CPL – The Best Start in Gambling! What are the Advantages and Why is it Profitable?


CPL Offers: Is It Really Easy to Pour for Registration?

Let’s start with what CPL is? CPL is a payment model where the target action for which the advertiser is willing to pay the webmaster is considered the registration of a player on the site.

CPL, in turn, is divided into two categories – SOI and DOI, where SOI is unconfirmed registration, and DOI is confirmed registration, that is, registration after which the player’s number, email, or other contact details were confirmed.

Why is working with CPL profitable and convenient?

First and foremost, CPL is the easiest to transition from other verticals, and with this payment model, it’s easiest to start your journey in traffic arbitration. This is because when you pour on a CPA offer, for example, you always base your cost and profit calculations on click2reg, reg2dep indicators. In the case of CPL, your key indicator will be click2reg. Thus, it can be said that entering gambling with CPL will even be cheaper.

Another significant advantage to note is that when working with a CPL offer, you do not have to worry about internal product bugs. It doesn’t matter to you whether the payment system is working or if it has dropped out. Are there any other deficiencies in the product? The most important thing for us is a working registration form.

What to pay attention to when working with CPL offers?

First and foremost – the quality of traffic! Do not pour poor quality! The advertiser does not make money from registrations. Accordingly, if a player has just registered and there are many such simply registered, then such traffic will not be interesting to the advertiser. In any case, when paying, the advertiser will also evaluate the reg2dep indicator. Because it is this indicator that gives him money, from which he then pays you. It is important and necessary for us to monitor the quality of your traffic so that you do not later receive rejected leads and blame the whole world. It is easiest to learn the reg2dep statistics from your personal manager. Even though the offer is CPL, we will still see how the deps are ticking.

Also, pay attention to the test cap. What is it anyway? This is the maximum number of registrations (in our case) that you can pour in a day. This limit is set by the advertiser so that he can objectively assess the quality of your traffic. If you poured 50 registrations on the first day, and there were deposits from those 50 registrations – that’s good. After some time, they will raise your test cap. By confirming daily that your traffic is of high quality, you will receive an uncapped, can pour any volume, and the advertiser will not have to suffer, he will confidently pay for the work.

So we move on to the 3rd point, what to pay attention to! Since we all need quality traffic, do not make misleading creatives. Do not write: register and get $10. This is immediately a road to nowhere. Remember, even if CPL offers look attractive and easy, it does not mean that they should be treated just as easily. A CPL offer is your opportunity to get off to a great start, get a good ROI, understand what and how works in traffic arbitration.

To conclude. CPL offers represent a great opportunity to get started in the world of gambling thanks to their simplicity and accessibility. The main advantage is that you get paid for each registration, making the process more predictable and understandable. However, the quality of traffic plays a key role, and advertisers expect users to not only register but also make deposits. Avoid misleading in creatives to attract genuinely interested users. Ultimately, if you adhere to our recommendations, success in arbitration won’t be long in coming. Stay tuned to the GamblingPro blog to keep up with all the latest news from the world of gambling!



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