Why Are Apps the Top Source in the Gambling Vertical?


Hello, this is the Gambling.Pro team, and I’ll tell you about the most frequently asked question we receive – why do we choose apps, how we work with them when setting up internal processes, and what the process looks like from the inside. I’m sure it will be interesting to both newcomers and experienced professionals in the field of arbitrage and gambling. Below, I have outlined the key points I plan to cover right now:

  • Why does this traffic source enable earning over $10,000 CPA per day?
  • What unique features do apps offer that no other source can match?
  • Our distinctive approach to app development.

To start with, let’s familiarize ourselves with all the popular traffic sources in our affiliate program over the last six months so you can immediately grasp the usage percentages and identify the most popular one:

  • Facebook Apps – 71%
  • Conditionally free traffic – 14%
  • Context – 6%
  • Google UAC – 3%
  • TikTok Ads – 2%
  • Other sources – 4%

Why does this traffic source enable earning over $10,000 CPA per day?

Based on the statistics above, it’s clear that a significant amount of traffic flows into the gambling vertical from apps. Compared to other verticals like e-commerce or nutra, there are several advantages:

Firstly, in our apps, as webmasters, you don’t have to deal with cloaking. You simply need to share the account, create a naming convention, and upload creatives – your ads are ready. We, as your partner, take care of all the cloaking work for app campaigns. This simplifies the process for you, allowing you to focus on finding connections and approaches, and launching more ad accounts.

Secondly, your referral link is automatically embedded in the app you select through our bot (@GamblingPro_FBapps_bot). You don’t need to worry about working with deep links or correctly collecting statistics – you just need to insert the naming into the ad campaign, and it’s done, further expediting the process.

Thirdly, you can take all our apps absolutely for free, and we handle all the “behind-the-scenes” work with apps (push notifications, reviews, etc.). If an app encounters technical issues, we take care of fixing them. If an app gets banned, we make sure to notify you immediately and provide a replacement. Moreover, we constantly work to ensure that each new app is better than the previous one.

All the points mentioned above allow for earning over $10,000 CPA per day through volume, as the entire process can be easily streamlined, with no need to worry about the technical aspects. As webmasters, you only need to set up your advertising campaigns and launch traffic. Additionally, apps offer special features that allow for maximum player retention.

What unique features do apps offer that no other source can match?

All the features that apps provide are readily apparent, yet they have a profound impact on your earnings. Firstly, when a person encounters a full-fledged application for a specific product, be it a casino or betting platform, they have no doubts about its legitimacy or intentions. Human logic is simple – if a service has its own application, it can be trusted. Secondly, an app represents a distinct design solution that is always present on a person’s desktop, and its visual association prompts them to open it repeatedly whenever they see it on their screen. Thirdly, in our apps, everything is designed for the maximum adaptability of the user’s gaming experience.

This means that if a user simply accesses the product via a browser link, there’s a higher likelihood of encountering issues: screen orientation problems, keyboard obscuring text, lack of slot animations on certain devices, and so on. Our team, fully aware of all the potential problems on mobile versions of websites, designs our apps to ensure everything functions correctly and is enjoyable for the user.

The most significant advantage of our apps is the Push notifications, which allow us to engage players effectively. We have comprehensive statistics on all players who have downloaded the app, registered, or made deposits, including information about their devices. This enables us to approach messaging with thorough analytics, facilitating our ability to prompt players to make their first deposit and subsequent deposits quickly and effectively. Moreover, webmasters don’t need to exert extra effort; all they have to do is configure the targeting and launch the ad campaign.

Our Unique Approach to App Development

Now, I want to delve deeper into our approach to working with apps from our perspective. Before we hand over an app to you for launch, there’s a lot of work that goes into it. During the app creation phase, we pay meticulous attention to design, as it’s where the app journey begins. Typically, we collaborate with developers to fine-tune every detail, striving to create a top-notch app right from the outset. When designing for different geographies, we adopt different approaches.

For CIS countries, we use more native and user-friendly images and logos, usually opting for designs that resonate with users who are more inclined towards earnings in this region.

For Tier-1 geos, we usually employ more intricate design solutions that somehow remind users of casinos and the emotions they seek every time they download these apps:


Our team is incredibly meticulous when it comes to selecting designs, down to the naming and the brightness of the images. With a strong team dedicated to app development, we have a clear understanding of which designs are more trustworthy in the eyes of Google.

In addition to this, we invest significant effort into creating app placeholders (placeholders are the interfaces that open during moderation and direct downloads). These placeholders have a substantial impact on the trustworthiness of our apps in the eyes of Facebook or Google. We typically aim to use more complex structures so that moderators can see the gameplay or app functionality, which indeed garners high demand, resulting in over 2,000 downloads per day from our side. If the app has a very simplistic interface on the placeholder and has only accumulated 10,000 downloads in its lifetime, it raises questions with the moderators, potentially landing the app on the list of suspicious ones. Currently, we use unique placeholders for each app to maximize trust in the app.

Summing up everything mentioned above, I’d like to emphasize that apps are currently the unequivocal number one source in the gambling vertical, and they will remain so for a long time to come. Moreover, we are actively working on enhancing our approaches to ensure your utmost comfort. At the same time, we don’t forget about other sources, which we are also actively developing. So, stay tuned for our updates and always stay informed.

If you have any questions about the article or if you want to start working specifically with our apps, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always here to assist!



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