Features: regularly need to change bundles / pre-lands /creatives, they live for a week.

Targeting on fresh pushes. I recommend offers with payment for registration.

We mainly poured traffic through success stories, or on a spin wheel from the screen below, where a person supposedly wins a jackpot (more precisely, gets a chance to win a jackpot if they proceed further by the link)

Examples of creatives

Earned in total from the push format was approximately: $25,000

The difference in advertising approaches in other countries from Russia is that here everything is built on the possibility of earning, and people come to the casino to win millions by spending only 1000 rubles, while in top countries people come to the casino for entertainment, and approaches that generate excitement in a person work well.

We recommend starting with offers where payment is made for registration, so you will have the opportunity to test approaches with less expenditure.

3) Traffic source Bloggers on YouTube / Insta + streamers

First thing we need to start is choosing bloggers for placements on the international market:

Also, subscribe to bloggers according to the needed GEO, and Instagram recommends similar ones.

(mandatory from a new-clean account)

Example of a blogger’s page

Scheme: we pour on an Instagram page, styled after schemes on how to beat the casino with stories bought from bloggers, who say they won by these schemes.

We have already bought 437 placements in stories and the total cost of traffic purchase so far has amounted to $70,251.49

The average cost of 1 story – $160

It’s hard to say how many views we got from these placements, but we can see how many clicks we got on our links and how they converted.

In total, we bought 151,568 clicks across all GEOs

Out of them, approximately 29% were from other GEOs, besides South Africa and Singapore

Eventually, in 34 days, we got the following statistics.

Total income $378,580

4) Context.

GEO recommended to start with: Poland

Approach: through a success story, how a person won a jackpot, or through a created casino ranking, or directly to the casino landing page.

This traffic source is suitable for experienced arbitrators, but to make life easier, the affiliate program helps to compile a semantic core for the needed GEO. Contact your personal manager, and they will help you.

Examples of landing-prelanding pages used for pouring into gambling can be successfully viewed through (mobile). For those who cannot afford such a purchase yet – You can always turn to your manager at, and they will gladly give you creatives, landings, pre-landings for the needed GEO, having parsed them from spy services (because they are all paid for them and they are happy to help their affiliates).

Audience portrait for work:

– Men, 

35+ years old.

– “Not focused on earning but more on entertainment, everything that generates excitement (how others win) goes well”

The approach associated with earning: invest $1 raise $1000 does not work here.

Main sources of volume in RU gambling:

1) Webview applications with the mobile version of the casino.

P.S. In combination with Facebook, more than 3000 deposits per day are made by webmasters on this scheme! (it’s one of the most current and profitable at the moment, so if you know how to pour from FB and have not yet poured on gambling applications – you should try it!

The pouring scheme is built on uploading an app to Google Play or App Store, which after installation on the phone, when launched, will open the mobile version of the casino site in the built-in browser.

People register = make deposits = you earn.

With this scheme, you can work absolutely on any GEO and get good results.

And also, don’t forget that the scheme can be adapted for betting and other nice things)

2) Pouring from Facebook to the app with optimization for install.

Buy traffic in advertising networks for a mobile application (e.g., FB or other sources).

To most effectively pour traffic, you need to integrate the Facebook SDK into the application (to pour onto the application with optimization for install) and the Appsflyer SDK (so that you can integrate with networks like Google and also pour with optimization for install)

Pouring from Facebook to the app in the store

Main problems:


  • Farming accounts in Google Play / App Store
  • Create an application and to have it not removed by the store’s moderation
  • Cloaking Google Play moderators so they don’t see the webview
  • Farming FB accounts


These are very big topics for a case, each item can be described in tens of thousands of characters of text, while following all the detailed instructions does not guarantee success, so we decided not to describe all this in this case, but to bring this information out in several separate articles, which we will publish on our blog!

Stay tuned not to miss!

Quick problem-solving:

Our team regularly batches upload mobile applications with Webview to stores and is ready to share them on your advertising account on Facebook.

We have been pouring from this source (pouring onto Google Play applications from FB target/Insta target) for quite some time, and our income per month on average is about $230,000

Schemes on how to beat the Casino (Telegram)

P.S. This approach is not very relevant for arbitrage anymore, as the topic has significantly moved from the main sources such as Instagram/Telegram, but if you are the owner of a platform with traffic (chat, group, page) it is still one of the best ways to monetize them, and you should definitely test this approach.

The channel name should work as the headline of a teaser, that is, immediately create the right setting for the user:

“Earning in Telegram”

“Schemes of earning online”

“or other similar in meaning names”

The channel description serves as the text of the teaser. Not everyone will read it, some will subscribe to the channel right away, but for those who want to find out more about what this channel is before subscribing, the description should contain concise information about the theme, motivate the user to go further and subscribe, and also a contact link for communication with you, to send feedback (inspires more trust).

Make the channel available only after subscription (by invitation)

From the very first post on the channel, you can immediately post the scheme and after some time post 3-4 reviews from users who managed to win by these schemes.

You can also post a small story from the channel creator as the first post, about his past, skills, where he gets these schemes, and why he so willingly shares them.

In principle, this is not mandatory, as in 3-4 days of the channel’s existence, this post will go far up, and new users will most likely not scroll through your channel to its very beginning, as they will be interested in new relevant schemes, which will already be at the end.

The key to success: regular posting and only on one casino, then the quality of traffic satisfies the advertiser, and you consistently receive payments.

If you still have questions on how to better organize work on schemes on how to beat the casino, read detailed cases in our blog!

To sum up, today we’ve covered the basics of successful traffic arbitrage in gambling, learned how to choose offers, attract an audience, and maximize profit. These methods and practical examples are your ticket to the world of high earnings in the gambling industry. Remember, success in arbitrage requires not only knowledge but also constant updating of information, testing new strategies, and adapting to changing market conditions. Subscribe to the GamblingPro blog to not miss the latest news and updates. With us, you will always be one step ahead in the world of traffic arbitrage. Let’s grow and earn together!



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