How to drive Adult traffic on Gambling


Many people wonder, “How to direct Adult traffic to other verticals?” For example, to Gambling. After all, at various events or in online communities, you can often hear phrases like, “Adult converts very well to gambling,” “The Adult target audience is solvent and readily makes deposits,” “the quality of adult traffic on casinos is no less than entertainment and movie themes.”

But how?

How and from which angle to approach this traffic, how to convert it so that everything is exactly as they say, and no different? 🙂

So, I decided to start with the simplest thing. How do I plan my advertising campaign and start pouring? In brief.

First, I:

  1. Identify the target audience.
  2. Develop hypotheses.
  3. Choose suitable sources.
  4. Select advertising formats to use in the sources and create specific approaches based on my hypotheses.
  5. For certain sources and advertising formats, I choose any of the pre-prepared approaches.

Attention! Not every approach will be effective in conjunction with a specific advertising format. Example: it’s ineffective to tell a long and boring success story in a video creative – it will be closed before it’s fully watched. Usually, video creatives are short, up to 3 minutes, flashy videos, clearly defining the problem and the course of action to solve it.

Now let’s analyze each point in more detail.

Identify the target audience. In our specific case, we want to direct adult traffic to gambling, so we have already identified our target audience, now we just need to understand how exactly to convert this target audience to our Valor offers.

In life, I am guided by the hypothesis that you can convert anyone to anything if you set such a goal. And today our goal is to convert an adult user to gambling. Therefore, all my further reasoning will be based on the fact that we are purposefully targeting adult.

To understand how to convert a “fapper” to gambling, we need to figure out what concerns them, and how this can be linked to the casino.

So, what concerns “fappers”? Let’s think together. Any ideas?

It’s not just that they spend time on porn sites and prefer this type of recreation to other forms of leisure. I should note: the target audience of adult is much wider than any other vertical, so we will need to clearly segment it by age; we are not considering the adult target audience under 25 years old, as this age group is not the target audience for gambling.

What is a 25 or 30-year-old man doing on a porn site?))) He obviously has problems! And problems are what we can latch onto. And we have a solution for each problem)))

I have long drawn a portrait of such a character, a visitor to adult sites, and decided that in life he possesses certain qualities and is pursued by the following problems:

  1. Lack of self-confidence. Perhaps this person looks, to put it mildly, “not cool” (accordingly, he may want to change this).
  2. Bitterness from regret, from the inability to realize their fantasies/dreams.
  3. No success with girls (or no success with beautiful girls), possibly as a result of the first point. Sometimes “fappers” try to “buy love” – most likely, they secretly dream of becoming an alpha male, to excite any girl.)))
  4. The desire to spend more time on porn sites, spending all their resources on pleasures. Porno addicts – constantly need more and more frequently. Most likely, they buy paid subscriptions (accordingly, ready to spend money online + on some, objectively, useless thing).

Also, having worked for some time with this type of traffic in different sources, I identified some of its features, which I think are worth mentioning.

Most likely, I am 99.9% sure, the target audience of adult overlaps with the target audience of gambling – the same guys might watch porn and play in the casino. One does not interfere with the other, after all. Moreover, using the “pains of fappers”, we can easily switch their attention to the “money” solution of the problem through winnings in the Valor casino)))

Time – adult traffic converts better at night from 11 pm to 5 am.

The environment in which we catch up with our traffic with advertising greatly influences its behavior.

Adult traffic is quite difficult to convert to anything other than adult, despite all the above. When a person is busy with something “very important”, it can be quite difficult to switch his attention to something that he does not yet consider more important than “important”. From this, it follows that our creatives should initially have a distinctly adult nature and gently switch and focus the “fapper’s” attention on the fact that he is doing something wrong in this life.)) When we get to specific examples of approaches, you will understand what I am talking about.

So, about the environment. Let’s smoothly move on to traffic sources, as everything I say next is directly related to them.

If you are buying traffic from WEB sites, then usually these are teasers or adult traffic exchanges. You work with such formats as clickunder, popunder, teaser, banner, and, if you work with video resources, you can usually do overlay (when your ad appears on the video), screensavers, prerolls, insert links under the video in the description and in the comments.

What do “fappers” usually do after entering a porn site? I think we all know.)) To distract him from this activity, we will have to try hard and make very flashy creatives.)))

(To have a high CTR, adult creatives should give people room for imagination. It is necessary for “fappers” to start making up, get carried away with their fantasies, and be interested in clicking on the link).

If you work with social adult traffic, then most often the sources are FB, Instagram, Twitter – porn pages and communities, where you usually give posts, negotiating with admins, because officially it’s not possible to push through without cloaking.)) Or you spam with likes as before.

In social networks, people are not as deeply immersed in themselves as on web sites; in social networks, people are open to communicating with each other and, most likely, are even looking for “someone to chat with”, they look at other people’s profiles, read other people’s stories (it’s always interesting what’s going on in others’ lives), discuss others in the comments.

Accordingly, the creative should also be socially oriented so that everyone can then communicate, think, and fantasize about this topic together.

Contextual traffic is also a completely different behavior: we can find our “fappers” by search queries that they enter: “naked moms”, “teacher freaked in …”, “minors”, etc. It’s quite difficult to convert contextual adult without a specific approach, as here a person enters a specific contextual query and expects to get a specific answer from the search engine, and if you just interfere in all this idyll with your casinos, the person is unlikely to react at all.

Here too, you need to use a distinctly adult approach in ads and on the pre-landing page to first interest and warm up the interest of the traffic, and then gently focus attention on their pain.

P.S. I always talk about pre-landings because I do not consider working with adult traffic in the context of the gambling vertical without a pre-landing.


Because adult traffic for gambling is likely to be cold, and it needs to be warmed up.

Because the quality of adult traffic, poured without a pre-landing, is much worse than the quality of traffic filtered through a transit page.

Because converting adult directly to reg can only be profitable on large volumes. The average webmaster does not work with such volumes and advising them such an approach is the same as just dooming people to failure.))

Adult target audience / gambling target audience

Gender M 90% F 10% / M 80% F 20%

Type of traffic Desktop and mobile / Mobile

Theme Entertainment + physical pleasures, emotions / Entertainment + profit, excitement, emotions

P.S. I want to note that, in the end, both the “fapper” and the gambler want to get positive emotions, this can also be emphasized in your hypotheses.

Well, okay. We have come to the most interesting part. Where, actually, everyone has a problem, after which things don’t move forward.))

How to interest adult traffic, wherever, and transfer this sexual interest into the plane of online casinos and earning?

Above, we have already described something like my hypotheses in the form of pains and worries of a “fapper”. But this will not help us attract his attention because he clearly did not end up on an adult platform to think about his problems)))

To quickly switch his attention and lead him to our landing page, we will have to use very distinctly adult approach in our creatives, without any hints of advertising a casino, earnings, etc., as I said earlier.

I have long identified several approaches for myself, based on precisely my hypotheses, and these approaches worked quite well.

First, I will outline them briefly, then we will analyze each a little more in detail.

Approach 1. Main. (Works well under clickunder/popunder). A short and catchy landing page, necessarily with VIDEO! The video should start IMMEDIATELY as soon as the user makes the tab active. In the video, we show what girls are capable of for money/iPhones and other valuables – video pickups, how girls undress, and what they don’t do with unfamiliar men, even right on the street. You can choose from a mass of videos on the Internet prettier girls and make an interesting compilation with them.))) The “fapper” watches and thinks: “I want that too, damn it”. And he starts fantasizing, and for a “fapper,” fantasies are almost dreams,) and now he dreams of picking up beautiful girls on the street.

Approach 2. (teasers/banners). We transform the main approach into text + add a short video plot or just frames from the video. The design is “main news.” Shock-news – “What girls are capable of / A beautiful model became a sex slave to a pimply geek” and other nonsense with a sexual subtext – the same psychological effect as the first approach: the “fapper” wants this too.

Okay. All these approaches should smoothly lead the “fapper” to the thought that, to gain the desired self-confidence, to be able to make any girl agree to sex, to fulfill all his fantasies, he needs just one thing… Yes, money. That is, with our creative, we form MOTIVATION in a person.

And now, knowing that he has the motivation to earn more money (and spend it on girls), what remains for us to do? RIGHT, show the interested “fapper” where he can get them, quickly and with minimal investment. We know where. Yes, in the Valor casino. Which, by the way, has a bonus today!

Thus, we have smoothly come to the point that when working with adult traffic, we need to use another approach, but only in conjunction with one of the previous approaches. This is exactly the targeted approach or creatives “straight on,” from the series “We have bonuses today, come in and win, we always give, ONLY TODAY AND ONLY FOR YOU… etc.)

So, to summarize. The combination is such:

  • Attract attention with content native to the adult target audience.
  • Focus on pain/desire (on the landing page).
  • Place targeted creatives on the landing page that will clearly let a person understand that the advertised product can solve the pain we made him focus on.

Below I will provide several ways you can make page variants that can be used for different types of traffic: clickunder, teaser, and social traffic.

CLICKUNDER | POPUNDER (immediately grab attention with video)


Video (starts immediately as soon as the user sees the page) – at the end of the video post-roll, Valor + link to the video.

Text under the video.

To get a girl, play more cash!

(picture of a sexy girl in money)

Register right now to get a +200% welcome bonus and free spins for a big win!

Button “Start winning in the casino!”

(style with chips and playing cards)

TEASER | SOCIAL (heating up with news content)

  1. The public is shocked by the behavior of young beauties, ready for a few hundred dollars or some Apple product, to agree to provide sexual services of various kinds to virtually unknown, in 80% of cases unattractive, but rich men: from classic sex to sophisticated sexual perversions. The internet is teeming with various videos from street pick-up artists who persuade girls to engage in indecent relationships almost right on the street. And you will be surprised how many succeed!

(video proof + at the end of the video post-roll, Valor + link to the video)

Of course, young men generously reward beauties, giving them large sums of cash or new Apple phones and tablets. Guys don’t skimp on their pleasures and say that all costs are compensated by the emotions received from such an “adventure.”

Of course, not all men who want such expensive “pleasures” can afford them due to low salaries.

We identified the problem in the text, around which we place banners and teasers about Valor in a native format, like:

Want to pick up expensive girls in the evening? Win money in the morning!

Earn up to $10,000 a month on Valor slot machines.

Well, shall we draw a small conclusion?

Today we looked at the features of adult traffic and the description of the pains of the adult audience. We talked about the features of creatives and approaches in working with adult traffic. We found out that the adult audience is similar to the gambling audience both in age and gender distribution. Use the recommendations above and test new approaches, and then you will succeed!

That’s all) thank you all for reading, convert Adult to Gambling and earn millions)))



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