How much do affiliates get paid for attracting players to casinos in different countries?


Hello everyone! This is GamlingPro, and the topic of today’s article is the cost of acquiring players in different countries. Often, beginners face a choice on which GEO to start their journey. Hearing thousands of pieces of advice about different GEOs, sources, approaches, methods, beginners can get overwhelmed and apathetic. Today, we will delve into this issue and help you decide!

Different people approach the choice of GEO differently. Some are guided by the rate, others by the cost per lead, and others by the efficiency of the source. But why does everyone look towards Tier-1 countries?

The first and, in our opinion, the main reason is money! No matter how long you have been involved in traffic arbitrage – a few days or a few years, in Tier-1 GEOs, you will be paid more. If in Russia, you can get approximately $6 – 9 for a confirmed lead in commodities, then in the US, you can earn $20 – 50 per confirmed lead, or even more!

As for gambling, in Russia, the average price usually ranges from $40 – 70 per lead, but in European and American countries, it’s 2-3 times more – $70-250 per active player! And this is the case in all verticals.

The second reason is the audience. According to the latest data, the internet audience of Russia is 109.5 million people, which is just over 2% of the entire Western audience in the world. There’s room to grow, isn’t there?

A larger audience means more opportunities for scaling, a smaller audience means fewer opportunities. The connection is quite simple 😀

The third reason is the income of the people. I think no one will argue with the fact that the standard of living of the average “American resident” is higher than that of a Russian. Hence, they can spend more on themselves. Moreover, online stores appeared earlier there and have already gained much more trust than in Russia.

Of course, it should be understood that the competition in Tier-1 GEOs is higher, but since the target audience is very large, there is no need to worry – there will be enough leads for everyone!

If we summarize – offers in Tier-1 GEOs are much more profitable and will bring much more profit than Russian offers, but this is subject to diligent and high-quality processing of the target audience, of course.

A small tip: If you are a completely inexperienced arbitrager or have a small budget, you should not immediately jump into top GEOs. It’s better to try cheap and little-known GEOs, where the competition will definitely be lower.

“Is there a difference in target audiences and promotion methods? Or is everything the same everywhere?”

Experienced arbitragers say there is no difference. There are exactly the same people who want to quickly meet someone, win millions in a casino, lose 45+ kg in a month, and in general, they want a lot of things. There are very many offers, the main thing is not to get lost in them.

Certain skills will be required from you – systematic approach, analytics, investment, and specific actions to achieve the goal.

Prelending, creatives, and the mechanics of work are almost no different from draining on cheap offers.

But still, before moving on to top GEOs, we advise you to browse various thematic forums and groups. After all, you need to find out which verticals work better and which worse. From our side, we can say that the Gambling vertical shows excellent results in almost all countries of the world, from the poorest to the richest! 🙂

When working with other verticals, to choose the most suitable offer, you can rely on simple, we would even say everyday features of the mentality of the residents of the chosen country, or on other features characteristic of this GEO.

Maybe there are some environmental problems in the country. For example, in some cities in China, the air is very polluted. In offices, people do not open windows, air is supplied with the help of air conditioners. Tap water is dangerous for health due to its pollution. It can be assumed that offers that help solve such serious problems of citizens will be of interest 🙂

For example, in North Korea (and in Vietnam), girls never deliberately tan. Light skin for them is a necessity, so various creams that help make the skin lighter by several tones are in great demand there. Also, plastic surgery is very popular there. But why go under the knife when there is our miracle product that will increase your breast, correct the shape of the buttocks and breast?!

In Thailand, the most receptive audience for the sale of various healing potions and cosmetics is located. This must be used!

In Japan, white is considered a mourning color. The coffin must be white, and the entire funeral procession must also be dressed in white. In Turkey, this color is purple. Such “nuances” must be taken into account when creating various creatives.

And finally… In Russia, the peak of views is the time when a person gets home after a working day on public transport. In Western countries, people more often use personal transport, where it is not always convenient to look at the phone and search for something. And there are many such nuances, you need to be prepared for them.

Look for pre-landings that may have already been made before, for a similar or even the same product for the chosen or another GEO, at what time and how these products were sold, the more information you gather, the more chances you have of success.

“Well, okay, are there any other tips to make sure I don’t waste all my money into nothing?”


  • Choose a good affiliate network!


It is with it that you will be constantly in contact. Which offer is better? What is currently relevant? What do you advise me? Someone has to answer all these questions. And preferably quickly respond, not once a day, as it happens 🙂

If you have very big problems with the Russian language, but you stubbornly want to work with Russian affiliate networks, it’s better to look for an affiliate network with English support.

Many affiliate networks themselves willingly provide their partners with information about the regions on which it is worth pouring, about profitable offers, compile various tops of offers based on the results of the week and month, and post statistical information that will greatly help you at the initial launch of a new advertising campaign.


  • Don’t be afraid of another language and the fact that you don’t know it!


It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to find a couple of template phrases in a dictionary and translate them into Google translator into the desired language, or, at worst, hire a freelancer who will quickly complete any of your tasks for a small fee.

If you decide to hire a freelancer or translator, it is desirable that it be a native speaker, a representative of your target audience, because it is he who can add slang expressions that will enliven your creatives.

A competent translation plays a very important role and can significantly increase your CR. Your translation definitely should be better than the description of some products on AliExpress 😀

Don’t cancel various publics and forums where you can find a lot of information about creatives, offers, and generally learn about any nuances that may await you in different GEOs.

At least – you can always contact us with any questions you are interested in. Managers, supports, and top arbitragers working in our team will always be able to direct you in the right creative direction and put you on the path that will lead to a large number of conversions! Especially in Gambling… 🙂


  • Understand the mentality of the audience!


In different GEOs, there are plenty of features that can help both attract traffic and repel it. All this must be taken into account when creating creatives and advertising campaigns. Don’t be lazy to read various articles, extra information is never superfluous 🙂


  • Everyone could and you can too!


P.S. And if you can’t – we will help 😀

Let’s sum up a little. Today we figured out how much they can pay in different countries for a user and also discussed the main questions that interest beginning arbitragers. The most important thing to remember is that even the most private theory will not give you results until you put it into practice with your own hands. Even if something does not work out the first time – you gain experience, and this is priceless. The main thing is not to be afraid of the new, and the GamblingPro team will help you!

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