Case: Earning $3,920 from Telegram Channels with Betting Predictions – Offers in GAMBLING.PRO / ROI 300%+


Hello everyone! This is GamblingPro! 

Today we’re going to look at a working case study on how to funnel traffic to betting offers from your own Telegram channels.

Let’s dive into the work scheme:

  1. Choosing the Payment Model for the Offer – CPA or RevShare
  2. Creating Content and Telegram Channels
  3. Creating Content and Instagram Profiles
  4. Monitoring the Market, Creating Creatives
  5. Creating Links, Setting up Analytics
  6. Targeting and Buying Traffic in Insta-Stories
  7. Efficiency Analysis, Optimization
  8. Increasing Conversion of the Funnel


  1. What Payment Models Exist, and Which One to Choose?


Rates on RS range from 10 to 70% (On average 30-50).

It’s important to clarify the calculation model. There are two:

  1. a) GGR

Your income at GGR can be described by the formula = A – B, where

A – the total amount of player bets

B – the sum of losses/wins

i.e., % of the revenue profit/loss of the bookmaker

It’s always important to pay attention because 30% GGR can be more than 70% NGR.

  1. b) NGR – they give a % of the net profit of the casino, i.e., it may include all taxes, provider commissions, etc.

In the case of RS, if the sum of winnings is greater than losses for the period, your income can go negative.

In this case, there are three scenarios:

  1. i) The deficit is fully carried over to the next period.
  2. ii) The deficit is carried over by 50%.

iii) The deficit is zeroed.

2.CPA: these are rates for an action, for example:

2-3 $ per lead (registration/install)

6-50 $ per deposit (depends on GEO. For Russia, the average rate is $40. If the offer accepts CIS countries, then the average rate is $25-30).

Conditions and qualifications for Russia and CIS:

Minimum deposit from 10 to 1500 rubles, it is most profitable to funnel offers with a minimum deposit of 250-500 rubles for better conversion. It is important to ensure further processing of leads for repeat bets and deposits. This will allow for more loyal terms on hold and rate increase in the future.

Hold 7-30 days

Wagering a certain amount (wager) / Number of bets.

With this payment model, any activity (first deposit) usually enters the statistics, and further qualification can be clarified with your manager.

Repeat rate of 100% in 14 days

Moving on…

  1. Creating a Free Channel Algorithm:

1.We start with channel registration, come up with a name, attach an avatar, fill in descriptions (the admin’s personal contacts must be indicated in the description), create a private link (immediate subscription):

  1. Filling the channel with initial content:

Welcome post – who you are and what you do

There should be a story about how betting came into your life and changed it radically. Just betting is not the path to victory, and we have a unique strategy developed by a team of pros, and all our algorithms are the result of painstaking work and analytics over several years;

Instruction post – about the channel and how to use it, navigation. Ideally, describe everything clearly and ask acquaintances to test the user flow. Is everything clear and convenient for them?;

Freebie post – discount, contest, bonus for channel subscribers;

Interval between publications +/- 1 day

Here we will post a small part of the forecasts from the private chat, luring everyone there

  1. Boosting subscribers and views on the first posts.

There are many sites for boosting. We chose the fastest and most affordable based on experience.

Service for boosting: – service website


For boosting, we did:

3000 – 5000 subscribers to the channel;

4000 – 5000 views on the first posts;

2500 – 3000 views on the first predictions;

Steps 1-3 are needed to create the appearance of a lively and interesting channel, and start buying traffic on Instagram.

  1. Predictions

We make 2-3 predictions a day on the free channel and 5-7 predictions on the paid channel.

  1. Final Analytics and Reviews

At the end of each day, we post a summary of analytics on past predictions, income, and reviews.

Periodically (1-2 times a week), you can post that only a small part of the winning predictions is published on the free channel and that the main win passes by those who have not bought a subscription. This can be visually represented with graphs, screenshots, reviews, diagrams.

  1. Paid Channel Algorithm with Prediction Mailings:

First, repeat steps 1-2 as for the free channel.

It is not necessary to boost the paid channel with subscribers and views.

The fewer people there, the more sense of privacy)

Regarding content on the paid channel:

  • Bets should have “fatter” coefficients;
  • More predictions than on the free channel;
  • Predictions for different sports;
  • Prediction success rate over 80%;
  • Interaction with leads (managers needed):
  • To communicate and sell subscriptions;
  • To control access on the paid channel;
  • (!) Subscription price from $15 to $200 (from 3 days to 1 year).

Creating an Insta-profile from scratch:

  1. If you don’t want to “expose” your face in the betting theme;
  2. Don’t want to bother searching for a blogger;


  • Luxury life in the feed, expensive cars, the latest iPhone, bundles of money
  • Live luxury in stories for constant image maintenance
  • Predictions in stories
  • Daily summaries in stories
  • Reviews of the channel for trust in stories

Work Algorithm:

  • Post 20-30 posts in the feed
  • Boost 3-15k subscribers
  • Boost 1.5-2k likes on photos + comments
  1. Adapting Your Profile, Searching for a Blogger:

Content – the same as on the channel.

Old posts, if any, do not need to be removed from the feed, just overlay them with 10-20 new thematic posts over a few days.

If you had normal activity in your account before, you won’t need to boost likes and comments to “revive” your profile.

(!) Profile = Social Proof

Where to find inspiration?

We generate ideas for our creatives ourselves. First, we made videos as best we could, then moved to professional equipment. Filmed in several takes, added effects and infographics.

You can and should:

Watch ads in your stories – often, cappers advertise there, and if you have a male profile from the target GEO – you can see this ad.

You can also catch other people’s creatives from Insta stories in spy services. For example, the service for finding creatives Adlover.

  1. Funneling to Your Pre-Landing + FB Pixel:

First, you need to buy a domain and hosting;

Copy or create your own pre-landing under TG

Integrate FB pixel on the pre-landing;

Funnel with optimization for transitions to the channel;

You can simply funnel by a link to the channel (like we do)

Their redirect looks like this:

  1. FB campaign goal – “traffic”. Link to the channel
  2. Target – 20+ Russia and CIS (depending on GEO offer)
  3. Splitting the campaign by GEO if you work with several GEOs at once: You can split, or you can not.
  4. Devices – mobiles and only mobiles)
  5. Placement – Instagram + stories (others off)
  6. Budget from $10 per Adset
  7. Test 5-7 ad sets with one video

  1. How to Analyze Campaigns:

Measure the number of subscribers in Telegram and Instagram;

Pour 5-10 ad sets for testing (within a day);

Turn off the most expensive ad sets that didn’t bring subscriptions;

Calculate costs and convert clicks to subscribers on Telegram and Instagram at the end of the day;

Check the stats in the affiliate network, compare profit with costs))

Our Observations:

If an ad set starts with a high CPM and click price, the price will continue to rise

Conversion to channel subscribers is about 30-40% (on the private link);

From channels, we convert about 10% of subscribers back to our Instagram;

In 24 hours, the campaign breaks even or makes 50-70% profit, which comes a bit later (2-7 days);

  1. Tricks to Increase Ad Conversion:

Trash-video – outrageous videos lower click prices and increase subscription conversion (you can throw a bundle of fakes out of your car window on the fly);

Video quality – the better, the higher CTR and cheaper click;

Luxury must flash in the frame for conversion and trust;

Calls to action – must mention swipe for channel change/life change/free bet;

Confidence and charisma of the actor delivering the speech;

  1. Tricks to Increase Channel Conversion:

Raffles for subscriptions to the paid chat;

Price increases and deadlines until the next subscription price hike (can be timed to popular events);

Promotions for 2-3 hours on subscription discount

  1. Results of Our Work


Offer – Mostbet

GEO – Russia, Ukraine

Starting rate – $25 / $20

Increased rate – $27 / $27

Pouring period – 01.05.23 – 06.10.23

FB expenses – 1,233,817 rubles

Poured – 1,834 first deposits

Income from referrals – 3,123,302 rubles

Channel purchases – 1,836,000 rubles

Profit amount – 4,959,302 rubles

Total ROI – 301%


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