Top Convertible Combinations for Working with Gambling and Betting Offers in 2024


Hello everyone! In this article, I’ve decided to compile a top list of convertible combinations for working with Gambling and Betting offers that can be used in 2024. Let’s go through everything step by step 🙂

Facebook / Instagram + Google Play mobile apps

This working combo came to us over a year ago, but its effectiveness has not diminished. Mobile apps have solved many urgent problems for arbitrators and significantly simplified their work with Facebook and Instagram.

If an arbitrator doesn’t create traffic-draining apps themselves but takes them from an affiliate network, for example,…))) then the main part of their work boils down to:

– Acquiring advertising accounts and payment solutions;

– Monitoring spy services and updating creatives;

– Uploading and re-uploading advertising campaigns in the ad manager;

Basically, not that much work remains, right?

Spy services our team uses for finding creatives for FB:








P.S. When working with mobile apps from Google Play, you don’t necessarily have to make creatives unique, you can take ready-made options directly from the spy service and copy or distribute the same successful creative across multiple campaigns and accounts.

What creatives are currently doing well on Facebook and Instagram?

By the way, webmasters can request from their personal manager an archive of creatives for Facebook and Instagram that previously gave us a good install and deposit price. These creatives can be used as examples – make similar videos and get new conversions!

Targets we use when working with FB:

Everything is quite simple and nothing new, so I’ll write very briefly:

– Male 21-65+

– Target by GEO

– We don’t use interest targeting as it significantly increases CPM and click price

– Placements we work with – Instagram feed, stories, and Facebook feed, audience network, video with bonuses;

Overall – that’s all. Using this data, you can start working with Facebook. To get access to mobile apps for FB, contact your personal manager (their contact details are on the main page in your personal cabinet, top right).

Google + brand context. Casino and BK

This combo converts well because it attracts a hot target audience ready to spend their money!

You can use not only the target brand’s keywords but also those of its competitors, in which case the traffic quality might slightly drop, but will still remain high.

How to search for keywords?

To start pouring brand context, you need to compile a list of popular casinos/bookmakers in specific target countries where you will be buying traffic. For this, you can use the service, there are several categories for sorting, including casinos, lotteries, poker, and bookmakers.

From here you can actually collect all the brands of interest from Russia and the CIS. Collecting keys from top platforms is not so easy, but you can ask for these keys from your personal manager at, we are happy to share all the information with our partners 🙂

Special pre-landing

You can pour brand context with or without a pre-landing. The difference will be felt in conversion and in mechanics.

The first option, if you work with a regular pre-land, you can use any keys of any bookmakers/casinos that carry any traffic. On bookmakers, the conversion will definitely be much lower, so I do not recommend doing this, but you can pour on casinos because here the brand is not as important as the bonuses and privileges it gives. So, we take a pre-land with a “fatter” bonus and go ahead! 🙂

The second option, which I recommend using when working with BK – select for traffic drain 2-3 popular competitive brands, whose keys carry the largest volume of traffic. Make special pre-landings with a registration form, styled under those brands whose keys you use.

you can see an example of working with this approach by the keys of 1xBet:

Here he uses a ready-made pre-landing from the advertiser, but, in principle, even if such a pre-landing is not available, but the advertiser provides an API for the registration form – then it can be made on request through your personal manager 🙂

This is necessary so that people who are looking for one bookmaker’s office register in another.

Ads may look like this:

This is an example from Google by the key 1xbet.

So, you can pour not only bookmakers but also casinos. For example:

The first and third ads cloaked me, the second ad pours some arbitrator on the wheel-of-fortune offer SoL Casino:

With cloaking or without, Google ad accounts with casino or BK advertising live very little, just a few hours, so to  pour in this way you will need a well-adjusted farm.

Google + thematic keys context for casinos

With this combo, you will also attract very interested and high-quality traffic to the product, which will definitely meet the advertiser’s KPI.

The main question: what thematic keys can be used to launch ads, and where to look for them at all? Moreover, many keys, directly or indirectly related to casino products, are banned. For example, the key “casino” has long been banned, ads with the key “volcano” pass only manual moderation. What to do at all?

Checking the viability of any found key is quite easy – you can just type it into Google and see if anyone is buying ads by it.

How to find thematic keys in Russia and other countries?

I have found one very simple and effective algorithm for searching keys for myself:

We are looking for popular games in a specific country, we will need their names.

Then we combine these names with the following words:

– slots

– win

– game

– play

– slots

– demo

For example:

– slots 777

– win slots

– slots strawberries

– slots safes

– slots pearls

– slots book of ra

– game safes

– game strawberries

– slots 777

– play strawberries

– play 777

– slots play

– demo slots

Kind of like this constructor 🙂 then we check what came out, in, this way I always manage to find several good keys with traffic in each country.

P.S. Keys obtained in this way are usually very targeted, and they can be confidently used to launch campaigns – profit is inevitable! 🙂

Google / Yandex + SEO + doorways

If you want to bring casino SEO traffic to your casino site from Yandex and Google, you can’t do without doorways. Why not? Because just like that, without the help of these intermediate pages, in such a competitive and oversaturated niche as casinos, it will be very difficult for your site to compete for top spots with its ancient competitors. To promote doorways, we use special methods that allow us to break them into the top of the search results practically by any target requests.

By the way, your casino site will definitely have problems with RKN sooner or later. I will tell you what we can do about this, using the trends of 2019… I will tell you in the next block. But for now, let’s deal with doorways.

Promoting a site using doorways can be attributed to black methods of work and it is not welcomed by search engines. The latter, in turn, constantly improve their algorithms, in order to exclude pages with low-quality content from the index.

Doorways can be of several types:

Absolutely meaningless pages with a set of words and keys – unfortunately, this does not work now, such sites are cut out very quickly, especially in Yandex, which is very good at recognizing semantics.

Imitation of sites with content – such doorways can be very similar to ordinary sites, review sites, or article sites, and can live in search engines for quite a long time.

But where to get such a huge amount of unique content? Because only it will be ranked by search engines… For the automation of creating doorways, the following text processing methods are usually used:

– Synonymizing

– Search engine snippets

– Translators (like Google Translate)

Synonymizing should be used with caution, because the output may contain texts with very meaningless and unnatural phrases, which will become a red signal for search engines. Combining snippets and translations of foreign texts is basically what I recommend using. In snippets, search engines publish the most valuable and useful information regarding a given search key, plus the info in them usually does not repeat, that is, it is diverse. Text composed of snippets is well ranked due to such optimization. Translators also work well if the texts you translate are written grammatically correctly, without the use of little-known, specific, slang words, constructions, and expressions. In short, if the text is without all this – then Google translator translates it almost perfectly in terms of readability in Russian.

Next, the text obtained by one of these methods is optimized by the necessary key requests for us.

What you will need to start working with doorways?

– Dorgen

– Hosting and domains (the cheapest)

– A list of target key requests

– Technical skills, patience, creativity))

Among dorgens, popular and decent programs:


This dorgen is installed on your server. With its help, you can create text and video doorways.


This dorgen is installed on a computer. It has a lot of flexible settings, templates, it is good at working with texts and supports various generation algorithms.

Both software programs are good, both have many functions, all the basics and not only are there:

– Generating static pages

– Generating

 dynamic pages (cloaking)

– Parsing texts from other sites or from snippets

– Uploading your texts

– Text operations: randomization, inserting keys, interlinking

and much more, read better on their websites 🙂

Both programs are paid. If you want to work with a large number of sites and domains, I recommend choosing seodor. If you do not plan to, then Pandora has a more convenient interface and more opportunities for text processing, but it is not convenient to work with a large number of sites with it.

Among simple and free programs, just to try, there is it is installed on a pc. With its help, you can generate simple website templates. There is randomization of uploaded texts, does not know how to parse.

  1. Hosting and domains for doorways

You can use different free hosts or buy the cheapest domains and hostings.

Both options have their pros and cons. Working with free hosts, you immediately get all the trust of the platform and the free use of everything, but at the same time, such services often encounter restrictions on the scripts uploaded to the site, for example, php and js are prohibited.

If you are working with freshly registered domains, you need to understand that most of the cheap domain zones have long been occupied by doorway makers, and buying such a domain will not be an additional factor increasing the trust of search engines in your site. Of course, there is a way out. After buying a domain, you can upload a small content site to it and let it hang for a couple of months. During this time, search engines will understand that there is definitely not a doorway on the domain, and over time they will give the domain more trust, which will help your future doorway, which you will soon pour into this place, to last longer…)))





– – free

– – free

  1. Key requests

Definitely, you should not optimize your doorways for popular and competitive HF. The issuance of such requests is monitored by search engine employees in manual mode, so if your doorway suddenly flies to the top of the search for a high-frequency key – within a few hours it will be banned. You will not be happy for long.

Therefore, for promoting doorways, it is best to use LF and some MF thematic keys.

You can very simply and quickly collect such requests using 

  1. Technical skills, patience, creativity

To work with doorways, you will have to figure out the dorgen, most likely you will have to write simple scripts in js and php, supplementing the purchased program. For all this, you need to be technically savvy at least at the level of understanding the principle of code construction and setting an adequate task for the specialist. Then you can order all this on FL for a reasonable price. Patience will be needed in order not to rush and do everything gradually and as naturally as possible for search engines. Creativity is one of the most important components of a good doorway, because the automatic generation of high-quality, almost meaningful texts filled with the keys you need is practically an art!

SEO sites + PWA

If you have your own casino site with thematic traffic coming to you from search or doorways, it doesn’t matter, then you can optimize your site’s work with incoming mobile traffic using PWA applications.

And now I will tell you how PWA can help your site.

First, what I mentioned earlier – optimization of work with mobile traffic. Using PWA applications of offers on the site will simplify the work of users with the platforms of advertisers, increase the conversion of traffic to registrations and deposits (on average by 30%, relative to traffic drain to a mobile landing), as well as in repeat deposits. This significantly increases the income of webmasters working on the RevShare model. In such applications, you can set up automatic login and push notifications, as in ordinary native applications.

You can place PWA offers on your site, and, for example, in the casino rating, show users coming from mobile devices, instead of the “play” button, the “download application” button.

Second, how PWA can help us… You can make your site a PWA application. This will give it several advantages over other sites that do not have a PWA version:

Increased trust and higher ranking in search – search engines give higher priority to PWA: they are much faster than regular sites because they use a modern method of content caching and users are more loyal to such sites. Plus, PWA only work on sites with SSL, so they are considered safer than regular sites.

Application users will be able to use your site even when they do not have access to the Internet, or when the Internet is very slow.

The main feature of the PWA application is the Service Worker. Essentially, SW is a script that the browser runs in the background over the page. One of the functions of SW is push notifications, and its key feature is the ability to intercept and process network requests, that is, essentially, SW is a proxy for requests that allows processing and caching any request. Thanks to this, users will be able to access your site through its PWA application despite the domain ban

As you can see, PWA is a useful thing. If you are the owner of the site, then in the near future you should definitely take care of implementing this feature for yourself.

The method of cappers + fb / Instagram / telegram / YouTube / twitch 

“The method of cappers” is a method that is now used not only by cappers to drain traffic.

You will need:

– A capper, the face of the blog;

– The blog itself – one or several platforms;

– The ability to make creatives for buying traffic in insta stories;

– Communicability – you will have to communicate a lot;

The essence of the method is that you lead a blog on behalf of a person who successfully makes bets. The face of the blog must be mandatory, it will not work without a face. In the worst case, create some character and make it the face.


– A capper leads an account in insta, posts bets in stories, and buys traffic in the target, CA accumulates in insta, a link to the product in bio – risky, there is a great chance to catch a ban of the account and lose all people;

– A capper leads an account in insta, a channel in tg, in insta in stories posts victories, and buys traffic in the target, leads all this in telegram, and accumulates CA on his channel, a link to tg in bio. In telegram, he posts forecasts, communicates with CA, gives advertising posts, leads an alternative paid channel – this option is more successful both in terms of convertibility and in terms of security. If your insta is banned – you lose not so much.

Traffic from this approach will definitely be live and targeted, but if people from your channel always win – the advertiser may refuse to buy this traffic from you, despite the fact that it is live and active. I think you understand why.

At the same time, if you constantly drain the money of your subscribers into a minus, then soon your telegram channel will get the label “SCAM”, and you will definitely not see conversions.

Therefore, working with this approach, you must definitely find a balance at which the quality of traffic will suit the advertiser, and your subscribers will not constantly lose their money.

Native / Teaser / Clickunder + warming pre-lands

To start working with these sources you will need:

– The ability to work with a tracker and analyze large volumes of traffic;

– Spy services to search for other people’s creatives;

– The ability to create your own landing pages (pre-landings) – in principle, for this, you do not necessarily have to be a coder, although this is welcome, but you can also use a website builder, I like –

– A large budget for the test, preferably from $2000; for 2 teasers;

With the help of zero block, you can create almost any design, while sites made on tilda are much lighter and faster than sites made on the same lp platform.

In these sources, it is better to buy traffic not for Russia, but for other countries of the world, which are not yet so worn out by different arbitrators.

In one of the articles, I already wrote that the absolute leaders in conversion to the casino are Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia, the Philippines, Finland. in these countries, unlike the same Russia and the CIS countries, banal pre-landings with a wheel of fortune convert very well.

To work with these sources, you will definitely need to master the tracker (if you still do not have skills to work with it). The best tracker for working with teaser networks is

It has a number of features that make working with teaser networks as pleasant as possible:

– Cloud and self-host version

– Convenient interface, setting up an RK in 5 minutes

– Convenient addition of pre-landings and statistics on penetration to the land

– The ability to compile blacklists in the tracker

– Convenient sorting of statistics by 3 tags

– More than 25 TDS filters (you can set up a cloaking without a redirect)

These are far from all the functions of Octo.

With the help of the tracker, you will be able to conduct detailed analytics of your traffic, viewing statistics in different sections, filtering out sites with poor-quality traffic, and thus optimizing your advertising campaigns to positive indicators 🙂

You can peek at ideas for teasers, and  who uses which pre-landings, with the help of spy services.

Spy services for working with teasers / natives:



You can copy other people’s sites using the ScrapBook extension for firefox or, if you have a mac, you can buy the SiteSucker program in the app store – this is the top: it saves absolutely any sites, from small to huge, without breaking the code, CSS, and scripts. Downloads everything.

P.S. A huge archive with examples of pre-landings with different approaches for RF, CIS, and bourgeois CA you can request through your personal manager at =ˆ.ˆ=

In general, that’s it. Summarizing all of the above, we briefly discussed the following working combinations:

  1. Facebook / Instagram + Google Play mobile apps
  2. Google + brand context. Casino and BK
  3. Google + thematic keys context for casinos
  4. Google / Yandex + SEO + doorways
  5. SEO sites + PWA
  6. The method of cappers + fb / Instagram / telegram / YouTube / twitch / vk
  7. Native / Teaser / Clickunder + warming pre-lands

You can safely take one of these working approaches, master it, and be confident that it will bring you profit. And if something is not clear to you, or there are any questions left, do not hesitate to ask them to your personal manager at, so they can consult you and help start making money on Gambling and Betting traffic!

Follow our blog to stay up to date with all the latest news from the world of traffic arbitration in gambling!



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