Why doesn’t the offer convert? TOP 5 reasons


Hello friends, this is GamblingPro, and today we’re going to talk about a very relevant topic for those who are new to traffic arbitration.

So, the day has come when you woke up and decided, “I have $2000, and it’s time to invest it somewhere.” A friend who already works with traffic and earns successfully tells you his success story, how he has been making money in gambling for some time now. Why not you? So, you’re already flying home in a taxi and writing to the affiliate network manager, asking him to advise where to pour the traffic.

Let’s skip the part with the backstory a bit, we won’t talk long about how you buy all the consumables, antidetect browsers, proxies, accounts, and so on. All this is in our blog, and I’m unlikely to tell you something supernatural again. In this article, I’d like to talk about:

The common mistakes at the beginning of the arbitration path and why the offer does not convert as the manager showed?

In this topic, we’ll go through the points that should be considered when launching a particular product, based on the statistics shown by the manager:

  1. Creatives

One of the most important aspects when launching on FB.

It affects the install price the most, as well as the conversion.

Downloading 2-3 creatives from adheart that you liked and launching them is not correct!

The install price will be high, and the creative+app combo may no longer be relevant, resulting in a loss. I recommend using adheart only to understand the approach that works in a particular GEO. It’s better to create your own creatives or order them from designers.

The simplest approach to creating creatives, quickly and effectively: take a creative from another country, change the design, suppose for Italy, applying a flag, text. Often guys insert a message from the bank, overlay music, and get a unique creative, which gives a cheaper install, a new creative that has not yet been used in this GEO, meaning it’s more attractive.

  1. Target Audience and Placements

If the target audience is relatively simple, and advertisers often set clear targeting conditions themselves, for example, men 25+, then in the situation with placements there can be different variations, from automatic to manual selection of placements. In some GEOs, the feed may work well, in others Instagram may work, and some load autoplaсements and are quite satisfied with the conversion.

This point is worth testing.

  1. Application

Speaking of traffic that involves an application, it’s definitely worth paying attention to: ratings, reviews, push notifications in the application, design. Everything can affect the conversion.

  1. Optimization

Everyone has different approaches, of course, but the tests shown by the manager could have been launched with optimization for deposit, and you launched for install, and the conversion turned out to be completely different. I can definitely say that 70%+ of teams pour with optimization for deposit CPA offers, offers for registration can be safely launched for install.

  1. In addition, there are many, seemingly trivial, points that beginners do not always take into account, I will probably combine them into one point:

Interests, launch time, text, and one of the points that may occasionally come across your path – FB gave the wrong target audience.

It should be noted that testing is everything, and this is one of the most important points in our business, if you have merged with ROI -30% – it means there is something to work on, by refining the combination, you can get a plus!

To summarize, today we discussed the main reasons why offers may not yield the desired conversion. Let’s highlight the key points:

– Creatives should be of high quality and resonate with the target audience. You can draw inspiration from spy services but avoid copying them outright.

– It’s crucial to select the right target audience for your offer and choose an appropriate placement. To achieve the best results, testing and analyzing the outcomes are essential.

– Testing is the most critical phase, and even negative results can be valuable. Conduct thorough analysis, correct mistakes, and relaunch. This is how we discover a successful combination, which can then be scaled up.

Stay tuned to the Gambling.Pro blog and keep up with the latest developments and insights in the field of traffic arbitrage!



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