Schemes Here and Now: What’s Working Today and What to Watch in the Near Future?


Hello, everyone! It’s GamblingPro here! Today, I want to talk in detail about the GEOs that are currently working and where you should be looking this year!

Due to the frequent question I’ve been getting lately – “Where are the schemes flowing now? Which GEOs are relevant? And from which channels is traffic leaking?” – I’ve decided to compile all this information into one article that will remain relevant throughout this year. The GEOs I’ll discuss today are expected to continue working for a long time.

Let’s start with the GEO that is worth mentioning right now – India. It’s a GEO with a very large audience, but not everyone there is financially capable. So, it’s essential to focus on specific targeting. First and foremost, target people who are proficient in English, and secondly, target specific cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata – the wealthiest areas in India. Players in India often hesitate to make deposits, fear losing money, and have doubts, but it’s possible to convert them with the right audience warming techniques. Telegram channels are the primary source for leaks here.

Now, let’s talk about the classic options, the CIS countries that are currently working – Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. Russia is a bit behind due to payment issues, but some products have found solutions to this problem and are accepting traffic.

Ukraine stands out among the CIS countries right now. It’s receiving traffic from all sources, and the schemes are active. There are advertisers who happily accept traffic, even on fresh products. The market is not saturated, and you can achieve good ROI here. I won’t dwell on Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan, as products are available, and they perform well. Just reach out to our managers on Telegram, and they’ll provide detailed information about these GEOs.

Now, let’s discuss Russia. In December 2020, the casino payment systems in Russia were effectively shut down, causing traffic flow to nearly halt. However, new payment methods have emerged, workarounds have been found, and speaking of schemes, it’s definitely worth working with Russia now. You can influence the players, guide them, and they are eager and motivated to win. Sending them to payment systems that are currently operational can be done with a simple script sent to your support team in 2 minutes. All you need to do is explore the product and understand how it works and how the issue has been resolved.

Products that currently accept schemes are available, payment systems are functional, and traffic is flowing steadily. A significant advantage of working with Russia now is the reduced competition. The market has shrunk due to recent events, and many advertisers are targeting other countries. However, more and more people are interested in becoming rich through your schemes.

Now, let’s take a look into the future. This is a personal perspective, but it’s what I see and what’s worth considering.

This part of the article will focus on GEOs that are not commonly discussed, especially in the context of schemes. I’m talking about poorer countries in Latin America, Africa, and some Asian countries that haven’t been explored much in the world of scheme traffic.

Periodically, I come across various case studies on scheme traffic, monitor new products in affiliate programs, engage in discussions with peers in various chat groups and Clubhouse rooms, and the conversation usually revolves around well-established GEOs – CIS, Europe, India. This leads me to believe that either no one is running schemes in other GEOs, or it’s just not being talked about.

Let’s take Brazil, for example, not the wealthiest country and not often discussed in the context of schemes. As a test, we launched traffic to a well-known scheme product, setting the minimum deposit at $75, which is quite substantial even for Europe. However, in Brazil, the results were promising, with people making deposits, even though it was just a test.

Based on the initial results in Brazil, I can speculate that the entire Latin American region, under certain conditions, can generate the desired deposits and provide positive statistics.

Next, we move to Africa, specifically South Africa (RSA). In Africa, I rarely encounter schemes or, at best, see RevShare schemes. There’s a stereotype that Africa is entirely poor, with no money to spend. However, not long ago, Moons launched their product in South Africa with an accumulative deposit of $20. Where did these funds come from in a supposedly impoverished region? Nevertheless, people from different sources decided to test this interesting GEO, and the conversion pleasantly surprised, even using Facebook and push traffic, which rarely works well in the gambling industry.

So, do money exist in Africa too

Regarding Asia, I haven’t conducted tests yet, but I believe it’s a highly promising direction that should work as effectively as India.

In conclusion, I want to say that you shouldn’t consider certain GEOs as poor, assume that people in certain regions don’t like casinos, or hesitate to test new GEOs and expand your reach. People everywhere enjoy entertainment, and most are willing to spend money on it. All we need to do is show them where to spend it and profit from it.



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