Fears That Hinder Starting Work with Other GEOs.


Hello everyone!)) This is GamblingPro, finally found time for some new quality content)) 

Everyone has their reasons:

  • You’re tired of working with old brands and want new offers;
  • You are attracted by high payouts for conversions with other offers (150-200$ per deposit);
  • You are interested in working with sources that are prohibited with your usual offers;
  • You are intrigued by the possibility of buying traffic from cheaper GEOs;

All this attracts you, you think about it fleetingly… But you are in no hurry to start working with them. Hence, this article.

So, let’s break down the main fears you have when starting work and immediately come up with several ways to combat these fears.
  1. Lack of knowledge of sources for buying traffic – almost nothing changes here, Facebook and Instagram, as well as Google remain at the top in terms of volume. You can also pay attention to Telegram, which is teeming with channels, in some cases, push networks can be applied, Adsterra comes to mind right away and a few others, but I do not recommend them, YouTube, mobile app stores (AppStore, GooglePlay). These are not all the sources where you can buy quality ‘traffic, but I mentioned them specifically because they are familiar and customary to you. The only thing that will change for you in one source or another, when starting work with new GEO, is the targeting settings for GEO

P.S. The rules of work and the policy of sources will not change with the change of GEO, you will have to go through moderation as usual, cloak somewhere (except for those countries where the promoted products are licensed).

P.P.S. You don’t need to grab all these sources at once. I recommend starting with Facebook in conjunction with mobile apps, as this is maximally simple for starting even in an unknown GEO. In fact, you will not need to pass moderation in FB, and you can not worry too much about the uniqueness of creatives. If you use apps from Gambling.pro, we will also solve the issues of cloaking in the app, adding the app to the store, setting up push notifications, and auto-login for the traffic for you.

2. Lack of knowledge of the country’s language – this can hardly be considered a reason at all. As I wrote above – at the start of work, you should not bother too much and test complex hypotheses and traffic sources that require a lot of preparatory work, such as translations of voluminous, deeply “meaningful,” selling texts for native prelanders, which we use in teaser networks. Above, I already recommended you to start with the combination of mobile applications and Facebook as a traffic source. My recommendation is based not only on the fact that it is technically quite simple to set up this combination, but also with the fact that the creatives needed to work on this combination need to be maximally simple.

Most often, when we pour from FB to gambling, we use video posts with short calls to action. The most common and effective ones are:
  • Installed, entered, won!
  • Hurry to hit the jackpot!
  • Come in and win!
  • That very app that gives!
  • Real winnings here
  • Big wins one after another!

Look carefully. There is not a single call longer than 7 words. A person’s attention span is 5±2 units, in the case of more complex and lengthy formulations, remember that the beginning of the sentence and the end are best remembered, the middle is always dropped by the consciousness.

All the calls are simple: they are formulated as simply as possible and consist of very simple words. Even a child with a dictionary can handle the translation of such phrases. Not to mention the all-powerful Google Translate.

P.S. A little life hack, even if you don’t know the language at all and translate, for example, into French, formulate phrases in your native language as briefly, concisely, and from simple words as possible. When I translate anything in Google Translate, I first type the phrase in Russian, then I copy what was translated and translate it back (from a foreign language to Russian). If there are critical errors in the text – in most cases, with the help of such a simple manipulation, you will quickly find them. It will also be easy to identify the erroneous word. We take this word in Russian, translate it separately into the target language, insert it in place of the error, translate it again from a foreign language to Russian, just to be sure, and voila. Most likely everything will be fine. Almost top translation is ready!)

P.P.S. After translating a couple of dozen simple tests with repeating words, you will be able to calmly combine them without a translator and use it only when you need to add new words. And at the same time, you will improve your knowledge of foreign languages, isn’t that great?)))

3. Uncertainty that your hypotheses will work – this fear arises banally due to stereotypes (everything is different there), prejudices (people in Europe relate to everything differently), lack of knowledge of the country’s mentality. Actually, because of all this, you do not understand the approaches to the target audience.

You can replenish your knowledge about the intricacies of life and the soul organization of the inhabitants of this or that country using publicly available data on the Internet, such as travel blogs and our wonderful articles from the series “Around the World with Gambling.pro”, in which we talk about the life of residents of different countries and their attitude to gambling.

All these articles (and many other useful things) you can find in our blog – gambling.pro

But I dare to assure you, the representatives of the target audience of gambling and betting offers in other countries have the same psychological properties as our compatriots, they are impulsive, gambling, and greedy for emotions, and the same triggers work on them as for the same Russian players:

  • win, win here
  • victory
  • hit the jackpot
  • jackpot
  • new games for real money
  • big money
  • real money
  • reliable club
  • trusted club
  • verified club
  • generous club, generous payout, generous machines
  • fulfill dreams
  • emotions from victory, adrenaline in the blood
  • envy of friends
  • luck, test your luck, catch luck by the tail
  • bonuses, free spins, freespins, prizes
  • I won, so you can too (if the creative is from the character’s point of view)
  • This is a relatively small part of those trigger words and phrases that attract our target audience and heat these people to make a conversion.

By the way, there is another interesting point, the most active part of the target audience starts from 30+ years. Women convert no worse than men.

By the way, here, probably, one can also attribute the fear of arbitrators in front of minimum deposits of 10-30 euros/dollars, which are so common in offers. This fear, again, is caused by a simple lack of understanding that the standard of living in many countries is quite high

  1. Lack of knowledge of the offer market and lack of understanding of which offers convert in which countries – tests can help here, which is quite costly, or advice from experienced friends, such as the Gambling.pro team 🙂 we have already tested several dozen offers and found profitable combinations, which we are ready to share with our partners!

P.S. There is another effective method that can be used to determine whether a particular brand will convert well in a particular country. It is important to remember that different brands are popular in different countries, and therefore conversion is better where the brand is more recognizable. To determine this, you can google local casino ratings and look at the number of search queries for a particular brand on Google.

P.P.S. Countries in which practically any Gambling and Betting convert well (in order of convertibility):

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Bulgaria
  • Latvia
  • Philippines
  • Finland

Unknown what to expect from traffic – you do not know the average conversion rates from clicks to registrations, from registrations to deposits, it is difficult for you to predict the ROI of advertising campaigns, you do not have data on which you can rely on during tests… The unknown is alarming, we reluctantly embark on such adventures when we feel the risk of losing hard-earned money. But what if I say that tests in other counties are no different from tests in familiar GEOs? To not screw up, you need to follow simple rules when testing offers:

Don’t be afraid to lose the budget – at least, you are buying statistics, at most – you find a bundle that will bring you money in the future;

Don’t grab too many offers at once – you won’t be able to adequately test them all, or it will be very costly in terms of money;

Don’t load many creatives at once for a large number of approaches – 2-3 approaches and 2-3 creatives for each – that’s enough for the first test;

Don’t put all the landing pages and prelanders available for the offer in the split – choose 1-2 best options and go ahead (for example, prelanders with a wheel are still converting excellently)

Don’t test more than two sources at the same time – it’s better to first find a bundle in one source, with which you work well, and then adapt it to other sources;

Don’t use blacklists and retargeting from other topics – you can use related ones, but also carefully, especially with blacklists, because with new offers old platforms can work unpredictably, and often among them, there are several more target ones;

Never launch an advertising campaign without analytics – I think everything is clear on this point;

In conclusion, today we have figured out how to start working in new countries in the arbitration of gambling traffic. We’ve looked at the main fears and blocks that often prevent arbitrageurs from conquering new GEOs. BUT!

What if I tell you that for most of our offers, the Gambling.pro team already has conversion statistics that we can share with our partners?

Then it turns out that there’s really nothing to fear! Moreover, it’s essential to urgently dive in and test new offers before they’re swarmed by all the arbitrageurs, even the laziest ones, creating immense competition and burning out GEO after GEO with their silly, monotonous approaches.



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