Launch ads on PWA apps in 20 clicks!


Do you still think launching ads on PWA apps is difficult? We will show how fast you can run your campaign on Facebook.)

To start advertising on the PWA-applications you do not need Business Managers, you can use personal accounts. 

I’ll tell you how to do it. 😉

Step 1: Stream link

Go to the offer page and create a stream link.

Step 2: Closing the link

The received stream link must be closed. To do this, go to our @GamblingPro_Cloaking_bot cesspool bot and click the button “Cloak PWA application”.

Next, select the application. In this case, we will launch advertising in Poland, therefore we choose “GGBET – Casino”.

Choose a country – Poland.

We indicate the domain zone. On internal tests, we did not notice any difference in conversion between domain zones, but on an individual basis we can provide any.)

Insert the stream link that we previously created on the offer page.

We got a link! We will send traffic to it.)

Step 3: Create Pixel

Go toAds Manager Facebook. Then go to the tab “Create”, selectas the goal “Conversions”.

We don’t need to specify anything in the Campaign Settings section, so we’ll go to Ad Groups.

First you need to create a Pixel. Facebook itself will offer to do it.)

Then press the button “Continue”.

Fine! We have just created a Pixel on our account.) It remains to refresh the page and select the “Conversions” event. In our case, this is “Purchase”.

Step 4: Launch the campaign

We launched an advertising campaign in Poland, selecting this country in the targeting settings. This is entirely up to you, as it is identical to working with applications. 

For optimization, you can use:

1) Setting interests;

2) Setting limit rates;

3) Other optimization methods that you used when working with Facebook.

According to our data, the best results can be achieved with placements Fb feed and Instagram feed. Audience Network performed poorly on benchmarks (low installs). First of all, we recommend testing them.

In the beginning, it’s best to use a wide audience. Next, you need to analyze the data for different placements. After that, you need to make changes based on the data.

After the placements, click “Next”.

We just need to add the ad and site URL.

Add an ad and paste the link into the site URL field.

Congratulations! You have launched an ad campaign on FB on the PWA app!

You just have to link a bank card, if it is not yet linked, and click the “Publish” button.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult. The whole process took me no more than 5 minutes and 20 clicks =)


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