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Ukraine is a country located in Eastern and Central Europe with a population of 37 million 289 thousand people. The official language is Ukrainian. The capital is Kyiv.

It is the territory of modern Ukraine that was the center of the Ancient Rus state, with Kyiv becoming its capital in 882. The histories of Russia and Ukraine are closely intertwined, both as part of Kievan Rus and as part of the USSR, of which Ukraine was one of the most developed constituent republics. Independent Ukraine began its journey in 1991 and was one of the most developed union republics at the time of the USSR’s dissolution.

Today, the country’s president is V. Zelensky, who enjoys popularity both among citizens and on the international stage. According to the IMF, the country ranks 49th in the GDP (PPP) size ranking, with a volume of 390 billion dollars. As of 2023, the average salary is 26,874 hryvnias.

Now, a bit about the history of the gambling business. Gambling appeared on the territory of Ukraine during the times it was part of the Russian Empire. Throughout the 18th-19th centuries, casino clubs operated in Kyiv, Yekaterinoslav, Kherson, and Odessa. At that time, the state had a ban “On card games, as well as on betting money and other things and on debts arising as a result.”

In 1910, lotto games flourished in Ukraine. Lotto clubs were not regulated by any laws, and despite the prohibition of games like baccarat and roulette in clubs, casino owners actively violated these bans. Revenues from lotto clubs at the beginning of the last century became the main source of funds in the tax budget.

From 1922, after Ukraine became part of the USSR, a huge number of gambling houses began to open, controlled by NKVD officers. Up until 1928, gambling was absolutely legal and brought significant money to the state.

In 1928, the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR demanded the closure of all casinos and clubs in the territories of all Soviet republics. After that, gambling did not exist for a long time. In Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odessa, the only gambling entertainment was betting at race tracks.

In the late 1970s, gambling returned to Ukraine, but only for foreign tourists arriving in Odessa on large cruise liners like “Maxim Gorky”. Naturally, the game was played in foreign currency.

The post-Soviet period in Ukraine’s history, as well as in Russia’s, was marked by chaos and lawlessness, and therefore the gambling business flourished in the country on both legal and illegal grounds (especially actively).

What can be said about the situation today? Since the end of December 2019, the Verkhovna Rada has been actively discussing the possibility of legalizing and regulating the gambling business. For now, there is no definite decision, so a large number of casinos operate underground, which means that, as in Russia, casinos are periodically raided with searches and complete confiscation of all gaming machines and other equipment. The situation in the online gambling market is also similar to that in Russia, so most providers operate without a license or with a license from another country. However, online games are particularly popular among Ukrainians today.

But why is this so, and where does the love for gambling come from in the first place? That’s a separate question, which will be helped by understanding the unique national traits of Ukrainians.

The first reason lies in the history of games development, which we detailed above. Gambling has long lived in the country, and therefore is loved by all.

The second reason is hidden in the fact that Ukrainians are quite a greedy people. They themselves say: “We are not greedy, we just don’t want something to go to others.” That’s why they are greatly attracted to the bonuses we usually use in creatives, as well as stories about the possibility of winning big money (Better let all this come to me – thinks the Ukrainian player :).

Ukrainians are extremely stubborn. Even the word stubbornness comes from the Ukrainian word впертість (vpertist), which very accurately reflects the national trait of the citizens. In our case, this means that if a Ukrainian has decided to win in a casino, nothing can stop them.

Ukrainians are emotional, and this emotionality, coupled with an active imagination, often dominate over will. These traits lead them to online casinos because the adrenaline received during the game excellently relieves tension, provides emotions that are so necessary for a person.

63% of Ukraine’s population are active Internet users. Of them, more than 70% access the Internet from smartphones, while the rest do so from desktop computers and laptops.

Now about social networks:

The most popular social network is Facebook (more than 11 million  active users from Ukraine).

In second place is Instagram.


Next, it’s worth noting YouTube.

And rounding out the top five is Twitter.

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Shall we summarize?

Today we got acquainted with such a wonderful country as Ukraine. We explored its population and delved into its values, as well as immersed ourselves in the history of the development and formation of the gambling market in Ukraine. We have established that they are enthusiastic and not averse to trying their luck in gambling and betting. I have attached a list of offers for Ukraine, but these are far from all the proposals we have for you, write to our managers and we will help you choose an offer and your first launch! Follow our blog to stay up to date with all the latest news and insights about Gambling.pro.

We are happy to open up the peculiarities of different GEOs in our mini-journeys! All the ROI, friends!


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