Guide: Increasing RevShare on Gambling Sites Without Expanding Traffic


Hey everyone, I’m back in action!

These past weekends have been quite productive for me, as I found some inspiration and started writing again. Let’s dive in!

This manual will be useful for those who create websites related to casinos or betting. Typically, these are review sites that feature casino or bookmaker ratings and provide articles for gambling enthusiasts.

Examples of such websites include:

I think these examples are enough to understand the type of websites we’re talking about. All the examples mentioned above are casino and bookmaker review sites.

We won’t discuss how to create and promote your own websites in this manual because, for now, we are not SEO experts ourselves. However, we are real professionals in monetizing these resources. We are familiar with all the trends in the gambling market and actively purchase advertising on such platforms, converting traffic with a ROI of over 100%. Now, we’re writing this manual so that every website owner can increase their income and, at the very least, consider as a reliable partner for gambling offers. After all, who else but us shares their insights so readily? By working with us, you could have learned about this topic 5 months ago, as all our partners have been earning almost twice as much from their websites during this time compared to the usual.

Let me explain how we arrived at this approach, what kind of thinking and knowledge helped us develop it:

Fact #1: Over the last 5 years, the internet traffic market has shifted from desktop dominance to mobile traffic. People now browse websites from their phones, with over 80% of website traffic being mobile.

Fact #2: Approximately 70% of all mobile traffic comes from Android devices.

Fact #3: Through trial and error in other niches, we discovered that when a person installs a casino mobile app, they return twice as often. This frequent return results in more deposits, significantly increasing the casino’s revenue, often by double. The return frequency is partly due to the convenience of having the app readily available and the regular push notifications that remind the player to return.

As you can see from the examples above, the ‘Play’ buttons in the rankings lead directly to the casino website.

Everyone typically directs this type of traffic towards RevShare models. Consequently, the website owner receives a percentage of the players’ losses at the casino for life. The more a person loses, the more the webmaster earns.

Now, let’s combine FACT #3 and think about how we can not just drive these people to the website but to the mobile application. We want them to return more frequently, thus generating double the income.

The answer is simple: replace the ‘Visit Website’ button with an ‘Install App’ button (you can use the Google icon). Show this button only when you detect that the user is browsing from mobile traffic and using an Android device. As we understood from FACT #1 and #2, this accounts for about 60-70% of the total traffic.

Here’s an example of what it could look like:

You might be wondering where to get a mobile casino application since most brands don’t have one, especially not one that would attribute the player to you. To solve this problem, there are two options:

  1. Create your own .APK application that, in a webview, opens your referral link and essentially functions like a browser but appears as an app on the player’s phone. So, when someone clicks the button on the website, they instantly download the app to their phone, which they will then install. (You don’t need to upload the app to a store.) You can learn how to create such mobile applications by reading our case studies
  2. (HIT!) Create a PWA (Progressive Web App) application that, when the button is pressed, immediately installs the app on the phone. PWAs have significantly better conversion rates than APK applications. Interested in getting more detailed information about PWA applications? 

Contact our managers and get your app from the GamblingPro team for free!

Beforehand, test your app for correct functionality. Mini checklist:
  • It’s necessary to preserve the state of the embedded browser (webview) for the user (session, cookies, local storage) and restore it upon the next site opening so that the user doesn’t have to log in again.

  • Insert Firebase and Onesignal SDK to send push notifications with URL links.

  • When the webview opens on top of the site, there should always be a back button at the bottom left that will take the user to the previous page visited in the webview (in simple terms, the user navigates through the site’s sections in the webview, and there’s a button that takes them back to the previous page) – BACK BUTTON IN WEBVIEW.

  • The browser should adapt when the phone is rotated.

For all webmasters, we provide personalized PWA applications. Simply register and message your manager that you want to receive an app for a specific offer, and you’ll get it within 24 hours. We have more than 2000 offers for any geo in the system (this is the largest selection on the market, including numerous exclusives for different geos with very high conversion rates).

Add mobile app installation buttons to your rankings and double your profit on mobile Android traffic with RevShare!

Thank you all for your attention!



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