Let’s Learn to Run Campaigns with Tik-Tok Self-Reg Accounts!


Hello everyone 😉 This is GamblingPro speaking.

We’ve been receiving questions on a similar theme for a while now:

“How to run campaigns with Tik-Tok self-reg accounts?”

It’s impossible to answer this question in just a few words, so I decided to divide the article into several parts:

  1. General Information
  2. Launching with self-reg accounts. What ROI did we get?

Let’s start with information on accounts.


Buy accounts for the geo you need. If you want to target Russia, then take a Russian self-reg (but there will be a 20% VAT). The same goes for other CIS geos.

If you need geo from other countries, then you need a European self-reg. Self-regs are divided into two types by payment method:

  1. Postpay
  2. Prepay

In stores, they are sold with the corresponding notation.

Prepay is when you first deposit money into the account, and the downside of this story is that if the account gets banned, you can’t retrieve the balance.

Postpay is when a card is linked to the account and, just like in Facebook, billing happens based on actual spending. It’s best to work with these accounts. The biggest difficulty is linking a card, as it might just not attach. The pattern isn’t fully understood yet. Here you need to dance with a tambourine, trying different accounts and cards to find a variant that will attach.


Everything is similar to FB here. IPv4 proxies work well. The most important thing is not to take public proxies. To summarize, we use private IPv4 proxies, in one hand, type HTTPs.


This part is easy. Take any antidetect browser you prefer: Octo, Dolphin, Indigo. Personally, I conducted tests through the Octo browser. By the way, you can use a free tariff at the start. You will have access to 10 profiles, which is more than enough for initial tests.

**Are there any results with self-reg accounts yet?**

I probably wouldn’t promote the whole story with self-regs so much if they didn’t bring good results. During the testing phase, one self-reg was able to achieve 20 deposits with an ROI of 200%+. Yes, you heard it right! You can get 20 deposits from one self-reg!)

**Details of this campaign:**

– Valor BR

– Payable target: minimum deposit

– Rate: $30

– Inst2reg = 2.5to1

– Reg2dep = 6.5to1

– Total = 16.5 installs per deposit

– The cost of install in Tik-Tok came out to $0.6

– 328 installs * $0.6 = $197

What do we get?

We spent $197 on advertising. At the end of the campaign, we managed to get 20 deposits with a total payout of $600! Easy 200% ROI in the morning 😉


To test the bundle, we took a basic offer, and besides, creative materials for Brazil had been gathering dust for a while) But nothing stops you from launching Italy or Germany with European self-regs)

There’s not much information yet, but importantly, you can run campaigns with self-regs! You just need to find the right approach.

I tried to reflect as much information as possible for you about self-regs and launches so you could start running your campaigns 🙂

Our team is actively sorting through accounts, linking cards, and scaling worked-out bundles)

So don’t miss your chance and test this method of running campaigns! It’s hard to say how long it will last, so get started as soon as possible!

This brings the article to an end) This has been GamblingPro. Wishing you all successful campaigns and high ROIs! Until next time😉



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