6 life hacks when choosing a gambling offer that experts know about


Hello, friends! We’ve previously talked about choosing offers, and today I’ll write about additional life hacks and tools that can be used when selecting an offer! This will be useful for both beginners and seasoned webmasters.

The structure is as follows:

-The Iron Rule of GamblingPro for recommending offers
-Preliminaries for choosing a gambling offer
-No statistics from FB? I’ll find out the statistics from contextual advertising
-Become a player on the product
-Compare bonuses of an unknown offer
-Try to make a deposit
-Learn the brand’s biography
-Play the slots
-The Iron Rule – where do we recommend to drive traffic?

In GamblingPro, there has always been one iron rule – we only offer those deals to our partners that have statistics (click2reg, reg2dep) and always back them up with live statistics from the affiliate program! These are screenshots with a current date. In addition, we inform about the install cost, which creatives are characteristic for the GEO we offer to target. This is because it’s one of the key points for a webmaster to get everything necessary at the start to assess the expected output.

Statistics are formed from our large media buying data and our partners. Sometimes only from our own targeting. Therefore, when there is a lot of data – we can confidently offer one offer or another!

If the offer is promising, similar to the tops in its GEO, and has really cool conditions – we inform webmasters about it, referring to the offer’s prospects, relationships with the advertiser, arguing with facts, and offering them to split test it. Often such an approach has created great combinations, which in the end brought money to both us and our partners.

And for the fact that they targeted the offer on recommendation and were the first – we achieved good bumps and kept the offer private, until, as they say, the offer went stale.

6 life hacks for choosing an offer

Method #1. One of the most understandable and fast. We get a conversion from the manager, recommendations, and go into battle.

Method #2. In case we have our own view and experience on GEOs that are not preached by anyone or we want to find that offer that is unknown to the market. In this case, we look at the attributes that characterize the offer. What are these attributes? Let’s say I decided to target Spain from FB. I see that my GamblingPro manager offers me 2-3 offers with great conversion. I decide to take them and take the one that I found in the list of offers in the affiliate program and which has no statistics from FB.

What would I do to understand if my choice of offer in the split is effective?

Preliminaries: I was offered several converting offers from FB for mobile applications. But I know that traffic is already going to them, and I want to take something new and unexplored from the list of offers in GamblingPro for split testing (simultaneous test). At the same time, for those new and unexplored offers – I still do not have any statistics on conversion and can’t even guess whether it will convert or not. I decide to take an offer for Spain. I will drive traffic from FB.

My hypothesis: to find a new combination with an offer that has characteristics similar to the best brands of a certain GEO. To actively drive traffic to it and show players of the chosen GEO a new and interesting product for them. Hoping that I will have less competition.

STEP 1. Without having FB statistics at hand, I would like to know the conversion level from other sources. For example, if the offer converts poorly even from Contextual Advertising (let’s say click2reg 1k50 – it’s not my option.) It’s clear, knowing that contextual traffic is maximally targeted and a priori has good statistics on reg2dep, I can be sure that if the offer has different statistics and is far from the tops – something is wrong with it and with a 99% probability, it’s just bad.

STEP 2. I would study the player’s funnel. Become this player. I would enter with the necessary VPN, go through the registration, assess the number of fields for registration and how competently the product is localized. I would pay attention to the translations of fields into the native language, to the small details. I would do this primarily to understand 2 things – GEO on the product is added for show, or traffic to Spain – for the advertiser is really in demand, and he works it out qualitatively. Because often it happens that the product has 15 GEOs, but the advertiser purposefully knows how to work only with two. And the rest are simply for us to poke our finger at it and test. But since we think and analyze – this is not our way, to take anything and test it in hopes of a bright future 🙂

STEP 3. I would compare the bonus system of the offers that my manager offered me (that is, those offers that are already working successfully) and the bonus system of the offer that I chose and which does not yet have statistics from FB. If the bonuses are similar or brighter on my chosen offer – great. In total – look at the bonus policy of the leaders for a specific GEO – if it is similar to your offers – this is very good.

STEP 4. I would delve into the payment solutions for this GEO in detail and find out what local payment solutions are available in this GEO. And what payment solutions work in it at all. Also, I would ask the manager for a screenshot from the advertiser for those payment solutions that lead the brand. Most likely 100%, I would use this method in the advertising creative to hook players. (In the case that the offer suited me by all parameters).🔥

STEP 5. I would like to know, how long this brand has existed for the Spanish market. It is important here that the brand can be as old as a mammoth, but specifically, work in Spain could have started just 4-5 months ago. This suggests that it can be worked with, the player base is small and the product is fresh for the player in Spain.

STEP 6. I would look at the landings and how the product is worked out from the mobile version. I would walk through each landing, spin the slots on the phone. For the peace of my mind, I would go to the cashier, try to make a deposit with several payment methods. Exit. Close the product. Then open it again. I would make sure that it’s not a plastic brand, that is assembled on the knee.

Another life hack

We all understand that the conversion to a deposit on a product largely depends on how the offer works with the player. Mailings, individual bonuses, constantly working support on the brand itself, SMS and calls, as well as other details – all this is a big mechanism for your traffic to work well, and it gives deposits.

Therefore, it is worth communicating with support in the casino, from the player’s perspective. Look at and study the funnels they use for the player. And compare them with the market tops. If we see that they simply answer our questions according to the script and do not sell us the idea of starting to play right now, go to the cashier and make the first deposit, – then I would have questions about whether this brand is worth my traffic or not.

In conclusion.

Using the basic information that we already know about choosing an offer, I would check the brand for all these additional steps that we discussed today, I would compare several offers that I chose to launch together with each other and with those offers that have good statistics and bring money. I would choose what correlates with them in characteristics and start driving traffic.Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog GamblingPro for free and useful information

Successful targeting!


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