Manual: How to Profitably Pour Installs


As you know, we have been successfully distributing casino apps for installs for a long time. To save our webmasters from struggling, it would be logical to explain how to profitably pour them.

Let’s start from the beginning.

First, write to your manager and ask for the app and naming. Next, you need a creative.

Where to find it? There are really 3 options:

– Spy on it in a spy-service

– Borrow a creative from a casino’s Instagram account.

– Invent your own (from scratch or compile from borrowed ones)

How to Avoid Rejections

A great way is to use video creatives. Often, the reason for poor conversion is actually poor creative. We recommend using creatives related to earnings and winnings, but it’s very important to avoid formulations like “invest $10, win $10,000”. The main focus should be on excitement, big money, and the opportunity to change your life.

As you understand, the advertiser is actually not interested in the installation, they need deposits. If you run a good ad campaign that brings a lot of installs, you must understand that the advertiser may still find something to nitpick about.

If you’ve taken someone else’s ready-made video creative, you need to make it unique. For this, you need to change the video/audio sequence.

I.e., apply filters, insert texts, make a cut from different videos.

Another option, if you’re too lazy to work on uniqueness, is to simply re-save the video through a program like Adobe Premiere or similar.

Well, our creative is ready. We have an account, we pour with optimization for installation. Our target audience: men aged 25-45, without specifying interests.


If your account isn’t very trustworthy (little/no advertising), it’s better to start with 1 ad campaign, 1 ad set, 1 ad. Keep the daily budget at around $100-150, with an install price on iOS of $1.8-2, on Android $0.6-1. Why $100-150? Because $50 might take a long time to ramp up, and if it doesn’t go well, we’ll shut it down quickly, but more on that later 🙂 Placement in Instagram feed.


For an adequate understanding of RR (KPI), we need to pour about 50-100 installs RR (KPI) per week. Why about 50-100 and why per week? Because we make payments on a weekly basis, Mon-Sun. Why exactly 50-100? You can do more, just up to 50-100 it doesn’t reflect reality well, with a small volume the RR percentage is “blurred”. Example: 30 installs, the next day 5 people open the app, RR – 16.7%, but if 6 open, then 20%, if not 5 but 4, then 13%, the percentage fluctuates greatly, and the smaller the number of installs, the less clear the picture. And our payment depends on RR. The more installs, the clearer the situation, just don’t go overboard.


Suppose you launched an ad campaign, but the first installs are coming in at a very high price. In this case, stop the campaign and restart it.

This is called “ad set didn’t work”, in FB you can create 5 identical ad sets with the same target and creatives, and all 5 will have completely different metrics. Therefore, if you launched and it didn’t go (expensive install), it makes sense to stop the ad campaign, create a new one, and launch 🙂 How much money do you need to spend to understand that “ad set didn’t catch”? – Sometimes an install costs $3 but after 3 installs it will be $1.

When to halt? If 2-4 lead prices have rolled over and the ad set is still not great, it’s time to turn it off (installs at $10). If after 2-3 lead prices the ad set pours at 0, that is, installs at the payment price – you can give it a chance and wait for a few more installs

If 1 creative didn’t launch on 4-5 ad sets – then it’s definitely bad, no point in testing further. Out of 10 different creatives usually about 3 work well, just delete the rest 🙂 Creative – this is video + text. Changing anything in this combination, you can get completely different results.

All we need, for example, when we pour iOS for installs, is that the install costs about $1.8-2, and we get $3, and acceptable RR (more than 20%). Accordingly, when the cap will be more than 1000 installs daily, $1 profit per install will be an excellent result 🙂

In conclusion, this is all Iwanted to tell you today about working for install. In short, we pay attention to the lead price and how the ad set behaves after launch. This way you will protect yourself from losing funds and be able to optimize your advertising campaigns

 That’s how we work, and that’s how we suggest you work 🙂

If you have questions, you can ask our managers at, we will help you figure it out and pour in the plus 🙂



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