Case: $186k CPA or Betting Traffic Spill from Mobile Apps with Cricket-themed Design!


Hello everyone! This is GamblingPro on the line! Today, we have an unusual topic for you. Experienced arbitrage specialists will find an interesting combination for betting spills, while newcomers will get a bonus on understanding how to “read” bundles in spy services and calculate the math. Let’s dive in!

I often find myself engrossed in creative ads on Adheart. Sometimes, I can open Adheart, watch something, and then look at it from a different angle, thinking, “I wonder if anyone is running ads like that.” And so, I spend a couple of hours in Adheart. In one such instance, I found an interesting way to spill on betting, targeting India and focusing on cricket events. Now, let me share the bundle itself and then discuss its beauty.

Regarding the Bundle, as Seen on Adheart:

Spill GEO: India.

Mobile apps for cricket: 3 in total, with identical creatives on all apps, indicating a single team behind the spill. Here’s the design of one of the apps:

Cricket All Stars

These guys spilled from September 19th to October, with over 2000 creatives on Adheart, meaning more than 2k launched ads. More than half of them were active for over a month. From the creatives, it’s clear they are pouring a significant volume on a specific cricket event, including team odds and more.

Essence of the Bundle and its Beauty:


These guys started the spill on March 31st, precisely when the Indian Premier League (IPL), a massive cricket event in India, kicked off. So, they prepared the apps in advance and waited for the right date. When it arrived, they began the spill.

Typically, spills for specific events in betting, like major boxing matches, football, cricket, or local tournaments by GEO, don’t perform well instantly because everyone is focused on gambling apps. Creating apps in advance for a spill event, diverting the development pipeline from regular apps, is risky. If the approach doesn’t convert, a lot of money is lost, given the development cost.

But, these guys did it! They created regular gambling apps, analyzed what was trending – India, cricket, IPL event – made several apps for the event, and waited for the launch moment. 💯 Well-planned, well-executed!

I don’t know the ROI of these guys, but judging by the volume, let’s hope they did well. It’s unlikely someone would spill such a volume at a loss. 👍

I appreciate the idea and execution! It’s something new and interesting – usually, everyone spills strictly with gambling in mobile apps.

*So, you can watch popular sports in a country, cover the largest events, and launch event betting!

As I mentioned, I don’t know the ROI and profit of these guys, but I have good experience working in India.

💰 Average conversion in India from install to deposit is 1k40. They have around 6200 deposits, and each deposit in India is $30 in the market. So, the CPA for these guys is $186k. Very good numbers for a single cricket tournament in 25 days. 🙃


Event betting on apps with Facebook traffic can be counted on the fingers over the years; I haven’t seen it for cricket. That’s the interesting part of this bundle. They showed practically that event-based approach on Facebook works!

And the solution to spill event traffic is SIMPLE!

It’s Progressive Web Applications (PWA)! They can be made in 5 minutes in any design, and they convert just as well. But, you don’t need to flood the market with apps for the event on Google Play! What if it doesn’t convert? 😅

For example, a PWA app for cricket can be more aggressive than what Google Play might overlook 🙂


Our guys spilled over 100k deposits on PWA apps!

🎰 They convert no worse than regular WebView! And with aggressive designs, it often happens even better!

📲 Push notifications work! We can use your base. Reach and activity are like regular apps!

🎯 Double optimization that works 100%! Both on Facebook and TikTok!

If you’ve worked with other PWAs, try ours. It’s a completely different conversion! PWAs are more challenging than just putting a browser on Google Play, so a quality solution is crucial!

Our PWA apps allow you to spend without stopping the campaign.

Facebook doesn’t expose our cloak 🙂

80% of the traffic of our entire affiliate program goes to PWA apps, and we rent them out. Speaking in numbers, guys directly from Facebook are currently doing 300+ deposits daily 🔥

In conclusion!

Today, we’ve discussed another cool case that I discovered on the spy service. As you can see, the idea is on the surface, and it’s important to look into the essence to understand everything! Sporting events are a great opportunity to earn in arbitrage, and if you see a major sports event in any GEO coming up, whether it’s the Champions League, IPL, or any tournament that the whole country is watching, write to your account manager, and we’ll prepare a PWA app for the event, along with recommendations and help with the launch!

Stay tuned to the GamblingPro blog to stay updated on all the latest news and insights into the traffic arbitrage market!



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