TikTok Today. Is the Source Alive in 2024?


Hello everyone, GamblingPro is back with you. But today, let’s consider a slightly different, equally interesting source – TikTok.

It’s probably worth starting with the fact that I encountered TT in the summer of 2020 when the advertising accounts of this source received a credit limit – 20,000 rubles for launching ads. I can say for sure that every second arbitrator, who reads publics/forums about arbitration at least once a week, was aware of this because the news spread very quickly, and everyone wanted to spin traffic on TT for free)

A little bit of TikTok statistics from 2020:

  1. Since the launch, TikTok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times.
  2. The service became the most expensive startup according to Bloomberg (valued at $75 billion).
  3. In Russia, about 20 million users use TikTok.
  4. The most common audience age: 18-34 years.

60% of the audience are women, 40% are men.

  1. On average, the app is opened 7 times a day.
  2. The average usage time is 45 minutes a day (which is almost a day per month).

So, imagine: it’s 2020, August outside, and a source with a huge reach of the target audience+credit limits bursts into arbitration. Russia was spending money at the speed of light, and all well-known advertisers, I won’t name specifics, gladly accepted the traffic)

TikTok gained popularity in arbitration, and for accounts with credit, they started tightening the screws. First, the balance began to freeze, and the limit spend ended up with the account being frozen at a spend of 2-3 thousand rubles. A little later, credits in TikTok disappeared altogether, but the source continued to work well, passing gambling even with the toughest creatives)

TikTok became an excellent alternative to FB before the US elections when FB bans began in August-September, many arbitrators looked towards TT)

However, the music didn’t play for long, by the end of September, the first bans began, and moderation became longer and stricter. A solution was found quite quickly – cloaking. Now everything was launched through a pre-land, where the moderator was sent to the white, and the TA was sent to the store and downloaded the app. The path was a bit more complicated but worked. Gambling applications, aggressive creatives, everything you could imagine, all passed in TT with cloaking, which had been long invented in FB) Cloaking, of course, was eventually busted, but a week of pouring brought good income. Russia was consistently loaded with an ROI of 200%+, in the west, figures could reach four digits on lucky days, for example, France poured steadily with 600+ ROI, but TikTok tirelessly worked on moderation and tightened the screws.

What do we have in 2024?

Passing moderation directly or with cloaking is practically impossible.

Moderation has become double, meaning your launches are now checked first by a bot, then additionally by a live moderator.

At the moment, I have not seen successful and stable launches from TT for several months. (It feels like a note from the last survivor after the end of the world)

My point of view, if you’re entering arbitration today, TikTok Ads will not be the best choice, even experienced teams are having problems with launches. I advise considering sources like FB, conditionally free traffic from the same TikTok, schemes, in-app traffic, where a newcomer, even without a team, can launch a few campaigns and feel the first registrations and deposits) And that’s all for today!

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