GAMBLING.PRO CASE : 70% ROI with Push Notifications


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Today let’s talk about gambling in push notifications and how to earn from it.

I started pouring traffic on November 23 and finished on December 27. Initially, there were tests, then breaks, waiting for feedback, and so on. In the end, it flowed well for about two weeks. Only one campaign was always launched, and I couldn’t scale it up.

First, let’s understand what Push traffic is?

Push traffic is a type of traffic generated through push notifications. These notifications are sent to users on mobile devices or computers, usually for advertising purposes. Users receive these notifications because they have previously subscribed to them, often while visiting a website or using an app. Push traffic differs from other advertising formats in its unobtrusiveness and ability to attract user attention, making it an effective tool in digital marketing.

Why Push?

Push notifications stand out with almost 100% visibility, not getting lost among other ads and drawing user attention. The main audience for push advertising are real people who have subscribed to the notifications. High CTRs were noticed immediately after the introduction of push notifications, and they continue to show good results thanks to user loyalty. Push traffic has the advantage of being cheaper than other channels. Moreover, push notifications have a more loyal content policy, allowing the advertising of a wide range of offers without the need for cloaking.

There are many networks to buy push traffic online, for example:

RichAds, MegaPush, PropellerAds, Zeropark, and many others, so finding the right one for you won’t be difficult))

What are push notifications made of?

Sructure of Push Notification

Since push notifications are a regular notification, push looks very similar. 

It also consists of a small image – an icon. Accompanied by two lines of text: a headline and message text. All this is complemented by a large picture.


Let’s talk a bit about how to make the right creative! I saw a big mistake by arbitrageurs who poured a huge number of registrations and did not get deposits AT ALL

In my opinion, there are two reasons why:

1) There is no call to action, namely, to replenish the balance in the creative

2) Running ads during the daytime on weekdays

I used several approaches that almost always resulted in 70-100% ROI. Let’s take a closer look below

Option 1:




Main picture:

Option 2


HEADLINE:Wygraj dzisiaj🎁

TEXT: zarejestruj się i dokonaj wpłaty

Main picture:

Option 3


HEADLINE: Gratulacje Wygraj dzis❗

TEXT:  Zarejestruj się i zdobądź gorące wygrane!🔥

Main picture:

As you can see, all creatives have a short hook in the headline, a brief description with a call to action, and are supported by a thematic picture/icon.

If you say that you give a free bonus or free spins, then the user enters, plays for free, and leaves. We specify the target action, just avoid misleading and do not promise anything that the user will not receive, otherwise, you have a huge chance of getting bad feedback from the advertiser


  • Total Revenue: $5348
  • Spent: $2139 + ~$1000 approximately went on testing creatives, offers, and landings. Total = $3139
  • Net Income: $2209
  • ROI: 70%
  • Mobile traffic only.
  • I split 3 offers: IceCasino, Hit’n’Spin, Verde

The highest EPC was shown by Icecasino, but I didn’t manage to pour it properly, but I think that at volume the average value will tend to $0.1 EPC.

Choosing pre-landers is also an important point in pouring, not only with push, in general, from any source. In our practice, it happened that a quality product did not convert due to a negligent attitude towards choosing a landing, as a result, lost money.

Here are some recommendations:

The landing should not be overloaded with information and various texts, this is stressful.

The functionality of all interactive elements, buttons, wheel of fortune, animations, everything should work like clockwork

The call to action should be well readable and lead the user to make a registration and deposit

It’s also good if there are reminders about the urgency of the offer on the landings like “only today”, “only now”, etc.

Next, let’s look at the pre-landers and landings from this pour and discuss why I chose them

Top Pre-landers

Let’s go in order)

The first in our statistics is Hit’n’Spin. Everything is maximally simple here. Convenient registration form with simple indication of email and password at registration. 

2 steps and voila the user is already ready to make a deposit, the currency is set by default when pouring on GEO.

Moreover, to the right of the registration form, there is an indication of deposit bonuses and free spins.


Next, VerdeCasino.

Immutable classic. The pre-land with a wheel has always worked well in all sources, and as a rule, we at GamblingPro always try to request such pre-landers at the start, because they give good conversions))

Here we have everything in the style of the top game with SweetBonanza designed for the brand design. Various bonuses and free spins that the player can “win”. This means that the game starts even before registration and the first deposit. The user gets involved in the product at this stage and then inertially moves to the real slots.

Verde Casino


And finally, IceCasino

Here we have a land with a welcome bonus for the player, which he can take by clicking a button. There’s no interactivity here, instead, there’s the styling of the popular game Fishman and, of course, the design of the product itself, it looks beautiful, and the bonuses and gifts for players look even more beautiful))

Ice Casino

In conclusion, today we discussed what push traffic is and how it performs in gambling, what can be the costs for traffic and common mistakes of arbitrageurs in working with it. We also looked at the landings and pre-landers that I used in this case, as well as the key points to pay attention to when choosing a landing. The combination definitely has the potential for scaling, due to increasing the budget, testing new creatives while following the recommendations, and also buying traffic in other networks. Try, experiment and find your converting approach, and our team will be happy to help!

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