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Hey there, folks! Today, I want to talk about RevShare. More specifically, let’s dive into the topic of funneling SEO traffic into RevShare casinos and betting platforms.

You might wonder, why am I so keen on discussing this? Well, the SEO traffic from my casino-themed website, built on Tilda, is soon going to flow in unprecedented amounts, and RevShare is the most lucrative way to convert it. “Why?” you ask.

Here are a few reasons:

Reason 1: The Lifetime Value (LTV) of thematic SEO traffic is significantly higher than that of players coming from arbitrage. Why? Because SEO-driven players usually make a deliberate and informed choice to play at a particular club, whereas arbitrage-driven players tend to make impulsive decisions fueled by their arbitrage approach. As a result, SEO-driven players tend to play longer at their chosen casino, make numerous repeat deposits, and consequently lose more money. Repeat deposits are usually greater than the initial ones. While you don’t get paid for repeat deposits under the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model or the RevShare model (rofl), in the latter, you earn a percentage from the lost money. As I mentioned earlier, SEO traffic is initially more loyal to their choice and is interested in depositing and losing more money.

Reason 2: Deposits. People who come from SEO are more likely to deposit larger sums upfront since, as I mentioned before, it’s not an impulsive decision but a conscious choice. They know where they are putting their money. Therefore, after registration, they comfortably deposit anywhere from $50 to $500. Impulsive players, on the other hand, are more cautious and tend to deposit smaller amounts. About 80% of deposits from Facebook advertising are around $5, and up to 90% of them may not lead to repeat deposits. Traffic from arbitrage, when funneled into RevShare offers, especially with a misinformed approach (which I’ve been observing quite frequently lately in others, to my disappointment), will never pay off through RevShare or will only do so if you get lucky with 1-2 high-rollers. Nonetheless, this won’t compare to what SEO can offer, even if your site gets just 20 daily clicks.

Reason 3: High-rollers. These players can consistently spend huge amounts on gaming, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. Such players are not very common. In arbitrage, for instance, if you’re running Facebook ads, out of 1000 deposits, you might get 0-1 high-roller who will recoup the entire thousand in a few months. With SEO, such players appear much more frequently, about 1 in 300 deposits, meaning you can have 2-4 high-rollers for every 1000 deposits.

P.S. RevShare payouts in casinos can reach up to 55%. Just imagine how much money a 20-click casino-themed website, ranking in the top 3 search results for several targeted keywords, can bring in. SEO traffic is a relatively cost-effective traffic source that can potentially generate huge profits with relatively little maintenance. You create a website, initially investing money in development if you’re not a programmer, or you can use Tilda or another CMS with a user-friendly website builder. You invest in content, which will help your site climb search engine rankings. Before creating content, you invest time and money in keyword research, setting up meta tags, writing H1 headers, configuring analytics, and installing all the necessary tracking pixels and goals (typically Google Analytics and Facebook pixels since these networks are popular among arbitrage experts). You also need to set up contextual advertising campaigns to improve user engagement on your site, connect social traffic to enhance user engagement further, and continue posting unique articles. You can also write comments (or outsource “activity” for your site on freelancing platforms or social task marketplaces).

Once you’ve set up everything and attracted the first real traffic coming from search engine results for specific queries, even if it’s just a little, say 20-100 clicks, it can already bring you 5-80 registrations and, consequently, 2-50 deposits.

A pro tip for SEO enthusiasts

Wherever possible, start posting comments on your website, using specific semantics, which means using keywords you want to rank for. By doing this, you’ll not only improve user engagement but also boost your rankings for the most relevant keywords. Properly constructed comment chains can significantly increase traffic conversion. If all your comments are unique, somewhat informative (1-1.5 paragraphs), and genuinely helpful (not just a collection of words), search engine bots will notice that your website has an active and lively discussion on the topic, with many keywords used by the traffic. Consequently, the search engine is more likely to rank your site higher. So, if you post numerous unique comments and incorporate the right semantics, you’re on the right track! But if not, well, tough luck!

The conversion rate of SEO traffic, especially when using branded queries or well-crafted sales texts on your page, can be around 60% from site visit to user registration, and can hold steady at 50-80% from registrations to deposits. The latter depends on the product; if it’s appealing and the user likes it, the conversion from registration to deposit will be high. However, even with branded traffic and persuasive text, if users can’t figure out how to make a deposit, the conversion to deposit will be mediocre.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, besides everything else, when creating your website and choosing an offer, there’s something incredibly crucial – having a mobile version (for both your website and the casino platform). This is vital because, firstly, we live in the 21st century, the era of mobile traffic, with 85% of global internet users accessing the web via their mobile devices (phones, tablets). Search engines check the mobile version of your site, and if it’s subpar, your site might get filtered and never make it to the top. Secondly, mobile traffic is significantly cheaper than desktop, while still showing better conversion rates. Thirdly, for working with SEO traffic, I’ve come up with a cool feature that allows me to further increase the conversion of registrations into deposits and deposit conversions into repeat deposits. This should significantly boost my profits. At least we’ve already tested it on several of my acquaintances who are into SEO, and the results have been quite pleasing – about a 20-35% increase in RevShare earnings. If you’re an SEO enthusiast and you’re curious about what I’ve come up with, shoot me a message. I’ll reply, not right away, but I will! So, in short, you can’t go without a mobile version.

In the end, it turns out, no matter how you look at it, if you’re building your site and want to attract SEO traffic for casino or betting queries, working with RevShare offers is the most profitable way to go.

The online gambling market is rapidly growing, with the combined revenue of all global online casinos increasing steadily. Betting revenue is also on the rise at a staggering pace. The trend indicates that in the next four years, people will be losing and betting roughly 50% more money online (from which we can earn our RevShare). Most likely, this will be due to new players transitioning from offline to online gambling.

So, why am I saying all this? We need to hop on this train ASAP! 😀 And let the #SEOchallenge be with us! 😉



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