How creatives should look like for Tik-Tok: examples and life hacks


Hello everyone! It’s GamblingPro here again! 🙂

Today, I want to touch on the topic of creatives for Tik-Tok! We all know they should be different from the usual creatives for FB. But how should they look? Let’s dive into it today 😉

We’ll cover:

1/ What should a good TT creative include?

2/ How to avoid mistakes in creating creatives?

3/ Examples of creatives!

What’s essential in a good Tik-Tok creative?

Tik-Tok has manual moderation. That’s why we can’t use aggressive approaches, as it will lead to a ban or campaign rejection.

And we have to somehow hide the casino undertones in the creatives.

What approaches are being used now?

1/ Scratch-offs (Scratchies)

This approach is actively used in Tik-Tok promotions. This type of creative passes moderation well and yields high conversion, maintaining a balance between a white theme and gambling direction. But it may bring low-quality traffic, so use it carefully or not at all, focusing on success, or even better, on news, about these categories of creatives below.

What to avoid in creating such a creative:

Mentioning a bank in the push notification. You can use this trick in creatives, but remove the bank indication, as it may lead to campaign rejection;

Any currency indications. Any interpretation of monetary signs (Euro – €, Dollar – $) can lead to rejection;

Music with explicit language, as well as using text in the creative itself, containing the following: earned, made money, etc.

If you’re promoting with our PWA apps, we can create a custom whitepage for you, matching the design of your creative. Then your campaign spend will be even greater💰

2/ Lifestyle Creatives

This approach shows excellent results. Here we demonstrate the good life: expensive cars, account balance, beautiful places, etc. I think it’s clear here — the user sees a beautiful picture, backed up by text like:

“In this app, I made 16,000 in just a few days,” — you get the theme) It would be super good if you can somehow hide the gambling hint, semi-transparent slots, or something else.

What to avoid in creating such a creative:

Showing money in the frame. If we do this — we’ll get a creative rejection right away;

Blurring/smudging any objects in the creative. Tik-Tok recognizes such moments well and will immediately reject it;

Keep a balance between the aggressiveness of the creative and the approval from Tik-Tok moderators. Work on the text of the creative and watch its passability.

If you are promoting with our PWA apps, you can use whitepages from expense control apps for lifestyle creatives, such as wallet, My Expenses, etc.

According to tests, moderators better pass such whites and allow more spending, as they see the correspondence between the creative and the whitepage.

3/ Emotions

Now let’s talk about the most popular approach, which arbitrators have been using for a long time when pouring gambling. It’s creatives with a predominance of emotions.

What do they include?

Usually, it’s elements of a casino, for example, a wheel with bonuses/winnings and cuts with emotions from streams. Anyone with basic video editing skills can create such a creative. In the creative itself, we show people’s emotions from winning, and in the end, we add a top-up to the bank account.

But you need to do it carefully! If FB easily passes aggressive design, then in TikTok you’ll have to experiment with approaches. Ideally — make several versions of one creative: from aggressive to “white”. If you see that your creative is not passing — ask to make the slots less noticeable, or rework the bank account top-up.

What to avoid in creating such a creative:

1/ Aggressive slot placement

Can you add a slot to a TikTok creative? Yes, but you need to do it wisely. Adjust the transparency of the slot so that it is not too prominent but noticeable.

2/ Currency indication

Any interpretation of monetary signs (Euro – €, Dollar – $) can lead to rejection.

3/ Music with explicit language, as well as using text in the creative itself, containing the following: earned, made money, etc.

4/ Mentioning a bank in the push notification

You can use this trick in creatives, but remove the bank indication, as it may lead to campaign rejection.

4/ News Approaches (Newsies)

A very cool approach! The main difficulty here is synthesizing or voicing the news itself.

I think the attributes and features are not needed here. The creative should be as true to the present and high-quality as possible, otherwise, it’s all for nothing.

This approach was especially well used in such GEOs as Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. It showed high results in quality and was accepted in large volumes by advertisers. But objectively, it can work absolutely on any GEO and, if you can make this approach high-quality, you will definitely get a profit.

To sum it up

Each of the approaches above can yield both high and low quality of traffic. The significance is played by a combination of factors, and it’s hard to say which element or part of the creative will affect the quality positively or negatively.

It’s important to remember — the user must be interested in playing, making repeat deposits, and spinning slots 🙂

If there’s no repeat activity, such traffic on a CPA in the gambling vertical is not paid 🤷🏼‍♀️

The more motivated the creative, the higher the chance of traffic without repeat activity.

Let me give an example of 2 opposite approaches 🙂

1️⃣ If you launch traffic on a creative “Deposit just $5 and win,” the user will throw $5, but not win and forget about the product, as they came to earn. Not getting what they wanted, they will delete the app. Such traffic will be cheap, ROI sky-high, but we are unlikely to get payouts.

2️️⃣ If you launch traffic on a creative with spinning slots and the corresponding text “We have a licensed casino, come in and spin the slots,” it will be good because users came for this. But the cost of such a player can be astronomical.

These are two critical points of view, between which you need to find a golden mean. It’s important to attract the user with a creative focused on repeat activity from them and not to lead them with empty promises.

🧠 Visualize in advance — what will motivate the user after watching your ad? What will push them to download the app and make a deposit? Does this motivation not contradict future repeat activity?

Creatives for Tik-Tok should maintain a balance between a white story and gambling. To understand what works for you and what doesn’t — you need to conduct several tests and watch the spends on campaigns. This way you can find the optimal approach and then scale this connection.

And don’t forget, new creatives are desirable every day, or there will be bans and poor CPM.

All quality approaches that will give good quality traffic and up rates! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Gambling.Pro blog to stay up to date with all the news!



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