Earning $2000+ on cloaca and PWA apps. Successful case from a partner Gambling.pro.


Hey! I’m Nikita, Affiliate Manager. Today we will analyze a case from the team that is now working and getting good conversions with PWA applications.

This article is a mini interview. I asked our partner questions and wrote down the answers. I am sure everyone will find it useful and interesting to know how everything works and how much money can be earned. Let’s go!

Topics for discussion:

  • Team composition and traffic sources;
  • What is the daily traffic volume?;
  • How did you get started with cloaca and PWA applications?;
  • What is the result now?;
  • What launch format they used and what advice they can give.

Team composition and traffic sources:

Initially, I worked alone. I recently took on several farmers to my team. They work remotely and create more than 40 work accounts every day, which is more than enough for me alone. I started by buying accounts, then I created them myself. But I also have the main job, so I could not devote too much time to it. Therefore, I decided to hire employees, I have money for this. We have been working in this format for the second month already. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for six months, but I already have a lot to tell you about.

We mainly run Facebook ads. At first, we worked with applications from Play Market and App Store. I managed to make money, I had a good personal manager. He is constantly in touch, and solves all my questions, although at the start of work there were a lot of them. Thank you for helping me figure this out.

What is the daily traffic volume?

Now we also focus on common applications and try to run them at least in split tests along with PWA applications. This allows you to compare conversions and diversify risks. Our traffic is distributed in a ratio of 30 to 70, in favor of PWA applications.

More specifically, we are now working with an offer in the CIS (I don’t want to name it because of the competition). We manage to receive approximately 20-25 deposits. Of these, Webview – up to 5 first deposits, PWA – up to 15 first deposits. Now we are actively working only with FB, although we have tested other sources as well. But as a result, we came to the conclusion that nothing is better than FB :).

How did you get started with cloaca and PWA applications?

This is probably the most interesting question, since I started from scratch and did not understand anything at all. I followed the most common and thorny path – working with FB. Facebook is not easy to work with. All the time, something is being updated, banned, changed. If you stop working for at least 2 weeks, you can miss the information you need. You will have to learn it in chats, from friends, managers, and so on.

I’ve been dealing with Facebook for a very long time. I started working when it was still possible to launch accounts for $0.6 and everything worked (not always, but it worked). I have faced various difficulties that might frighten many. But complexity is not a problem for me. 

I continued to work and after 3-4 weeks began to launch a large volume (as I thought at that time, 20-25 accounts per day). I began to understand what was happening, and even earned the first money, which I was very happy about.

I am always testing something new to be the first or one of the first. This helps to quickly come to success if you have chosen the right path. 

Getting started with the cloaca was 100% the right decision. Before that, I managed to get 5-7 first deposits every day, it was fine with me. I tried to grow, hired farmers and increased the amount of money in circulation. But at one point, I realized that I was overtaken by problems with applications. I didn’t have a team and had the main job. It was hard for me to deal with it. My farmers couldn’t cope with finding new ways to work together. We were constantly faced with bans and limits. 

I temporarily stopped work. I tried to learn chatbots and TikTok. After a week of hard work on it, I realized it was the same path. You need to understand, delve into and, as I later realized, have an even larger budget for tests (provided that I have no experience). But I didn’t give up. 

One day Nikita wrote to me. It’s very nice when they don’t forget about you and offer something new. He suggested that I check out the @GamblingPro_Cloaking_bot bot. He became a breath of fresh air for me. With it, I was able to start working almost immediately and after 3 days I received 10+ deposits. I decided to increase the volume.

What’s the result now?

I did everything as my manager told me (I’m sure it was difficult for him, but he did his job well). I launched into split, cloaca and PWA. Through experience, I came to the conclusion that it is more convenient for me to work with PWA applications. Everything was better: conversion, retention, and the rest. So I continued to work with the PWA.

Are you wondering why I am currently driving traffic to the Webview application? I explain: since the cloaca was just a test for me, and now I’m testing not only one geo, I need to start from something. I have always worked with Facebook, so regular applications are more convenient for me. Nikita said that this should be done. I didn’t understand why, but I trusted him. Now I understand why it was necessary.

I always test the same offer on both PWA and Webview. This way you can find out what gives the best conversion. Now the situation with accounts has stabilized and I have learned to work with applications. 

Statistics for August.

What launch format did you use and what advice can you give?

My system is used not only by me, but also by my farmers. They used to work with cloaca and roughly understood what worked better.

Therefore, we immediately decided to launch advertising in 4 formats:

  • Normal cloaca for the “Traffic” type (without optimization);
  • Normal cloaca for the “Conversion” type (with optimization);
  • PWA for the “Traffic” type;
  • PWA for the “Conversions” type.

We did this to get statistics and understand what works best. 

I have allocated 15 accounts for each of the formats. My farmers created a lot of accounts, so they had to be used somehow.

My tests gave a lot of information. We communicated with the programmers through Nikita and came to the following launch system:

  1. Launch PWA for conversions;
  2. We get 20-30 clicks (no pixel);
  3. After these cheap clicks, we send events to my pixel;

Thus, all conversions are clearly recorded.

This does not take into account the problems with accounts that we saw on the PWA (there were risks and system bypasses. There is nothing moreto tests. 🙂

Now I understand as clearly as possible that this works effectively. I’m willing to scale the PWA even more, but it takes time.

Now the team is doing well. They are actively developing in this direction and set the pace for working with the cloaca for everyone. We already have much more expertise in this matter. We can easily help you get started and get the result no worse than in the case.

At the end of each such case, we always leave the team’s contacts so that you have the opportunity to communicate with them and learn something directly. Our partner said: “So all this information can be learned through you. If I advise everyone, then pay me: DD.” Therefore, in theory, you can write to him, his name is Egor.

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are always in touch.


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