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The United States of America is a country in North America with a vast territory inhabited by about 331.9 million people. This entire area is divided into 50 states and 1 federal district of Columbia. The capital is Washington, D.C., and the official language is English.

Every year on July 4th, American citizens celebrate Independence Day from Great Britain, the country that colonized America until 1783. It was in this year, after a long war, that the colonists won and the Constitution of the USA was adopted in 1787. This history has undoubtedly reflected on the state, its citizens, its development, and its gambling industry, of course.

As we have already said, England is considered the true homeland of gambling. English settlers, who came to colonize the new land, brought with them their lifestyle, culture, and traditions, which transformed under the influence of the local inhabitants and acquired new nuances.

The new settlers turned gambling into a real cult. Everything was at stake: money, jewels, free labor, and even personal freedom. Representatives of different classes often resolved their conflicts through gambling.

In 1610, the first bets on horse races were recorded. Over the next 100 years, settlers began to implement a system of taxation on gambling. It was through these taxes that they were able to start developing several major cities.

After 1787, the development of gambling only accelerated. Such entertainments were considered a true form of recreation, and enterprising Americans began organizing gambling cruises along the Mississippi River. These cruises, almost a century later, saved gamblers whom the Puritans actively fought to free the states from gambling.

By the end of the 19th century, almost everyone on the continent was gambling! New settlers from Africa, China, and other countries brought their games and rules, and that is why the American entertainment industry developed at such a rapid pace.

On the streets, they sold “loaded dice,” “lucky decks,” and avid gamblers bought all this straight from the hands of swindlers.

To attract even more players to casinos, Americans began to employ women as dealers, being the first to introduce this innovation.

In 1856, there were more than 100 gambling houses in San Francisco alone. The city was full of swindlers, prostitutes, and gamblers who flocked to the city in search of money and a good life.

It was in San Francisco that the world’s first slot machine was assembled. Perhaps that’s why Americans love spinning slots and consider them their national game.

In the famous Las Vegas, gambling was legalized only in 1931.

Today, gambling in the USA is legal, but with a lot of various restrictions. The rules and nuances of the game are regulated by federal laws, state laws, the Federal Gaming Commission, and the rules of the casino itself. Therefore, even in one city, the rules can vary greatly from one casino to another.

The largest gaming centers are considered to be Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and water casinos legalized in Louisiana and Illinois.

However, it should be noted that in 48 states, gambling in one form or another is allowed, and only in Hawaii and Utah is it completely prohibited.

Online gambling was legalized relatively recently and only in a few states. Online casinos are particularly popular today due to a general love for gambling and the active development of information and computer technologies.

Land-based casinos are mostly preferred by tourists who come from all over the world to the country.

Due to unclear and ambiguous decisions in the development of online gambling, the market is filled with a large number of casinos operating and registered based on other countries.

Why are we interested and profitable to work with Americans?

As we have already said, Americans are very fond of gambling – it is a national trait embedded by their ancestors.

They are cheerful and energetic. According to the inhabitants of the USA, an optimistic approach to life is much more correct and productive than a pessimistic one. That’s why they try to get upset minimally because of minor losses and problems.

The average wage in the USA is $905 per week. Therefore, when talking about the residents of the USA specifically as players, they fit perfectly into our target audience.

Currently, the proportion of Internet users in the USA is 88% of the total population, of which 68% prefer to use mobile internet, which is important to consider in targeting!

About social networks:

Facebook is one of the most popular networks among the entire population of the USA. Here they learn news, communicate, and share their interesting events.

Instagram – the second most popular network, where content is key. Americans love to actively share important life events and devote quite a lot of time to Instagram.

TikTok. A platform created for online bloggers. It’s a real community to which various brands and companies are actively connecting, and actively talking about their advantages and the work of their field in general.

Twitter still holds the bar. However, among Americans, there are predominantly readers, not “writers” 🙂

Snapchat – popular among the youth who strive to show their life without embellishments.

What creatives work?

The basics of creative development in the USA do not significantly differ from the principles applied in other regions. In terms of creating teasers, banners, posts, and other promotional materials (excluding pre-landers, where it’s important to focus on persuasion and develop a strategy for collecting traffic data, such as emails, retargeting), there are common approaches. As I mentioned in our previous publications, it’s important to adhere to certain restrictions in advertisements to avoid attracting an audience that we don’t need.

Avoid promises of quick enrichment, don’t use words like “free” (for example, in the context of deposits), and try to avoid mentions of making money online with similar proposals, as this attracts the wrong target audience. It’s not worth indicating deposit amounts in creatives and using motivating phrases, as this can lead to the rejection of your traffic.

Otherwise, there are many opportunities for experimentation in the process of creating creatives. It’s important to carefully study the terms of the offer and then boldly proceed to work.

It’s worth remembering that in the USA people have a good income, and they are led to casinos not by a financial pit from which they are trying to escape, but rather by the availability of free funds for gambling and the opportunity to have a good time. And if they manage to win something, even better, the feeling of excitement will be intensified by the taste of victory.

Video creatives showing streamers winning amounts and emotionally reacting to the win perform well. Also, animations of slot machines with winnings and SMS about the crediting of funds from the bank. An important point, such approaches may be applicable to many GEOs, so localize your creatives for your audience, the currency, the language spoken in the creative, and the bank from which the “SMS comes” should be local and make the lead understand that this offer did not come to them by chance and is made specifically for them.

Here are a couple of examples of creatives:

What do we offer for the USA market?

Slots Empire —

+ Statistics for FB reg2dep 1k7

+ CPA – $200

+ Minimum deposit – $10 USD


+ Statistics for FB reg2dep 1k6

+ CPA – $185

+ Minimum deposit – $20 USD

El Royale –

+ Statistics for FB reg2dep 1k4

+ CPA – $200

+ Minimum deposit – $10 USD

In conclusion, the USA is a very interesting GEO for traffic arbitrage, as Americans are very fond of gambling, which is part of their national character. They are characterized by cheerfulness and energy, preferring an optimistic approach to life. The average weekly salary in the USA is quite high, making Americans an ideal target audience for the gaming industry. Also, as we have established, most use mobile internet, which will allow you to more targetedly build your advertising campaigns. Pay attention to the tips for creating creatives and then the chance that you will generate quality traffic will increase significantly!

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