Case: Earning $3,920 in 4 Days with Telegram


Hello everyone! This is GamblingPro. Today, one of our partners agreed to share their case study about how they managed to earn $3,920 in just 4 days with traffic on Telegram! Let’s dive into the study!

Affiliate Network:

Offers: Valor

Traffic Source: Telegram channel

Profit: $3,920

Campaign Duration: September 14, 2023 – September 17, 2023

Advertising Expenses:

A total of approximately $1,100 was spent over 4 days.

Profit for 4 days was about $3,920.

I chose because I have worked with them before. They offer stable payouts, the highest rates (compared to other affiliate networks), and adequate support, which is also important.


I chose a new, fresh product called Valor, which still provides good profit when approached correctly. The payout for the first deposit on my offer was $40.

First, I created and attractively designed a Telegram channel. I made the channel private so that when a user clicked on the link, they first had to subscribe.

I took the “casino cheating” schemes from similar channels, simply editing the text and replacing the link with my own. I also took reviews from other channels. I loaded the channel with schemes and reviews and started pouring traffic.

Attracting Traffic:

To attract traffic, I used the standard method – buying ads.

I tried to choose channels with the most suitable target audience and, naturally, good engagement.

To search for channels, I mainly used


In the channel description, I provided a link to a pre-created account where users could ask questions.

Many wrote things like: “Your schemes are a scam,” “I played and nothing works,” etc. I responded to all messages, attaching screenshots of winnings, thereby increasing loyalty.

Such a simple setup provided good traffic.

In 4 days, I achieved the following statistics:

In total, I poured in 98 deposits at a rate of $40 each. The total revenue was $3,920.

A big thank you to our partner for sharing their interesting case study!

Let’s summarize. Today, we looked at a simple scheme of how to pour traffic from a platform like TG. It’s worth noting that you need to wisely approach the design of the channel and posts. They must inspire trust in your leads. Be prepared for negativity, work through every objection so that the likelihood of a click converting into a deposit significantly increases!

That’s all for today, keep following our blog to be the first to learn about interesting cases and offers from the world of traffic arbitration in gambling!


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