“White” affiliate marketing: advertising budget 150,000 rubles. How not to get banned with ROI 30%+?


Hey! I’m Danil Fokin. Today we will analyze a case that is not related to gambling. During work, we did not encounter bans.

Because there was nothing to ban!

From all sources in a week we received:

  • 18947 clicks;
  • Total turnover – 130,000 rubles;
  • Total costs 150,000 rubles;
  • Income 20,000 rubles at the beginning of work;

After optimizing ads, we got an ROI of 30%. Now we have recouped everything we spent on tests. 

Several important reminders. 

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Now let’s get started!

White offer. No bans. How?

We want to share an interesting experience with the new BS offer from our internal media buying. 

At the moment, our favorite gambling affiliate marketing with apps is having a little difficulty. Sometimes google and fb put sticks in the wheels. Casino apps are often banned. FB now has limits for sharing accounts for applications. In chat rooms, people are complaining about the same problems. Therefore, we decided to try to enter the niche of white BS offers. 

Let’s talk about:

  1. What are BS offers? How do they work? What is their advantage?
  2. Why is the BS offer niche as profitable as gambling and betting?
  3. What results have we achieved? What approaches did you use? How much did we earn in a week?

What are BS offers and how do they work?

BS stands for Bunk Subscription. In affiliate marketing, a BS offer is a payment for a subscription to an online course, training program or other product that consists of several parts. Access is issued in stages. 

The user issues a trial for only 1-30 rubles. Only a few days later, the debiting of money by subscription begins (as a rule, once a week or once a month). Thanks to this model of work, the conversion to purchase increases significantly! A person gets access to a cool product for a penny, and only after a while pays the full cost. We have noticed the success of this model with such global giants as Spotify, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. The user is given almost a free trial period of use, and after that he switches to the standard tariff. During the trial, he gets used to the product, he likes it.

This way we get a great “white” product that can make money. 

What is the advantage of BS offers

Now the niche is a fresh and unused niche. The choice of offers and working methods is really huge. Most importantly, almost any traffic source will fit this topic, and, as we know, there are a lot of them. Each source has its own audience and operating principle. The essence of BS offers is that, as a rule, they are aimed at common interests and are suitable for audiences from any source. Topics: weight loss, rejuvenation, etc. That is why it is convenient to work with them. 

How did we prepare for the launch of the ad?

Before launching an advertisement, we decided to analyze the offer and its audience.

We started working with the Cheatmeal offer.

What is the essence of the product? The user indicates his parameters (height, weight, age, habits and preferences). Based on this, a weekly meal plan is selected for him, depending on the goals (weight loss, weight gain, maintaining tone). The client initially pays 1 ruble and gets access to the product. Further, according to the tariff, there are write-offs according to the tariff plan, which is updated every week.

Who is the target audience?

Age: 18-50 years (optimal age, because the topic is relevant at almost any age). We decided not to work with people under 18 because any ad network can take this badly and there can be problems with moderation. It makes no sense to be older than 50, because, most likely, there will be just schoolchildren who have set themselves a great age. Therefore, we take the age target of 18-50 years.

Gender: preferably female. Keep in mind, however, that men also need weight loss or muscle gain programs. Therefore, first we took men and women.

Main interests: sports, food, beauty and health (very popular interests with a huge audience).

What was our approach?

We realized that you can use any source, since everywhere there is an audience with such interests. Obesity is a massive problem. Also, do not forget about athletes and people who just want to eat right.

We have chosen 3 launch methods for ourselves:

1) Context and smart campaigns of Google and Yandex.

Why: The

ability to launch to the hottest audience for keywords or interests. Moreover, the audience is very large.

2) Facebook.


We have worked a lot with this source and have always noticed that the audience is of the highest quality and supportive of interaction with the product.

3) Purchase of advertising in VK and Instagram groups.


There are very few partners there now. Administrators are ready to sell ads very cheaply. 

TikTok is also perfect if you will send traffic with optimization (we will help you with this).


Launching ads has never been easier for us! First, we decided to run Facebook ads. Moderation lasted 10-15 minutes, after which the advertisement was approved! Even though FB did not become our main traffic source, it was profitable and could easily scale. We never got banned, all ads were approved. 

With less energy from Google and Yandex, we got much more clicks. The client was much cheaper. 

With the help of optimization, we have reduced the cost from 200 rubles to 100 rubles for a completed trial.

This is a great result! But it never hurts to use another ad source if it can also make money. Therefore, we found several public groups on VK and Instagram, and purchased advertising posts there:

Do you know about the trendy keto diet?

This is a diet that allows you to eat tasty and fatty foods without gaining weight. You can even lose weight on a keto diet! To do this, you need to correctly compose the menu.

It sounds complicated!

Take the test and get a monthly meal plan for just 1 ruble!

  • Cost per 1000 impressions of an advertising post: up to 50 rubles;
  • Click: about 1 ruble;
  • Subscription cost: 100 rubles.

Profit for the test week 

From all of the above sources, we received 18947 clicks in a week. 1,084 people paid for the trial.

The total income was 130,080 rubles. The total expenses amounted to about 150,000 rubles. 

We got the result: -20,000 rubles. But now the average cost of a subscription is no more than 100 rubles. We get 30% ROI and can scale.

After checking the traffic, the advertiser raised our subscription rate to 150 rubles. With the release of a larger volume, there is the potential to increase it to 200 rubles per subscription.

If you have your own groups in social networks, then the cost of advertising for you will be extremely low. 

This is our first test week. We are now gradually scaling our sources. There are also sources that we did not use, such as TikTok and MyTarget. 

These are large platforms with a suitable audience. You can get good conversions if you choose the right ads. The audience for white offers is large, and most importantly, there are no problems with advertising moderation.


We used the following banners in our advertisements:

We also used video. The videos are available at the link: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/IlfmhpAVJNCwCA The


BS offers are an excellent niche. “White” offers, useful product that people don’t get tired of. Most importantly, there are no problems with moderation! 

PS: write to your personal manager to connect the offer!

Danil Fokin and the Gambing.pro team were with you! 

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