Why conferences are useful and why you should attend them?


Annually, with the arrival of September, we step into the autumn season of conferences. Some eagerly await them, others steer clear, and while some adore these gatherings, others aren’t quite as enthusiastic.

Let’s explore a few different perspectives: attending as a participant or as a speaker.

First off, let’s talk about being just an attendee

  1.  A thematic conference is essentially a hub of people engaged in the same field as you. Some might already be successful, while others are still finding their way, but your paths in arbitrage are more or less similar. Sharing experiences is a given, although no one might spill their profitable secrets, at least not until everyone’s had a few drinks :). Discussing trends and potential growth directions can be incredibly insightful.

  2. You’ll get to meet all the significant market players. At the conference, you’ll come face to face with those CPA networks you’ve heard so much about but perhaps haven’t yet seen. You can approach them, learn about their niches and terms. Sure, you could do all this remotely. For example, our affiliates respond daily to dozens of messages from webmasters interested in working with us. Think about the time it takes to decide whom to work with. At a conference, you gather in one day what would usually take a week or more. And if you’re already working, it’s always nice to meet face-to-face with those you’ve communicated with online for so long.

  3. If representatives of other CPA networks are reading this, especially leaders, here’s something for you. Give your employees the chance to attend the conference, even if they’re not working a booth. Why? Because all the major players will be there. Some may call them competitors; we prefer to call them colleagues. It’s important to know your colleagues, face-to-face. Get to know them, assess their potential. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other companies helps you better navigate your own advantages and shortcomings and find your path more efficiently and productively.

  4. Next, for everyone. Use conferences as an entry point into the professional environment. Whether you’re just starting in affiliate marketing or new to arbitrage, attending a conference can quickly give you a sense of market trends and how to kickstart your work. Of course, having some theoretical knowledge helps you understand the discussions. Remember, presentations aren’t step-by-step guides but personal experiences. They usually discuss fresh, yet-to-be-exploited topics, but you should still analyze and adapt these to your reality.

  5. Conferences are where the main influencers of our ‘world’ gather. Breaking into this circle is tough and doesn’t happen overnight. They don’t arrive early or queue for entry. They stroll in leisurely, often closer to the after-party. But you can still meet them, understand who’s who, and why they’re popular. Maybe even grab their contact if you know why you need it and how to use it.

  6. The after-parties and pre-parties are also crucial components of conferences. The advantage? They are not a ‘format.’ Everyone mingles, chats, drinks, discusses work and more. If you’re debating whether to attend these gatherings – definitely do. Sometimes, you learn more there than at the conference itself.

  7. Another important point: Post-conference, you might be tired, catching up on sleep, digesting all the information. But remember, such events offer an incredible emotional and inspirational charge, plenty of memories until the next conference season.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a speaker but felt hesitant, know this: practically anyone with a story about their work can take the stage. If you have something to share but are shy, fearful, unsure, or have any other reason to shy away from a conference, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

  1. Being a speaker is a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand. If you’re leading a team, a useful service, or a CPA network, your presentation could attract a substantial and interested audience.

  2. You earn trust in the market. People start to view you more favorably. After all, the unknown is always daunting. But now, you’re known. You’re seen as both a colleague and a competitor by peers, and as a potential partner or client by others.

  3. There are several prestigious conferences where being a speaker is both important and necessary. It indicates that you’ve reached a certain level of trust; often, you’re not volunteering but are invited. If you’re invited, don’t turn it down.

  4. Remember, preparing for a presentation is primarily about organizing your own experience. You recall all your strategies, successful and not so successful. You draft a presentation and plan what to say. This is crucial as it allows you to analyze your work’s results and figure out the best way to present them.

  5. For speakers, just like regular attendees, conferences are a way to stay abreast of the current professional information stream. You listen, you speak. You can share your views on industry development, your ideas, and test these hypotheses for resilience. Sometimes, a presentation can be a game-changer, turning the industry upside down (in a good way).

  6. And, of course, an obvious point, but worth mentioning: practicing public speaking is something many fear and yet look forward to. In our industry, the ability to use speech effectively is vital. Public speaking before a large audience helps develop negotiation skills, which in turn greatly benefits your business building.

Today, almost every professional field has its thematic conferences, and ours is no exception. These events rapidly propel us and our work forward, developing the market where we all collaborate hand in hand. The benefits of participating in any capacity are numerous; you just need to stay focused and know why you’re attending.

Attending such events opens up a wide range of opportunities for professionals in this field. Regardless of the participation format, gambling conferences serve as a powerful tool for career development, knowledge and idea exchange, as well as for exploring new horizons in this rapidly evolving and dynamic sector. Remember, each event is a chance not only to learn something new but also to contribute to the future of the gambling industry.


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