Efficient Keitaro Settings: One Naming for Multiple GEOs and Offers!


Hello everyone) It’s GamblingPro with you! Today, we will learn how to launch traffic with a single naming for an app in such a way as to distribute traffic to offers within a single campaign in Keitaro. Currently, the standard work with offers looks like this: within one offer, through a bot, you create a naming by inserting a flow link, and to pour different offers into one app, for example, 5 pieces, you need to create 5 namings, which slightly increases the time for launching.

Therefore, today we will discuss a convenient way of working with apps with a single naming, which, in the long run, can save you a ton of time if you are launching from 50 accounts a day. This is mainly for the guys who use a tracker for their work, I use — Keitaro.

I suggest we break our topic into several articles, namely into two parts, where I will discuss two formats of working, dividing them by the complexity of campaign setup. Today, we’ll look at the beginner level, which I’m confident will suit you for starting work with the tracker.

Guys who use the tracker and integrate into our apps do everything exactly as described in the manual — Wrapping the tracker link, to make everything work correctly, you first need to do all that is written there. It talks about how to pour one offer through one flow link, now I will tell you how to make it so that you can use only one integration link (which you send to us), but at the same time, you will be able to pour several offers, dividing them by geo.

Let’s break it all down with an example: I’m a webmaster currently working with 3 offers:

  • Valor;
  • Maxbet;
  • GG Bet PL.

If I were satisfied with only the initial manual, I would have had to create a separate campaign for each offer and send three integration links to my personal manager, and he would have given me three different namings. Launching each of the offers, I would have had to insert different namings, which is not very convenient, especially as I get more and more offers to pour.

Therefore, there is a solution, obvious for some, but maximally useful for others. We can add several flow links (under each offer) within a single campaign, but it’s important to add them under different GEOs! That is, if I have several offers for Ukraine in my campaign, our method will not work.

What does it involve? I’ll tell you. We need to divide by the filter — “Country” within each flow that we create within a single campaign, so your settings look like this:

In this case, we add a standard filter by country, and we are given one naming that can be used to pour on all three offers. Consequently, your buyers will not need to create a separate campaign for themselves, and you will be able to see all the statistics within one campaign.

After these tracker settings, it will be enough for me to send only the integration link of this campaign to my personal manager, and he will give me a naming for the application: Magical Amulet:


Consequently, I can simply launch with one naming and set only the country target, and everything will fly correctly to you in Keitaro and the affiliate network, because within your campaign the tracker will itself distribute the traffic where it needs to go. It remains only to add your metrics in the sub (the tail of the naming) that you need to know when viewing statistics in the affiliate program, for example:


  • magicalamulet_46573_ValorKreo1buyer2Nikita
  • magicalamulet_46573_MaxbetKreo2buyer3Max
  • magicalamulet_46573_GGkabinet125324352buyerOleg


In this way, you will have the opportunity to divide not only by offers but also by buyers, to collect statistics within one campaign. At the same time, you can send the integration link to your manager once and pin it in the chat, so you don’t have to constantly drop it. Plus, you can change the list of offers inside the campaign and set your settings.

Summarizing all of the above, I want to focus attention on the fact that this is a small part of our approach that specifically works for us. These settings are not final or the only possible ones, they are more initial and efficient when working with the tracker. I am always open to questions and suggestions, so if you have ideas but not a clear understanding of their implementation — write, we’ll figure it out together).

That’s all for today, keep an eye on our GamblingPro blog to not miss new features and useful tips for working with gambling!



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