Turnover $5480 using PWA apps. A real case from a partner Gambling.pro


Hey! Today we will analyze the case of our partners, the Arbitrax Team. They ran ads for PWA apps and got 100% ROI! The case is presented in a question-and-answer format! Let’s go!🔥

  • Case: for PWA applications.
  • GEO: Russia.
  • Turnover: $5480.
  • Profit: $1980.
  • ROI: final 36%, working ROI – 100%.

What was the cost of a click on the FB?

Cost per click: from $0.1 to $0.25.

We tried to keep the CPC in this range in order to have a stable ROI.

What was the conversion rate click- to-install?

About 1 in 3. We got about 30 installs per 100 clicks.

What settings did you use in FB (target and placement)? 

We launched advertising from personal accounts, everything is as written in the manual, Conversion = Selling:

Each media buyer used their own strategies and settings. Someone advertised to a wide audience, but turned off the Audience Network, someone used settings based on interest.

Have you used regular WebView Apps?

We tried to work with regular WebView applications. If you compare them and PWA, then, of course, working with PWA applications is much easier. If you have good advertisements, then you can hardly be afraid of being banned. That is why we worked with them, and not with WebView applications.

Be sure to check the PWA links through the service: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug twice a day to make sure the link is not banned by FB.

Why do you check PWA links via developers.facebook 2 times a day?

So that, if this link is marked by Facebook, no longer run ads on it. If there is an error, then I no longer use this link.

*Comment from Maxim Gambling.pro: I’ll think about how to make an auto-check and notify in the bot if the FB has banned the link. 🙂

How many links are there before getting banned? 

About 20 accounts. One account, one ad campaign.

20 accounts that show ads? Can you run at least 100 accounts? Does it matter if 80 accounts are banned?

Complex issue. We did not run 100 accounts per link. Usually we launch 30 accounts, 20 undergo moderation, 10 accounts receive standard gambling errors.

How much money can you spend before your PWA link gets banned?

$1,500 + can be spent without any problem. This is a total expense of approximately 20 accounts.

Average spend per account $150 +. It happens that accounts live up to 4 days, it depends on the limit. 

How do I know if a link got banned from FB?

Copy the domain to the service https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug. If he writes that you can no longer use this link, then this is a ban and you can forget about the link.

What accounts do you use for work?

Regular accounts. I do not use rent.

What is the average price of accounts? 

From $2.5 one kind, from $12 another kind.

The seller is important, we had a lot of problems until we found a good one. Now we take only from him.

The main question: the final ROI came out 36%, although the working ROI is 100%. What does it mean?

We calculated the overall ROI, not the best moment. Therefore, the working ROI was about 100%, and the final came out 36%, this was influenced by several factors:

  1. At the beginning, the ROI was not very high, since we did not send traffic to Russia when working with ordinary applications. I had to spend some time on tests, finding an approach and more. 
  1. At the start, we sent traffic to the regular Huge Win casino application. The income was good, the conversion was good. But our manager at Gambling.pro asked: “Can I make you an application for the product?” We said “Yes”, and by the evening the guys gave us a PWA application, which was designed specifically for our product. 

I will show you how the PWA application looks for the product GGbet Poland. We tested it, but its ROI turned out to be lower:

As soon as we started using the application created for the product, the conversion almost doubled! 

And the most important thing! As soon as everything was set up, the problem with payments in Russia began. Because of this, we switched to a different GEO.

That is, if everything was fine with payments, would you continue to work? 

Yes! All was good! There were days when we received 30 deposits each, and planned to receive 100 deposits each. But due to problems with payments, the conversion to deposit became bad, and we stopped working. 

The only reason why it was not possible to get a profit is the problem with payments in Russia. 

I don’t know how the situation is now, we switched to other countries. We didn’t invest big money because it’s risky. 

Thanks to Alexander for your time and for sharing his experience with PWA applications! You can find more information about PWA applications on social networks Gambling.pro! Subscribe!


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